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What Are the Best Online Blackjack Casinos in 2024?

Let’s start with the practical. Where can you play the best choice of Blackjack? Which are the top casinos in Canada that offer these ranges?

We have handpicked the 5 safest and top casinos in Canada that offer the above.

#1DublinBetPlay Blackjack Here!
#2Rant CasinoPlay Blackjack Here!
#3PlayfinaPlay Blackjack Here!
#4BetCocoPlay Blackjack Here!
#5WinstoriaPlay Blackjack Here!

CanadaCasino will also give you an overview of how to play blackjack by outlining the rules and explaining the basic blackjack strategy. So let’s get started with some of the best blackjack online games that you can find at leading online Canada casinos!

Heaps of options for Online Blackjack in Canada
Whether you’re looking for blackjack online free games, classic online blackjack in Canada games, or perhaps a unique variant of this game, there are a ton of options at leading online casinos in Canada.

Is Playing Blackjack Online Legal in Canada?

All the casinos we feature at CanadaCasino are regulated as per Canada law. This means that they are licensed by top-worldwide-recognized authorities including the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission.

Are Blackjack Online Games Safe?

Regulated casinos mean that they are heavily scrutinized – as per legal standards. This means constant tests are run by third-party organizations like eCOGRA. These run frequent RNG testing, to make sure that games are not rigged.

Proper licensing also means that the casino has to abide to strict SSL encryption to ensure all-time data protection for all players in Canada who play Blackjack Live at these regulated casinos.

What Does Online Blackjack Involve?

Also known as 21, Blackjack is a game of unknown origins. Its earliest mention is found in Cervantes’ short story Rinconete y Cortadillo, written in 1602, where he mentioned that characters were playing a game called Ventiuna, whose aim was to reach 21 without going over.

The game is played with the standard 52-card deck (most games are played with multiple decks, the number of which varies between two and eight).

Although classic blackjack is still the most popular game, there are different variants of online blackjack nowadays, each one with its own slight variations to the rules.

Progressive Blackjack, for example, involves an extra side bet that players can place, whereas MultiHand Blackjack comes with the possibility of playing more than one hand at once.

Online Blackjack and Live Blackjack in Canada games will also come with different table limits at the best Blackjack casinos, as operators are trying to offer something to suit different budgets and player preferences.

Watch as the Host of CanadaCasino Youtube’s channel Erik, walks us through how to play Blackjack 21 online in just a few easy steps!

Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada 2024 | Top Blackjack Guides
Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada 2024 | Top Blackjack Guides

Why Play Blackjack Online in Canada?

Blackjack online has opened up many opportunities for blackjack players that are unprecedented.

The advantages of playing blackjack online are many, opening doors to players who never had the opportunity to join a blackjack table before.

Below we are going to review some of the advantages that come with playing online blackjack. 

Blackjack OnlineBlackjack in a land-based casino
Play anywhere
Multiple Seats

Play from your home

Playing online means that you can play as much Blackjack as you like at any time of the day. Unlike physical casinos, online gambling platforms are open 24/7 and are not tied to a particular location.

That means that you can play your favourite Blackjack games without ever having to leave your home.

Or else you can choose to play from other locations too since these days it is possible to play casino games at a mobile casino

Get bonuses on online blackjack

If you fancy playing free Blackjack with a bonus and winning real money, there is one possibility as well: You can join a Canadian online casino and claim its welcome bonus.

Some casinos offer a percentage of your first deposit in bonus funds, for players to use on any game that they please.

You can use this bonus to play free blackjack with the possibility of winning real cash! Plus, the best Canadian casinos also run regular promotions on blackjack, which include reload bonuses, or even extra prizes if you get a Blackjack, so there are plenty of freebies to be had for existing players as well!

Before you play blackjack with a bonus, it’s important to read the terms and conditions to make sure that you can really use the bonus on blackjack games at the casino in question, and to take note of the wagering requirements and game weighting.

