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What are the Best Online Baccarat Casinos in 2024?

We at CanadaCasinos have handpicked the top 5 casinos in Canada that offer the best range of Baccarat games.

RankCasinoWhere to Play
#1GGBetPlay Baccarat Here!
#2BetSafePlay Baccarat Here!
#3ZinkraPlay Baccarat Here!
#4SlotJointPlay Baccarat Here!
#5LevelUpPlay Baccarat Here!

The best online casinos in Canada always feature a game or two of baccarat online, some of which even include a few options of Live Dealer Baccarat.  Take a look at our list above which features our top-rated baccarat casinos in Canada!

These regulators ensure that all games are of the highest standards, and impose strict regulations on casino practices, guaranteeing the safety of any casino with one of the above-mentioned licenses.

Did you know?
Baccarat was born in 1400s in Italy by Felix Falguiere, who called the game ‘Baccara’.

Is Baccarat Online Legal in Canada?

All the casinos we feature are authorized and licensed. Top recognized either by Kahnawake Gambling Commission in Canada or else the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Baccarat is not illegal, as many land-based casinos offer this game to their patrons.

Under current circumstances, we recommend players always choose a licensed Baccarat casino online to play at, as these are the safest online gambling platforms around.

Is Baccarat Online Rigged?

Given the latest technological advances, it is next to impossible to rig online baccarat Canada games.

This is particularly true if you are playing with a licensed Baccarat online Canada casino.

The outcomes during an online baccarat game are generated by an RNG computer that is audited regularly by an independent third party, while the outcomes in a Live Baccarat game are dealt with in real-time by a professional dealer in front of multiple cameras with the players watching closely every move.

Why Play Baccarat Online in Canada

why play baccarat canada casino guides
Baccarat is a widely popular live dealer game – this is the official guide for our players in Canada

If you’re wondering what are the advantages of playing baccarat online, the answer is; plenty. These range from the number of games available, different variants, flexibility, convenience, and rewards. 

Online Baccarat vs Baccarat in Land based Casino

Online BaccaratBaccarat in Land-based Casino
Play from your home
Did you know?
Baccarat was first invented by Italian gambler Felix Falguiere, sometime during the middle-ages. He played the game with a set of tarot cards instead of the traditional cards.

Are Online Baccarat and Live Baccarat different?

Baccarat online is a traditional casino table game played either against the computer or else a live dealer in a remote studio.

Despite the number of baccarat variants that exist online, the rules of the game hardly change at all, although some options have additional side bets that make the game a lot more exciting.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the differences between playing baccarat with a live dealer vs. online.

Difference between Live Dealer Baccarat and RNG (Virtual) Baccarat

Let’s put it simply. Online Baccarat refers to a game that is RNG operated – meaning that the player plays against the casino’s computer. Live Baccarat on the other hand can be played virtually and live against a live dealer that is virtually displayed on the online casino platform.

Live Dealer Baccarat RNG (Virtual) Baccarat
Real Croupier
Actual Cards
Chat feature
Play for free option
Tournaments & Promotions

3 Tips to Know Before Playing Baccarat Online in Canada

Although baccarat is purely a game of chance with one of the best house edges, there are a few things you might want to know to make the most of your experience.

Below, we are going to share 3 tips that you should know before you register on one of the best online Baccarat sites in Canada for your next Baccarat session.

1. Know Basic Rules, Side Bets and Payouts

Baccarat is not a complicated game to learn, however, it is wise to learn a little about the game before you sit at the table. Without understanding the rules, your winning chances are slim on a Baccarat online casino.

Fortunately, the rules are easy enough to understand, as are the side best and payouts involved. These should provide you with enough knowledge to formulate a sound strategy.

If you want to know more about how to play live Baccarat or any other version, we recommend starting with some basic rules. Our article about Baccarat rules covers all the basics.

 2. Learn all Baccarat Betting Strategies

As we have already explained, baccarat is a simple game. In the traditional version of the game, there are only 3 betting options: The Banker, The Player and the Tie.

Each betting option carries its very own odds, something you need to be familiar with if you wish to bet on the option whose odds are more in your favour. The Banker has the lowest house edge of all three options, while the Tie comes with the lowest probability of winning.

baccarat house edge canada casino guides

 3. Plan your Budget and your Time

When it comes to playing online, nothing is more important than playing responsibly. It is easy to get carried away and bet more than you can afford or lose track of time.

