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The Top Casino Payment Methods in Canada

Registering for an account and placing a deposit is the first step you need to take to play online and claim a generous welcome bonus. But, what should you keep in mind when depositing or withdrawing?

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How Secure are your Payment Details when Playing at an Online Casino?

Most of us have paid online at least once to buy an item from online stores like Amazon or eBay. To facilitate the process, we choose a payment method we’re already familiar with and readily available. 

The range of online payment methods is quite expensive – embracing credit and debit cards, together with a variety of e-wallets. The good news is that the best online casinos accept a variety of payment solutions. 

Here at, we promote only the safest online casinos, that are licensed by the leading regulatory bodies, such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.  

If you include in this mix the most reputable payment methods, you can be sure to enjoy the safest gaming experience. 

Did you know? 

According to Fast Company, the first secured online transaction took place in 1994 on NetMarket, when the buyer bought a copy of Sting’s album ‘Ten Summoners’ Tales’. 

Most Common Payment Methods Online in Canada

In our research, we discovered that the most popular online casino payment methods belong to three particular categories: e-wallets, debit/credit cards and online transfers

Below we have compiled a list of payment methods together with the most important areas:

Payment Method Name TypeAverage Deposit Time Average Withdrawal TimeProvider’s Transaction FeesCasinos
Visa Credit/Debit Card 10 minutes 2 Days 2%Visa Casinos
MastercardCredit/Debit Card 15 minutes 3 Days 1.5%Mastercard Casinos
PayPal e-Wallet 10 minutes

Up to 24 hours

0%PayPal Casinos 
iDebit Online Transfer 10 minutes

Up to 24 hours

C$1.50iDebit Casinos
InstaDebit Online Transfer 10 minutes

Up to 24 hours

C$1.95InstaDebit Casinos 
PaySafeCard Prepaid Card 10 minutesN/A0%PaySafeCard Casinos 
Bank Transfer Bank Transfer 30 minutes2 – 4 Days 0%Bank Transer Casinos 
InteracOnline Transfer 10 minutesN/A0%Interac Casinos 

The Different Types of Payment Methods

As you can see there are many payment methods in Canada that fall under the 3 main categories. 

Then there are those which are hard to put under a heading, but which are still worth considering. 

In the next section of this guide, we have published a payments method list containing all the options that are popular in Canada, focusing particularly on those that are favoured by casino players for their security, speed and ease of use

1. Debit & Credit Cards 4. Mobile Apps
2. Cryptocurrencies5. Bank Transfers 
3. E-Wallets 6. Prepaid Card & Vouchers 

Debit & Credit Cards

Debit and credit cards remain the most popular payment methods for casino gamers. Their reputations are based on the processing speed and security they provide.

Visa – It is perhaps the most widely used payment method to deposit with online casinos. It offers speedy deposits and complete security

Deposit with your favourite casino using a Visa card and the funds will hit your account almost instantly. 

The security we’ve already mentioned is known as Visa Secure (previously known as Verified by Visa), and it is very welcome by all users.

Mastercard –  We should point out right away that usually, you can only deposit in a casino account when using Mastercard. 

Withdrawals are normally refused and you need to choose different payment methods to receive your winnings. 

Despite this setback, Mastercard should not be ruled out completely. As a deposit option, it offers the added security of the SecureCode enhanced features and also rapid transactions

Maestro Card – Just like Mastercard, withdrawals are a rare occurrence with this particular option. 

On the other hand, deposits are usually free of charge and you’ll have the added security of the SecureCode to action a payment, adding that extra layer of safety that players seek. 

American Express – Although it is considered a rare payment method for casino gaming, a small number of platforms accept the American Express card. 

The option to use it for withdrawals is not always available. 

The SafeKey authentication employed by the American Express Card limits the risks of your data being compromised while transferring funds. 

EntroPay – Although EntroPay was officially closed down in 2019, it is still used as a payment solution by some online casinos. 

As a card, it uses the Visa network and needs to be funded through another payment method. 

It is so popular with players because you don’t need to reveal your card details to the casino or any other third party. You simply supply the information about your EntroPay card. 

Interac – A popular method in Canada, Interac acts as a ‘middle man’ between your bank and the online casino of your choice. 

Interac is considered to be highly-secure since you never need to reveal any of your banking information. Furthermore, transactions are protected by the combined efforts of the casino and your banks’ safety measures. 

AstroPay Card – AstroPay is a prepaid card which you need to fund through an alternative banking method before proceeding to make a deposit with a casino. 

Just like the last couple of payment methods, with AstroPay you don’t need to share any of your sensitive personal banking information, making it a preferred choice amongst players. 


Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular amongst casino players seeking anonymity and the safety of the private security key system. 

The way it works, you need to first access a casino’s public address and then input your own private key to proceed with the payment. 