Also, be prepared for the fact that blackjack is a game with a very low house edge, so you will be required to wager your blackjack bonus a number of times before you can withdraw any winnings.

Access to Blackjack live casino promotions

In some instances, you might even come across platforms with a dual welcome bonus. While one bonus can be used on most casino games, the other will be tied specifically with live tables.

If you intend to play blackjack Live at one of the tables offered, such a bonus could come in quite handy.

Play on multiple seats at the same time

When you play online Blackjack in Canada, you have the opportunity to sit at different tables at the same time.

They don’t necessarily have to be all of the same types of Blackjack but could be different variants.

Playing multiple games concurrently is something that is unique to online gambling as in a land-based casino it is impossible to sit at different tables simultaneously unless you have a doppelganger.  

Play at a Blackjack table within your betting range

Playing Blackjack online means that all kinds of players can now join this popular game.

Providers offer multiple tables, all with a different betting range, so both players on a budget and high-roller can play comfortably at a table that suits their pockets.

Play Blackjack Online – Did you know?
Blackjack is considered to have the best odds among all casino games. In a game with a single deck of cards, the house can fall somewhere between 1% and 0.05%.

Are Online Blackjack and Live Blackjack different?

Yes they are. Simply put – one involves the player playing virtually live with a blackjack live casino blackjack dealer. While in online Blackjack, the player plays against an RNG computer system.

Playing a live online version of Blackjack does not alter the game at all. The rules are the same but different, there is an actual studio set up with a proper table, chips, cards and also an actual human dealer managing the game of Blackjack.

Is there any Blackjack strategy that works?

Different players play different strategies. It depends on the experience you have with the game of Blackjack, your confidence about the basic rules of the game, your knowledge of Blackjack strategies, and also your bankroll limit.

You can check out Blackjack strategy page to see which are the most popular Blackjack strategies in Canada. Our CanadaCasino Blackjack Guru below also mentions some of the top picks for Canada.

Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada 2024 | Top Blackjack Guides
Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada 2024 | Top Blackjack Guides

How Do You Play Live Blackjack?

For those of you who’d like to learn the blackjack rules first or who are here to brush up their know-how, here’s an overview of the basics to help you get started.

Blackjack is played between a blackjack dealer and 5 to 7 players on a semicircular table, where all players play against the dealer and not against each other.

The aim of Blackjack dealing is to get a card value that doesn’t go over 21, but that is still higher than the dealers. Each card is worth its own value, except for the Ace, which can either count as ‘1’ or ‘11’. The Queens, Jacks, and Kings are all worth 10 each.

Live Blackjack Dealer Rules

Below are the main rules to keep in mind when you play blackjack online. Make sure to visit our blackjack rules page for more information:

All these rules make Blackjack a fast-paced game that is very easy to understand and play, even more so if it’s online Blackjack you intend to go for.

But players must keep in mind that Blackjack is not solely a game of chance. Despite the undeniable element of luck, there’s a Blackjack strategy that every player should know!

Are you aware of this need-to-know blackjack strategy? Our host Erik breaks down the Dealer’s UpCards, below:

Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada 2024 | Top Blackjack Guides
Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada 2024 | Top Blackjack Guides

Side Bets

Apart from the main bets, Blackjack allows players to place a set of side bets if they wish to. These side bets add a certain excitement to the Blackjack game and are placed in those few seconds before the next round commences. There are a number of side bets available:

If the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, the player will have the option of taking “insurance” before the dealer reveals the card.

This insurance works as a side be this insurance involves a side bet that the dealer will get a Blackjack, which is independent of the main bet. This bet pays 2:1 and protects the player from disappointment in the likely event that the dealer gets a Blackjack.

The 21+3 side bet was adopted from Poker and is a wager that is placed when the player suspects that a number of scenarios might take place. These scenarios are: 

The perfect pairs side bet is placed before the beginning of the round, and it is done by the player who believes he will get a pair in the initial hand. There are 3 different bets in this category: 

The bet behind is where you place a wager on the outcome of a hand dealt to another player. This kind of bet can be placed both if you are sitting at the table or if you are just a spectator.

