Best Online Slots in Canada 2021

With a practically infinite selection of online slots available nowadays, you’re bound to find one or two which you’ll fall in love with. However, you’ve got to know how and where to find them! For this reason, CanadaCasino reviews new online slots created by leading developers like Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Microgaming, Play N Go and other industry leaders in order to help you find the best payout online slots for you.

Play Online Slots from Canada!

Online slots are the highlight of modern online casinos. Whether you play real money slots or free slot games, players are guaranteed to enjoy a unique form of entertainment that allows them to forget their everyday troubles for a while. And for those who like to gamble, playing online slots from Canada with free spins can also prove to be life-changing!

Before you consult our reviews, you should learn a couple of things about online slot machines, in order to get familiar with the different types of games and learn how to take the best advantage of their features. To help you with your search, we’ve written this article with the intention to make you all the more familiar with online slot games and let you know where you can find highly-sought-after free slot games with bonus rounds and free online slot machines in general.

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Discover the latest Online Slots in Canada

Game developers release new online slots on a weekly basis, providing players with something new to enjoy on a regular basis. If you want to know more about the newest releases, we invite you to check out our article New online slots 2021 for new slots to try out. 

Where to play online slots from Canada

€ 1 000 bonus and 50 free spins.

Can$ 200 bonus.
Win up to 4,200 Extra Spins!

Can$ 1 000 bonus and 122 free spins.

Can$ 1 500 bonus and 150 free spins.
+ 500 Zee Points

Can$ 300 bonus.

What are Online Slots?

Slot machines have evolved considerably since they first came into being in the nineteenth century. At that time, the one-armed bandits were completely mechanical and consisted of 3 reels with the classic symbols: the ace of spades, the heart, the horseshoe, and the famous liberty bell. Then, during the years when they were prohibited in the United States, the manufacturers had to think of other ways to continue commercializing their products. This is how the fruit machines came into being, which contained symbols of all kinds of fruits. Instead of coins, players could win sweets or tokens which they could exchange for other things. These fruit symbols looked so attractive, that they are still featured in many online slots today!

As technology kept advancing, slot machines underwent many changes, and nowadays it is very rare to find a mechanical one. New online slots are all electronic and allow for more winning combinations. Furthermore, they are hooked to a Random Number Generator (RNG) computer which provides a random and fair result for every spin. Winnings from slot machines can vary from just a few cents to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. All the new releases are also designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices, so you can enjoy them on the go.

Why should you play Online Slots?

Playing online slots from Canada is a lot of fun. Apart from the hundreds of themes available, their simple gameplay makes them ideal for both beginners and experienced gamblers. They are the perfect game to sit back and just spin the reels in the hope of landing a win which can be quite life-changing.

how to play slots

How to play Online Slots from Canada

As we’ve said, online slots Canada are amongst the easiest casino games you can play. Each slot comes with its own minimum and maximum bet which in most cases vary from just a few cents to hundreds of dollars. The bet you place depends on your budget and it does not affect in any way your chances to land a win. There are a number of tips and tricks you can follow to land as many payouts as possible and in the next section which shall share our top tips on how to win at online slots from Canada. 

How to win at Online Slots

Everyone would like to know how to win at slot machines, but unfortunately, the answer is both simple and a bit disappointing. There is no strategy. Slot machine outcomes are totally random, and are determined by a complex program known as the random number generator. Be wary of alluring promises made by the casinos or by people who assure you that they will teach you full proof tactics on how to win in return for money.

Once you spin the reels, it’s all up to Lady Luck! That means that although it’s possible to hit the jackpot, this is never guaranteed. But it is this very thing that makes slot machines so exciting each time you spin!

Although you cannot control the outcomes of a slot machine, there are still things you can do to lose less and increase your winning chances. Budget, as we already mentioned, is really important; you can bet $200 on a single spin and hope for a great streak of luck, or else you can choose to spend the same amount on a number of rounds, and have more chance of hitting a winning combination (which will give you a lower payout than if you had won with a bet of $200). Some modern slots with bonus rounds also give you the possibility of choosing the degree of volatility during the bonus game, enabling you to have some control over the possible outcomes.

Online Slot RTP & volatility

RTP and volatility are two determining factors of online slots. Although they refer to completely different things, they complement each other in terms of payouts and frequency. But let us take a closer look at what exactly is meant by these two terms. 

What is RTP?