Bitcoin – Any casino that accepts any kind of cryptocurrencies would most likely accept Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is the most common version of the currency and although transactions might take longer to be processed than other payment methods, it is safe and completely anonymous

Ethereum – This is the leading alternative to Bitcoin as it shares many of the same benefits with its rival – that is security and anonymity. In addition, Ethereum offers a recognizable and enjoyable platform to spend your ETH. 

Ripple – While not so widely used as Bitcoin or Ethereum, Ripple is still supported by some Canadian online casinos. Also referred to as XRP, Ripple is available for both deposits and withdrawals. 

Stellar – Still largely unknown but also accepted in some cases, Stellar, or as it is also known XRP, allows you to deposit with a casino and receive withdrawals as well. 


Where speed matters, e-wallets are a player’s first choice. 

Deposits are usually processed instantly, allowing you to dive right into the gaming experience without delays. 

Withdrawals, though not as fast, are still quicker than most other payment methods. 

PayPal – One of the most popular e-wallets worldwide, PayPal is secure, convenient and fast. What’s more, deposits are free of charge! 

MuchBetter – This is an award-winning payment app, whose popularity is increasing worldwide. MuchBetter is secure and guarantees “fast transactions, smooth withdrawals and exclusive rewards”.

Skrill – Previously known as MoneyBookers, Skrill is an e-wallet that needs to be funded through another payment solution, be it a credit or debit card or by bank transfer. 

Most online casinos operating in the Canadian market support this payment option. 

Neteller – Created specifically to cater to online casinos and players, Neteller is one of the leading payment solutions online. Both deposits and withdrawals are allowed with speedy transactions too. 

Important Note: Skrill and Neteller are not available for use in Canada. Furthermore, often online casinos exclude Skrill and Neteller users from making use of the casino bonuses. 

Mobile Apps 

Pay By Phone – This is a clever little payment method that few people know about. It lets you deposit into your casino account through your phone bill. All you have to do is deposit with the casino and the amount will appear on your next bill. 

Though deposits are that easy, you cannot withdraw using your phone. 

Zimpler – The Zimpler app connects your bank and casino account without sharing any sensitive information. It is fast, secure and keeps your banking details secure at all times. 

PayPal Mobile App – If you are a PayPal user you’d be pleased to learn that they have a dedicated mobile app. The mobile app increases security by adding a passcode into the transaction process. 

Boku – If security is high on your priority list then Boku is your app of choice. With this payment method, the only thing you share with the casino is your mobile number. 

Bank Transfers 

When compared to any of the other payment methods we’ve mentioned, bank transfers might appear slightly old-fashioned. However, they remain secure and reliable, ideal for those who do not wish to use debit or credit cards for gambling purposes. 

Bank Transfer – Although it is not the quickest payment solution out there, bank transfers are highly secure since they come with extra security protocols, put into practice by financial institutions. 

These days many online casinos accept fast bank transfers, an updated version that allows transactions to go through faster. 

Wire Transfers – A wire transfer is in a way similar to a bank transfer. The only difference is that they are sent internationally instead of to another local bank account. 

Trustly – Rather than a payment provider, Trustly is a technology company used by the likes of PayPal to conduct financial transactions. These days, however, they have their own product, which is becoming increasingly popular with casino players. 

iDEAL – Widely used in the Netherlands, iDEAL is an eCommerce platform that redirects customers to their own internet banking to complete the transactions. 

GiroPay –  Set up as a traditional bank transfer platform, GiroPay is mostly used in Germany as an intermediary between bank accounts and merchants. 

POLi Payments  – This is the banking transfer system of choice for Australia and New Zealand. POLi is a ‘pay anyone’ platform that acts as a safe middle ground between the bank and the merchant.

InstaDebit – Used mostly in Canada, InstaDebit is a bank transfer platform that uses 128-bit encryption technology and high-level security firewalls. 

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers 

When adding funds to your casino account, there is no other payment method safer than a prepaid card or voucher. 

Through the use of such solutions, you don’t need to share your bank details or credit/debit card with anyone. 

Instead, your prepaid card or voucher will come with a unique code that you input in your dashboard to place a deposit with the casino. 

PaySafeCard – Many online casino sites accept PaySafeCard and for this reason, it is quite popular amongst casino gamers. 

It is very easy to use; simply purchase the card online or from a local retailer and use the value of the card to deposit with the casino operator using the provided 16-digit code. 

EcoPayz – EcoPayz has partnered with Mastercard to create their own card – EcoCard. It has been fitted to send money online within minutes. 

You don’t need to have a bank account to register for an EcoCard. 

Did you know? 

Fisglobal statistics indicate that the most commonly used payment methods in an online capacity are e-wallets at 36%, credit cards at 23% and debit cards at only 12%. 

Most popular payment methods
Online payment methods

Solutions to Common Payment Issues

In most cases, deposits and withdrawals are quite straightforward, however, there might be occasions when you might stumble onto a hiccup. 