This is an excellent way to participate even if the table is currently full. It is also a good idea to identify skilled players and bet on them, increasing your chances of making a profit even if you are not playing the game of Blackjack.

Bet Behind Blackjack canada casino live dealer games guide

Blackjack Decks and the House Edge

Blackjack is known to be one of the games with the lowest house edge. In fact, the Blackjack game affords the house an advantage of less than 1%.

House Edge in Blackjack
The different house edges in Online Blackjack in Canada

This, however, might vary depending on the number of decks that are being used in the game, the side bets on offer and their payouts.

Most variants use up to 8 decks at the same time, but it is also common across games that use only one deck. The more decks of cards are used the higher the house edge would be and below we have constructed a small table with the house advantage for each number of decks of cards.

This ought to help you determine the odds for every variant of online Blackjack.  

Number of Decks House-Edge
Single Deck 0.17%
Double-Deck 0.46%
Four Deck Six Deck 0.60%
Six Decks 0.64%
Eight Decks 0.66%
House Edge for various types of Blackjack

What is Online Blackjack Basic Strategy?

Blackjack strategy involves making strategic decisions that improve your chances of beating the dealer. Before taking such decisions, it’s crucial to note what the dealer’s face-up card is.

When this has a high value (say, 7 or higher), it’s best to keep hitting for a chance to get a higher value until you get a total of 17 or more.

If the card is of low value, the player should stop drawing if he has a value of 12 or more

There are a number of decisions that are considered to be a part of basic Blackjack strategy, which you can either learn by heart or apply by consulting a blackjack chart

The Blackjack chart was put together after a number of computer simulations put together millions of combinations of online blackjack hands.

Through these simulations players could decide which moves to make to maintain the favour, making this Blackjack chart a staple of blackjack strategy.

There are various other rules to the blackjack strategy which determine which action to take next, however, we shall focus on these in another article about playing blackjack. 

One of the most talked-about blackjack strategies is counting cards; is it even possible? Erik explains exactly how it works and how to use it to your advantage in our short video, below:

Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada 2024 | Top Blackjack Guides
Best Blackjack Casinos in Canada 2024 | Top Blackjack Guides

When to Surrender

During a game of Blackjack, sometimes, you are offered the option to surrender.

This feature is not always available but you can be sure to find it in versions of the game that includes the word ‘surrender’ in their title.

This option allows you to leave the game early and get part of your bet back.

This is a smart move if the dealer already has a card of 10 and your hand does not offer you a good prospect. This is particularly true if your cards add up to the value of 12 or 17 and you don’t have an ace.

You can still win in such a situation, but chances are you’ll lose.

When to consider pair splitting

The decision to split 2 identical cards doubles up your bet and doubles up your chances of winning.

The general rule is to split 2 aces and form two very strong hands. It is also a smart move to separate a pair of 8s, which is considered the poorest hand in Blackjack.

With other hand combinations, the decision is often based on what cards the dealer has. The only card combinations you should avoid spitting are 4s, 5s and 10s.

When to double down Blackjack

Doubling down in Blackjack is an aggressive move that creates an atmosphere of suspense.

The action involves doubling your bet in exchange for one more card. This is an action you’ll take only when you’ve got better cards than the dealer and you’re sure you can’t go bust with this new addition.

This strategy makes the most sense when you have hands made up of 9, 10 or 11, or else 16, 17 or 18.

Ideally, the dealer has a hand made up of 2 and 6.

Card Counting in Blackjack Online

Online Blackjack Strategy Chart
Blackjack chart strategy

Card counting is a helpful technique that is not very difficult to learn but requires a lot of practice to be used successfully.

Card counting is the ability to keep tabs on the cards that have been dealt and the ones that are still in the shoe.

The purpose of this technique is to enable players to know when the advantage starts favouring them. Knowing if you have the advantage or not means you can take the appropriate action like doubling down, hit or stand. 

Card counting is based on the mathematical proof that high-value cards in the shoe are more advantageous to the player than the dealer.

Once the cards are shuffled, the shoe holds an equal number of high-value and low-value cards. However, this changes the moment the cards are distributed.

If there are more high-value cards in the shoe, it means the player stands a bigger chance of getting close to 21. The same cannot be said for the dealer who is forced to stand at 17. 

At this point, we have to mention that casinos will do everything they can to stop players from engaging in card counting and might even ban you from visiting the casino if you are caught.

Furthermore, while playing online, this practice is next to impossible, especially when playing virtual Blackjack, where the generation of cards is based on a computer formula programmed with the odds of the game. 

Did you know?
You can play the best online live blackjack in Canada by visiting our live casino page and see which top casinos offer it.

Blackjack canada casino online soft totals
Blackjack canada casino online hard totals
Blackjack canada casino online pair hand

3 Important Tips To Know Before Playing Blackjack Casino Online

If you intend to play online blackjack with real money in Canada, it is important to be well prepared and versed in the game’s rules and possible strategies.

Our guide will help you learn the rules and make the most of your experience.

1. Know basic rules, side bets and payouts

The basic rules of Blackjack are quite easy to understand. On the other hand, learning about the side bets and payouts can be a challange.

We suggest using our guide and videos to get ahead of the game.

2. Learn the Blackjack betting strategies

Having the right strategy is essential when playing blackjack online. It can give your winning chances a boost in the right direction.

You can choose to stick to some basic strategy, or else if you feel more confident you can try something a little more complex.

3. Plan your budget and your time

There is one way to guarantee you success: plan and gamble responsibly. It is important to prepare yourself that in Blackjack you can either win or lose.

It is important to set your budget beforehand and plan how long your session will last. In this way, you’ll always know when it is time to quit.

Live Blackjack by Playtech
High RTP Blackjack Games
Play Blackjack Online in Canada – Did you know?
The highest Blackjack RTP belongs to Playtech’s live game Quantum Blackjack, which has an RTP of 99.54%.

Online Blackjack variants

As we’ve already mentioned a number of times, blackjack enthusiasts have a choice between the classic version of the game and a number of variants, some of which are unique to the online world.

Truth be told, a number of land-based casinos had come up with their very own blackjack variants throughout the years, some of which were adapted for the online casino industry.

If you need to test out any Blackjack Variant – to see which suits you best – you can play Free Blackjack. How does this work? Most top Blackjack Casinos Canada offer Free Poker or Demo Poker Version to play for each of their Online Poker Games.

Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack, or as it is often referred to as blackjack, is the original version of the game.

It is an exciting game and it has been played since the 17th Century.

The game is played with more than one 52-card deck and offers players the possibility to place a number of side bets whether they are playing at the table or simply watching.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack was originally invented for land-based casinos, however, it became so popular that online providers adapted it for their online tables.

It is an interesting variant that comes with a twist. The first thing to notice about this particular game is that whereas other Blackjack games have a limited number of seats, Infinite Blackjack has no such limitations and any number of players can sit at the table at once.

Furthermore, all players at the table are handed the exact same two cards. It is up to each individual to react and take the next step in their strategy. 

Free Bet Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack is perhaps one of the most recent versions of Blackjack that you can play.

Invented by the same person who gave us Infinite Blackjack for land-based casinos, this one caught on quite well amongst players and thus it was adapted for online casinos.

It is a so-called free bet because players are required to place their initial bet, however, if they wish to Blackjack double down or to split, there is no need to place an additional wager. 

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 or else Spanish Blackjack is as old as the original version of the game.

The major difference of this variant is that all 10 value cards are removed from all decks, so instead of playing with a standard 52-card

deck, you have decks made up of 48 cards.

The rules and the value of the other cards are the same as those of Classic Blackjack.

To compensate for the higher house edge in Spanish 21, players will always win if they get a blackjack, and get additional payouts if they get 21 with 5 or more cards.