The Return to Player percentage of a slot machine refers to the percentage of money that a slot pays back to the players over a number of rounds. Naturally, this is very interesting to know, since you can’t expect much from a slot with a low percentage. In order to learn a slot’s RTP, you can consult our slot reviews or the game sheet that the developer publishes for each slot. These days, this data has to be communicated by law.

Although it’s great to play slots with high RTP, players should still keep in mind that the figure is calculated over millions of rounds and that they cannot always expect to get the declared percentage back for every $100 they wager – otherwise, what’s the point of aiming for that astronomical win?

What is volatility

The volatility, or variance, of a slot, is a great indicator of how much and how frequently a game pays out. There are three levels of volatility: low, medium and high. The higher the volatility, the less frequently you can expect to land a winning combination, but once you do, the payouts are likely to be high. On the contrary, a low volatility slot will give you more frequent payouts, but these will be on the low side (sometimes even less than your original stake).

Different types of Slots available in Canada

Today, one can also make a distinction between various types of slots. You can find classic 3-reel slots based on the original slot model, video slots with immersive storylines and complicated features, progressive jackpot slots and even slots with a million ways to win. Which one you chose to play depends on your preference and what you are looking for in terms of entertainment. 

Video Slots




Video slots, or 3D slots, form part of the last generation of slots developed for online casinos. In this case, there are truly no limits! They always come with multiple paylines, and with themes that are evoked in more depth, often containing numerous animations, video game graphics and elements of gamification (even though the player still has no control over the outcome). 

Offering more variety than classic slots, slots with multiple paylines normally have more reels and therefore more winning combinations. They are also inspired by specific themes or by the world around us, and some are based on films, books, celebrities, and all sorts of other subjects! These types of slots are packed with features, and at first, it can be difficult to understand how they work. But once you understand the rules, these will undoubtedly prove to be the most entertaining slots you can find at a Canadian online gambling platform!

Best Video Slots in Canada

The below are some of the most popular video slots available at the best online operators in Canada. 

  • Book of Dead 
  • Gonzo’s Quest 
  • Cleopatra
  • Dead or Alive II
  • Serengeti Kings

Progressives Slots


progressive jackpot slots


Progressive jackpot slots are so-called because of the ever-growing jackpots attached to the game. In terms of themes and features, these could either be classic slots or else elaborate video slots. The jackpot of progressive slots can be shared amongst a network of slots by the same providers, where a small percentage of each bet is poured into this jackpot causing it to reach millions of dollars incredibly quickly. 


Best Progressive Slots in Canada

As we said some of the jackpots can run up to millions and the below are the most well known progressive slots in Canada: 

  • Mega Moolah 
  • Mega Moolah Isis 
  • Wolf Gold
  • Sakura Fortune
  • Mustang Gold

Classic Slots

classic slots online



Inspired by the original slot machines, these consist of just 3 reels and only one pay line. They may perfectly suit new players who would like to play a straightforward game, however, to some they might seem dated and boring. This is why game developers have started to create new online slot machines with plenty of other features.


Best Classic Slots in Canada

If you want to relive the feeling of the old slots then the below are some of the best titles to try out if you are playing from Canada: 

  • Bars and 7s
  • Hit it Hard
  • Twin Spin 
  • Super Fruits Wild
  • Lucky 3

Megaways Slots

megaways slots



The Megaways slots were first created by Big Time Gaming, an Australian games developer that came up with an innovative way to incorporate a million ways to win in an online slot. The 2016 invention causes the reels to shift after every spin and create a random number of symbols. These kinds of slots became instantly successful and Big Time Gaming franchised the game engine to allow other developers to produce slots in the Megaways system.


Best Megaways Slots in Canada

If you want to try this modern type of slot than the below are some titles that have been quite successful globally but especially in Canada: 

  • Who wants to be a millionaire Megaways
  • Temple of Treasure Megaways 
  • Bonanza
  • Fortunes Megaways 
  • Dragon Born

how to find the best slots

How to choose which Online Slots to play

The million-dollar question amongst players –how do you go about choosing an online slot machine to play for real money? Naturally, the choice depends on your individual preferences and will differ from one player to another. That said, it is still possible to establish some common requirements that slot machines should satisfy in order to be worth playing for real money. This is what Canada Casino will attempt to do by reviewing slot machines and providing all the information needed in order to help players decide. In order to choose a good slot, it is therefore important to take into account the below elements:

Slot features – do you prefer to spin just 3 reels on a classic slot machine or would you prefer an original slot with its unique set of rules and mini bonus games? Depending on your preferences, it is important to verify what a slot game can offer in terms of gameplay and complexity. Below are some of the key aspects you should consider when choosing a slot machine :

Bonus games and jackpots - Why should you risk real money when you can play free slot machines? A lot of online slots these days offer free rounds to give you more chances to form winning combinations. Certain online casinos also award bonus rounds in order to give their players a chance to try out a new game without risking any money. It is therefore worth checking out these perks which may reward you big! What’s more, some slots come with progressive jackpots, which may reach astronomical amounts. For those who aim to win a life-changing amount, this is a good thing to look out for.