Here is a quick look at some of the solutions to the most common issues. 

  1. I can’t find where to verify my payment methods…

All the information you might need regarding verification can be found within your account dashboard at your chosen online casino. Search for your chosen payment method there, or else check your inbox if the operator offers such a service. 

  1. I can’t change my payment method on my account…

Your casino dashboard should be equipped with a panel dedicated to managing your payment methods. It allows you to switch your payment solution from there.

  1. I can’t remove my credit card from my account…

Your casino dashboard should allow you to remove or add options from your payments list. 

  1. In-game deposits from my mobile are not working…

Don’t panic just yet! Don’t try to action multiple payments if the first one has not gone through. Ultimately more than one transaction might go through. 

The best advice we can give is to wait! Sometimes the operator might be experiencing some issues. The best course of action is to contact customer support. 

  1. I requested a withdrawal to my card. Why are the funds still available in my balance?

In a situation like this, most likely the withdrawal hasn’t been actioned yet. On rare occasions, it might happen. You can either request the withdrawal again or reach out to customer support. 

  1. My latest deposit hasn’t been added to my account…

Sometimes deposits might take a few minutes to appear in your account, so being patient is key. 

If 24 hours go by and the funds have not appeared in your account, we suggest you contact customer service to check if there is a timeline or if the payment has not been received. 

We don’t suggest depositing again unless you are happy with two consecutive deposits. 

  1. I am unable to withdraw my winnings…

There can be various reasons why you cannot withdraw your winnings. The first of these are unfulfilled wagering requirements. 

You can also check that the amount requested is within the minimum/maximum allowed by the casino. 

It doesn’t hurt either to check out that your chosen payment method allows withdrawals to take place. If in doubt, always reach out to the customer care team. 

  1. I can’t cancel my withdrawal…

You can cancel a withdrawal as long as the casino has not already processed the transaction and send you the money. Once the money has been credited you cannot cancel a withdrawal, and you will have to place a new deposit. 

  1. I didn’t receive my winnings in full…

Casino bonuses come with terms and conditions attached. Depending on the rules, you might not be able to withdraw as much as you like. 

It is always good practice to read the terms and conditions carefully before claiming a promotion. If your winnings had no connection to a bonus, it is best to contact customer care. 

Did you know? 

The Mega Fortune slot dispersed the biggest online casino win of £16 million. Media sources wrote that the lucky player had to get special dispensation to withdraw the full amount of the jackpot prize! 

4 Simple Tips to Help you Decide on a Payment Method

Do you need more help choosing the right payment method from Canada? Here are 4 easy tips to help you make the right choice. 

  1. Security is paramount

When paying online, your first priority is to protect your sensitive financial data from potential hackers and other bad guys. Depositing with an online casino is no different. 

Only use the safest options, ideally from our list of payment methods, and always play with licensed and regulated casinos

  1. Speed is a factor

While security should hold the number one priority, speed is paramount for players, particularly when they’re depositing and wish to jump right into the action. 

Some payment methods are faster than others. Make sure to read our CanadaCasino guide to find out which ones process transactions the quickest. 

  1. Make it work for you

Any payment method you choose should be convenient in every aspect of your life. 

Some might opt for credit cards instead of debit cards. Others might prefer the ease of e-wallets. 

If prepaid cards are available where you live, they might be a good option to consider if you want to keep your personal information safe and minimize your digital footprint. 

  1. Take travelling into account

If you enjoy a game at your favourite casino even when you travel abroad, make sure that the payment method is always available. 

How to place a deposit and withdraw your winnings

  • How to place a deposit
  • Click on your profile and choose ‘cashier’ from the drop-down menu
  • Choose ‘deposit’
  • Fill in your payment details and the amount you wish to deposit
  • Insert any promo code you wish to use
  • Click proceed
  • How to withdraw winnings
  • Click ‘cashier’ from the menu
  • Choose ‘withdraw’
  • Confirm the payment details (casinos often request that you use the same methods used for deposits)
  • Insert the mount you wish to take
  • Click ‘request’
  • The casino needs to process the request and might ask for verification documents. Furthermore, depending on the amount, you might need to pay taxes.

Did you know?

In 2019, the British public spent more money online than at any other time. It is estimated that £178 Billion was spent, breaking the record by 7% (Source). 

Frequently asked questions

You can always trust licensed, regulated and reputable casinos. Making that distinction is very important. You can find a list of licensed casinos on CanadaCasino.
Some payment methods are widely used globally, while others are mainly used in the countries where they originated.
There are two types of Bitcoin casinos: those that accept Bitcoin only, and those that support Bitcoin alongside other currencies. Bitcoin-only casinos allow you to use an in-house wallet, where you can transfer your Bitcoins. Other casinos will require you to choose a flat currency to convert your Bitcoins to before you start playing. Both types casinos accept deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin.