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Space XY


Keeping up with the harsh competition is not easy. That is why top game providers are boosting game mechanics with exciting features – for both online slots and live casino.

And here comes the revolution. A new game genre is born – that genre is called Crash Gambling, and they go hand in hand with another revolutionary idea – cryptos.

We will check the current most popular crash games and the best crash gambling sites where you can play.

The New Trending Crash Games – CanadaCasino Official Guide

Most Popular Crash Games for the Best Crash Gambling Experience

With rising popularity, crash online gambling can already boast of a solid portfolio of games from some of the topmost providers.

We at Canada Casino have the below-featured reviews for the best crash games available in town and the best crash gambling sites where you can play.

NoCrash Game ReviewsGambling Crash Sites
1.SpacemanPlay Here!
2. AviatorPlay Here!
3. JetXPlay Here!
4.Space XYPlay Here!
5.CappadociaPlay Here!

1. Spaceman by Pragmatic Play

Spaceman is Pragmatic Play’s new Crash Gambling Game and has become one of the most popular. Crisp visuals are evident as soon as the game loads – and we couldn’t expect less from this top provider. The theme is a spaceman reaching for space – the higher she goes, the higher you win.

spaceman crash game review pragmatic play canada casino
Pragmatic Play is a pioneer when it comes to providing some of the best slots, live dealer games, and now even crash games

2.Aviator | Spribe

Spribe have put a helicopter as the protagonist of their winning object. The layout for the Aviator Crash Game is more simplistic, which helps offer more straightforward gameplay for our players in Canada. As the Aviator rides the helicopter up and up, players land more and more wins.

3. JetX | Smartsoft Gaming

Predict the Jet’s height before it crashes down – that’s the theme for JetX following a jet ascension towards the sky. JetX Crash game also features a bonus round that can trigger Free Spins.

jetsx smartsoft gaming canada casino crash games
JetX features an ascending Jet that can land some decent wins for our players in Canada

4. Space XY | BGaming

One of the best things about SpaceX is the range of bets it offers to its players – ranging from $1 to $100. SpaceXY is also available for both cryptocurrencies as well as FIAT currencies. Press on the Rocket whenever you feel the win multiplier is enough before it crashes down and you lose your bet.

5. Cappadocia | SmartSoft Gaming

Nothing says bright colours and pleasant visuals like Cappadocia. Featured by what is proving to be a pioneer in the casino Crash Games industry – SmartSoft Gaming – the theme for this crash slot is quite unique, featuring an ascending hot air balloon that can be triggered through a myriad of bet options.

Cappadocia crash game SmartSoft Gaming canada casino
Cappadoccia features a pleasant landscape – an open sunrise and ascending hot air balloons.

What is Crash Gambling?

So, what is Crash Gambling? These games require you to place bets and cash out before they “crash,” just like the crypto market. This is why these games are very sought-after in Bitcoin casinos, but they’re also getting very popular in some of the best online casinos in Canada we review.

Are Crash Gambling Games legal in Canada?

Yes. Crash Gambling in Canada is legal. All the providers and online casinos we feature in our platform are properly licensed and regulated. The topmost established gaming authoritative bodies include the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao Gaming Authority.

Are crash betting games rigged?

Third parties strictly audit crash games and the companies that produce them. The core of their functioning is a random number generator (RNG). This software ensures that no two games play the same way.

How does a crash betting game work?

Generally speaking, an element moves across the screen to the right in a crash betting game. In the case of Aviator, for instance, a plane takes off and draws a line. The farther it moves, the higher the multiplier. It crashes eventually, so you lose your bet if you don’t cash out before that.

If you prefer more visuals, our Youtube host Erik has more info on how crash games work and even where to play! Check out the video below:

Crash Gambling Canada Casino Review | Top Casino Guides 2024
Crash Gambling Canada Casino Review | Top Casino Guides 2024

How to play a crash betting game

You set your bet and then press play. Alternatively, you can usually set an ‘auto cashout’ limit. Crash games often feature a graph-style screen, but some (like Spaceman and Golden Hook) get a bit more creative with their design. 

However, they all play similarly. The main character (e.g., a plane, astronaut, rocket) flies away, with an attached multiplier steadily rising as it does. All you need to do is cash out before the character crashes, taking the multiplier. 