Budget, minimum and maximum bets - It is important to learn how to budget in order to enjoy playing online slot machines. For this reason, one should note the minimum and maximum bets possible while playing a particular slot, which vary from one game to another. A slot that requires you to wager a big amount may pay out huge amounts but may also drain your bankroll. On the contrary, betting less on each spin may allow you to play for longer but will minimize the payouts you can expect. It is up to the player to find the right balance!

Sound and graphics - This is the most subjective aspect of all. A 3D slot with realistic graphics or quirky animations may not appeal to every player, just like a classic slot may be boring for those who are used to modern sound and visual effects. There’s no other way to discover what you love the most than by seeing for yourself and forming your own opinion on the matter.

RTP and Volatility - Do you want to win frequently or are you after bigger wins? Whichever, your answer would be volatility has everything to do with it. If you want to win often then a slot with low or medium variance is the one for you, while if you prefer a bigger more substantial win, then maybe a high variance slot is the right one. Return to Player is also important as high RTP slots tend to reward more than ones with a lower percentage. 

slot providers

Online Slots Providers

Without slot providers there would be no online slots. Providers have the very important job to develop and come up with interesting and fun slot games. Many of the companies dominating the market go back several decades when slots were still a mechanical machine in land-based gambling venues. With the rise of online gambling, many of these companies moved their business online where they continue to excel through the innovative game ideas they manage to incorporate in a simple game as slots. 

Best Slots Provides

The below are some of the most well-known providers in the online gambling industry: 

Best payout Online Slots to play from Canada

The best payout online slots Canada not only feature a high Return to Player percentage but also come with a high maximum payout number. The below are games well-known to have a high paying jackpot rate:

  • Dead or Alive II - x100,000
  • Who wants to be a millionaire Megaways - x50,000
  • King Kong Fury - x12,500
  • Vikings Slot - x10,000
  • Blood Suckers  - x7,500

Free online slots canada

How can you play free Online Slots from Canada?

There are two ways you can end up getting slot freebies if you play with an online casino: i) you can either play free slots with a casino bonus that is awarded by the casino, OR ii) you can play slots for free for as long as you like by choosing the demo mode.

The main difference between these two options is that in the first case, you'll be able to play free slots and win real money (for a limited time), whereas in the second case you can play for as long as you like, but without winning any real cash.

Play online slots with a bonus

You can play free slot games with a bonus given to you by the operator. These bonuses are normally offered upon registration or deposit and can consist of either an amount in bonus money or free slot games. In both cases, you will be able to play free games and win real money.

It’s easy to play free slot machines with free rounds if you register with an online gambling platform that offers a no deposit bonus. Some operators will give you a bunch of bonus rounds to use simply for creating an account with them, and you will be able to generate real cash winnings from these freebies.

However, it’s important to note that when you play free slot machines with bonus rounds, the amount you win will be added to your bonus balance, and you will normally have to wager this amount a number of times before withdrawing. This is called a wagering requirement, and the lower it is, the better! Free spins with no wagering are also in vogue lately, and the best online Casinos may offer them as part of their registration or 1st deposit bonus.

Play free online slots in demo mode

Canada Casino has got a little secret to share with you – it is possible to play free slot machine games without spending a cent! Don’t worry, this is perfectly legal, and even recommended. To play free casino games, you simply need to find the demo version of the game, which can either be found at the developer’s website or even at an online casino. Online gambling operators will usually allow you to play a game for free so you can get a feel for it and hopefully proceed to create an account with them and playing the same game for real money.

To play a game for free at an online casino, all you have to do is head to the homepage and browse through the slots category. You will normally have the option to choose to play for fun, even if you’re not yet registered. In this way, you can enjoy all the game’s features and get familiar with its payout structure and volatility. It’s entirely up to you whether or not to wager your money on it later on, and if you decide that you want to, remember you can always play free slot games with a bonus if you join the best Canadian casinos!

Where to find free Slots Online from Canada

The below operators have a number of bonus rounds for you to avail yourself of, so check them out and claim the one that suits you the most, or else if you feel adventurous you can claim them all!