The best way to stay in control is to decide on a budget before you sit down to play and establish how long you’re going to play. These days, Responsible Gambling regulation requires casinos to provide tools to help players set up these limits.

These can help you maintain control by sending you reminders and stopping you from betting more than you should. You can read more about Responsible Gambling in our article here, which explains more about these tools and shares some helpful tips.

Did you know?
Baccarat has appeared in a number of famous movies. The most prominent ones are James Bond’s. As it is, Baccarat is Agent 007 favourite casino game. This particular characteristic was inspired by Ian Fleming’s own passion for Baccarat.

Which Baccarat Variant is the Best for You?

At the best Canadian casinos for online Baccarat, you will come across different variants of baccarat, some of which even offer tables with different betting limits. You can visit our Baccarat Variants page to see all the different Baccarat types you can choose from – available for both RNG Online Baccarat and Live Baccarat.

Big Table Baccarat online baccarat canada variation
Big Table Baccarat is a popular variant of online casino Baccarat in Canada.

How to Improve Your Baccarat Game

Online baccarat might be a game of chance, but there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of landing more wins when playing on the best Baccarat online casino. These include:

1. Read our game & casino reviews

On we publish both game and casino reviews. These should tell you which games are more interesting, which ones have the most favourable odds and which casinos offer the best Baccarat games online.

Furthermore, we let you know which Baccarat online gambling casinos run a promotion that can be used on live Baccarat games or hold regular tournaments.

2. Practice for free

Don’t forget about the demo mode that comes attached with most RNG Baccarat versions! Every reliable online Baccarat casino will offer this mode, which you can typically access without having to register.

If you’ve never played Baccarat before, you might want to practice and get used to the game before betting real money or your bonus.

The demo mode is a great way to do this for as long as you wish and for free. So take advantage of this feature and practice before you opt to play Baccarat online for real money in Canada!

3. Watch streamers to discover new tips

Another way to learn is by watching streamers as they play. On Twitch there are many who will take you on a gaming session with them and you can see firsthand their strategy and techniques.

You’ll find plenty online, including on YouTube, many of whom are professional players with plenty of experience to share. Use these strategies on any trusted online Baccarat Canada casino, and you’ll have a better chance of winning more.

Playing Baccarat on your Mobile

Playing on the best online Baccarat casino means you can participate from a smartphone or tablet. The virtual version of the game plays out beautifully on a smaller screen.

With modern technology, live Baccarat is also available on your mobile, streamed in HD and in real-time. The interface works extremely well on your smaller screen and although live games tend to use up a little more data, you can enjoy your favourite game from anywhere and at any time.

Wazamba offers an excellent mobile app that features some fantastic Baccarat options, of both the virtual and live varieties.


If an online casino in Canada offers live dealer games, Baccarat is definitely part of their Live Casino platform. Baccarat is loved because it has been around for generations and is one of the most straightforward card games.

The Baccarat online version is also great because it lets you play in Demo Free Version before wagering actual money on your play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baccarat, whether online or land-based, play out more or less the same. The game is quite simple to understand. The game has two hands 'The Banker' and 'The Player'. Each represents its namesake. There are 3 betting options: 'The Banker', 'The Player' and 'The Tie'. The player needs to place a bet on one of these options. The dealer deals two cards to the Banker and Player. The hands that totalling 9 or the closest to that value wins.
Each of the three betting options comes with different odds. To win often, you need to formulate a strategy centred around the hand with the most favourable odds.
When you bet on a tie, the probability of winning is only 9.52%. However, its attraction does not lie in its rather unfavourable odds, but in its payout, which is the best one in Baccarat.
In Baccarat are used a total of decks of cards. This is the standard setup with most variants, although it could vary depending on the variant you are playing.
There are many casino Baccarat online sites that offer the best payouts. You can check out our best payouts casino page to find the right option for you.
Absolutely! The best fast online baccarat Canada casino sites will process your winnings instantly or a maximum of 24 hours. You can check out fast payout casino page for the right casino online Baccarat site for you.

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