Did you know?
RNG technology ensures that no game is rigged. RNG’s randomness is secured through testing by third-party organizations such as eCOGRA. This practice is a required standard for all trusted casinos in Canada.

Why play Crash Gambling Game?

These games are exhilarating and unique. Being a new genre, they’re a welcome sight when you tire of playing the same game styles forever. What makes them unique is the real-time factor. 

Crash games are a distillation of risk/reward found in casino games, and it’s up to you to decide when to claim winnings.

Did you know?
As a logic, Crash Games are similar to binary trading, where a player bets on a real-time graph.

Crash Gambling Payment Methods

What payment methods do crash online gambling games generally feature? Until recently, crash crypto gambling was the most common type of payment setting that is offered – where popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are used.

However, payment methods now are not just limited to Crash Bitcoin Gambling or other cryptos, but to other FIAT payment methods such as e-wallets and even bank options such as Mastercard or Visa.

Crash Gambling Strategies

At a superficial glance, it sounds like you can get more winnings with crash-betting games than with other games. However, they are games of chance too, so there’s no magic procedure to strike it rich. That said, you can try some strategies to improve your gameplay.

1. Auto Cash-out Strategy

You can set an auto cash-out at a threshold that, when reached, automatically cashes out. In many cases, what you set is the desired multiplier. For example, in Spaceman, you can set it from 1.01x to 4999.99x.

2. Bonuses Strategy

Bonuses are important for both joining a crash casino and continuing to play in it. For example, if you get free plays for a crash crypto game, you might win money without risking your own. It’s also essential if there are VIP schemes or other promotions for recurring players.

3. The Martingale System

The Martingale system is originally a Baccarat method. Through this system, you double the betting size when you get a loss. The theory is that, eventually, you’ll even out. Of course, this is not fireproof and won’t work each time. It’s important to remember that the game is not geared towards ‘winning’, but maintaining a steady bankroll. 

Did you know?
Crash Games are one of the few instances where you can interact live with other actual players, through a digital interface. The game generally includes a live chat and live bets that are happening amongst different players.

Crash Gambling Providers

We at CanadaCasino have shortlisted some of the current topmost providers for crash gambling games.

  1. Pragmatic Play
  2. Spribe
  3. Smartsoft Gaming
Did you know?
Pragmatic Play is the only gaming provider that creates all types games – from slots to RNG Table Games to live dealer games to Crash Games.

Crash Gambling Game on Mobile

Luckily for smartphone and tablet users, cash games are available for mobile casino and generally work flawlessly. Some examples of great titles on mobile are Cash or Crash and Pilot Coin.

crash games mobile optimized canada casino
The majority of online casino games – including crash games – are mobile-optimized

Get to Know These Amazingly Entertaining Games

Crash games started as crash crypto games, but now they’re becoming mainstream – and are starting to be available in both new and top casinos in Canada. They’re incredibly fun and appealing for crash casino patrons and people investing in cryptocurrencies.

Any crash money game will have similarities to other genres, but the multipliers and some extra features might vary. However, the core principles are always the same, so switching from one to the other is very simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are two completely different types of games. In slots, you press the spin button, and when the round ends, you’re presented with either a win or a loss. In a crash gambling game, you place a bet and decide when to cash it out. So, there are two main actions the player does instead of one. Crash games are generally simple in terms of extra features, whereas many slots have bonus rounds, free spins and special mechanics.
Not exactly. When the game playthrough starts, multipliers can go from 0.1x to 1x. So if you cash out at, say, 0.5x, it will only get you half your wager back. Additionally, some crash games play extremely fast before they crash, so it requires a lot of luck to cash out at a decent level in the few moments you have.
The maximum win varies considerably from game to game, so you should check each for information. For instance, Aviator from Spribe offers a maximum win of 100x your bet, while Spaceman from Pragmatic Play has a maximum win of 5,000x.
At first, crash games were only available for crypto casinos. Now, you can also find them in regular online casinos with FIAT payments. So you can choose your preferred payment method - whether it's cryptocurrencies or otherwise.
Bets usually are placed before each playthrough. In some games like Aviator, you can place bets during the action, but they will be used for the next playthrough.
You win by cashing out with a multiplier over 1x before the play-through ends.
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