1. Bondibet Casino

Bondibet is offering Canadian players the possibility to receive 25 no deposit free spins on a varied selection of slot games upon registration of a new account. Visit the below link to claim this generous offer!

Can$ 7 500 bonus and 25 no deposit free spins + 110 free spins.

2. Dunder Casino

Dunder has 20 bonus rounds for the Book of Dead slot for everyone registering for an account from Canada. Visit the site from the below link to claim this promotion!

Can$ 600 bonus and 20 no deposit free spins + 180 free spins.

3. Casumo Casino

The well respected Casumo has a special surprise for new Canadian Players. Upon becoming members, players will receive 30 no deposit free slot games for the Jammin Jars slot. Claim it from the below link!

Can$ 500 bonus and 20 no deposit free spins.

What are the best free Online Slots in Canada?

There are quite a number of online slots that Canadian players can enjoy without spending a dime. The below list consists of slots which have been the target of giveaways in the past by online gambling platforms. These could be either no deposit free spins like those offered by Casumo and Bondibet, or else they could be part of a tournament to promote particular slot games and even new online slots. 

Book of Dead - 94.25%

We’ve mentioned the Book of Dead slot several times already in this article and for good reason. Gambling platforms love this online slot game as much as the players do and it is often the target of casino giveaways by some of the best operators on our list. 

Starburst- 96.1%

Starburst is somewhat of an iconic slot. The simple gameplay of this slot has made it an all time favourite and operators love handing out bonus rounds specifically for this start-studded slot. 

Gonzo’s Quest - 96%

Gonzo’s Quest was one of the first ever slot games to be developed for VR technology. The game became instantly successful and many are those operators who feature it into their promotions knowing that the game alone will attract hundreds of players to their casino. 

Online Slots terminology

Glossary and a short explanation of terms related to slots:

  • Base Game - a term used to differentiate the ‘normal’ game from the bonus game.

  • Bonus Game - this is triggered when a number of scatters land on the reels at the same time. The Bonus game consists of free spins and might even include win multipliers. 

  • Paylines - these are invisible lines across the reels on which the same symbols must land to form a winning combination 
  • Reels - reels are columns or barrels on which the symbols appear and which rotate to provide a random combination
  • Jackpot - the maximum prize you can win from a slot game
  • Free Spins - free rounds given by the casino or as part of the bonus game of an online slot.
  • Symbols - the symbols that appear on the reels and which must land in a winning combination to become a win.
  • Scatter symbol- a special symbol that when 3 or 4 land on the reels simultaneously trigger the bonus round of a game. 
  • Wild Symbol - a symbol that substitutes all of the other symbols with the exception of the scatter and which help you land more winning combinations. 
  • AutoPlay - a button available on modern online slots where the game will spin on its own every time instead of waiting for the player to hit the spin button.
  • Multiplier - a number associated with a particular symbol that when landed multiples your bet a number of times.
  • Max Bet - the maximum bet allowed on a slot game. This can vary from slot to slot. 
  • Min Bet - the minimum bet allowed. In most cases slot games can be played for a few cents. 
  • Hit Frequency - the number of times a game is expected to hit a win.
  • Progressive jackpot -  this jackpot is shared amongst a network of online slots, where a small part of each bet placed on these slots goes into a pool of funds that keeps growing until someone wins.
  • Volatility - Also known as variance, this determines the frequency of wins and how much the payouts would be. A High volatility slot game pays less often but the payouts are higher, while low volatility pays more often but wins are lower in value. Low volatility slots are ideal for beginners or for those who are on a tight budget. 
  • Paytable - this is a table that shows the payouts for each different symbol

Enjoy Free Online Slots from Canada

Canadian players will discover a variety of online slot games to enjoy both from their desktop computers or from their mobile devices. Today’s online slots come with exceptional features and interactive games within the game, creating an even more exciting casino experience. Game developers are always coming up with new ideas to keep us players entertained and that is a great bonus of playing online slots with a reputable casino. Since we mentioned the importance of joining an online gambling platform with an excellent reputation, we have to stress the importance of joining an online casino with a license. Only the best of these casinos will provide a rewarding experience with plenty of bonuses and free spins, all designed to enhance your experience and help you make the most of your gaming time. If you are ready to start exploring the online slot world, then we invite you to check out both our list of best online slots to play and our list of recommended safe casinos!

Can$ 1 000 bonus and 122 free spins.

Can$ 200 bonus.
Win up to 4,200 Extra Spins!

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