Blackjack Switch 

Blackjack Switch offers a better probability of putting together a good hand. In this Blackjack version, each player is dealt two hands instead of one.

After evaluating the cards, each player can swap the 2nd card of both hands if this helps them to form a stronger hand. From then onwards the game follows the normal rules. 

Quantum Blackjack

Quantum Blackjack is a live version of the game by game provider Playtech.

The game deals a single player hand, however, an unlimited number of players can bet on the same hand.

If some of the players don’t take action along with the other players, their own respective hands will be revealed.

The game comes with an additional twist in the shape of a multiplier. This consists of 1 or 3 randomly dealt cards from a separate deck. Each card comes with a multiplier.

If one of the players’ cards matches one of the multiplier cards, he gets the multiplier applied to his wins (if he wins).

Online Blackjack Real Money – Did you know?
Whilst playing Blackjack, you can expect to land a Blackjack, more or less, once every 21 hands. The possibility that both you and the dealer land a Blackjack simultaneously is 0.22%.

How Can You Improve Your Blackjack Online Game?

Blackjack is a game of skill and strategy, however, there are a few things you can do to improve your game and win more. Strategy is important but there are other things you can do.

The casinos you play at and the games you sit at should give you added value. Furthermore, pro players can give you some valuable insider tips and help you become better at the game.

1. Check out our casino and game reviews

There are hundreds of online casinos these days and thus, it is important to choose the right platform to play Blackjack.

Remember, choosing a blackjack casino in Canada that runs regular promotions on its Blackjack games gives you added value!

Our reviews will give you a good idea of which casinos run Blackjack promotions and the kind of tables you should expect to find.

2. Practice, practice…for free

There’s no better way to learn blackjack rules and some basic blackjack strategy than by playing the game for free

Although this is generally not possible at land-based casinos, a lot of Canadian online casinos allow you to play free Blackjack for as long as you like!

To enjoy this game for fun, all you need to do is head to the casino website and go to the table games category. You will then see which Blackjack games are available at the casino.

You can click on the option to play for fun and play online Blackjack instantly, normally without any download required.

For reasons we have already explained Live Blackjack providers cannot include a free version like in virtual Blackjack.

However, we remind our visitors that these days they can find a table that only requires the minimum of bets to be able to play. And let us not forget the casino bonus that are so abundant at the best online casinos. 

Best Online Blackjack – Did you know?
Worldwide, there are over 100 Blackjack variants. The basics of each one are more or less the same, that is to reach 21 without going bust, however, the basic rules of play might vary considerably.

Play Blackjack on Mobile

Live every other casino game, these days you can enjoy blackjack from a smartphone. That is if the Blackjack casino in Canada you join has a mobile-friendly site or casino app.

Playing Blackjack specifically from a mobile app will unlock special features like push notifications and a more intuitive user experience.

There are also the more obvious advantages like playing from wherever you are and at any time without limitations.

We found that the best mobile casino apps for blackjack are:

Try Online Blackjack in Canada Today!

There is no doubt that online blackjack in Canada is one of the most popular card games at leading casinos. There are several variants of this game to choose from, and a good understanding of the rules coupled with a solid strategy will make your experience even better.

Make sure to test out your favourite blackjack online casino game today, and see if you can best the dealer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Playing blackjack online versus at a land-based casino has a lot of pros. Online, you're eligible to claim different bonuses and can even find some casinos that will let you play for free!
Absolutely. With the right strategy and knowledge of the game, there's great potential to make money while playing blackjack online. You can learn all about the game and different blackjack strategies in our guide.
Most online casinos offer a choice of virtual and Live Blackjack. It is up to each player to choose the casinos that suit them best. A look at our list of recommended casinos will soon give you plenty of opportunities to play Blackjack online!
Yes. Blackjack games are available in almost all casinos we feature in our casino reviews.
They are both available in online casinos in Canada. One is played in real-time with a live dealer displayed through your screen, whilst the Blackjack Online is an RNG-operated game where the players plays against the computer.

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