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What is RNG?

RNG meaning? Let’s start with how all Casino games are mainly a matter of chance – the outcome of the game is random and unpredictable. Is that to the player’s advantage?

rng random number generator canada casinos
Just like when you roll a dice, the outcome of the numbers is purely a matter of chance. Image powered by Evolution Gaming.

Yes – because random means fair and everyone gets to get a fair chance at winning – with no discrimination whether you’re a skilled player or not.

An RNG – Random Number Generator – protects that randomness. It is a system incorporated by all trusted online casinos in Canada. RNG eliminates the ability to predict the future numerical results. Just like when you roll a dice or turn the wheels of Roulette – the same logic operates behind the Random Number Generators.

Why do Casino games use RNG?

Why is RNG meaning relevant to online casinos in Canada? Through a properly-regulated RNG – also referred to as RNG generator, players can trust that the games are not rigged – which translates to fairness and transparency in games.

rng random number generator canada casinos
RNG Online Casino – How does it all work?

All the best online casinos only offer games with an RNG generator incorporated into their online games offered – from anything to online slots and all casino tables games including Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat.

RNG generator systems remove the potential for cheating from both ends – the clients and the casino. So safety and fairness are guaranteed for both.

Is RNG fair?

What about if an RNG online casino system can be manipulated? The answer to that is proper licensing and regulation. It is essential to take note that no casino in Canada can operate without a properly worldwide recognized authority – The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and UK Gambling commission are two examples of the best gaming regulators and as allowed for casinos to operate in Canada.

One of the important jobs for such authorities is to scrutinize and make frequent audits and testing of casino’s RNG systems. The most used and trusted audit systems to test casinos in Canada are eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) and Technical Systems Testing (TST).

What is the Hit Rate?

Also known as Hit Frequency, the term is mostly reserved for slots. The Hit Rate represents the number of times, represented as a percentage, a Slots game will hit a winning combination vs. a losing one. The higher the hit rate, the higher the chance of winning.

Good standard hit rates generally revolve around 20 to 30%. However, having a high hit rate doesn’t eliminate the element of chance – you still have to spin the reels at the right time to land your wins. The Random Number Generators (RNG) makes it impossible to know exactly when.

This ultimately means Fairness. RNG also puts paid to the myths that slot games payout in cycles or run hot and cold. An RNG generator determines the outcome of every spin.   

What is RTP?

RTP (Return to Player) is the amount a casino game will return to the player over time, expressed as a percentage (%). For example, if a player bets a C$100 and the game features a 98% RTP, that means that when players land a win, they will get back C$98 from the amount they originally bet.

RTP s a statistical average. In each game, an RTP % is featured – this is displayed to advise the player of the level of betting value they can expect from a game over an extended period.

A good RTP RNG game revolves around 96-99%. You can check out the best high RTP slots we have catered for players in Canada.

mega joker canada casino winstoria
Mega Joker features a very high 99% RTP – this RNG game can be played at Winstoria


A good RNG online casino understands that and understands that the success of their businesses rests on a foundation of trust. RNG systems provide players with peace of mind that the games selections can’t be influenced to their disadvantage whilst also guaranteeing fairness that also protects casino operators. 

RNG verification certificates issued by international auditing agencies are prominently displayed on Casino homepages. These and licensing details assure players that the online casino meets regulatory standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Virtually all online slot games have RNG installed by the developers. RNG assures that all players share the same chance of earning winnings or hitting a jackpot with each spin made. Most land-based casino slot games also have RNG systems.
Yes. Random Number Generators virtually shuffle the cards, roll the dice, spin the ball and any other action that requires a numerical result. The exception to this is Live Casino. Live casino provides dealers who control and manage games under video surveillance so all players can clearly see their actions.
RNG is an acronym for Random Number Generator. Online casino games use RNG software to provide transparently fair games to players. An RNG game is certified by international auditing firms that test games many thousands of times to ensure the results are truly random.
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