What will you learn from our Blackjack strategy guide?

Books have been written on the subject, but we’ll cover the basics every Blackjack player should be aware of, and briefly explain how to formulate a winning game plan.

Online Blackjack strategies are as old as the game itself, and for good reason; a bit of knowledge, skill, and planning gives players the winning edge. Read on to find the perfect online blackjack strategy.

Discover key insights into online casino blackjack strategies in Canada.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind

  1. Get to know all of the rules, odds, bets and payouts
    • Before making a game plan you need to know how to play the game! Also learn the lingo, signals, and etiquette that makes Blackjack so popular. 
  2. Choose a blackjack variant with confidence
    • Interested in trying your hand at Spanish 21 or Blackjack Switch? Tip #1 still applies. Rules and method of play can change with each variation.
  3. Plan your budget – how much are you prepared to win or lose
    • Go into the game with a fixed bankroll. Play within it until winnings accrue.
  4. Don’t forget about the time you’re willing to spend on a game
    • Responsible players always keep an eye on the clock. Gambling is for fun and only a small part of your overall lifestyle.
  5. Remember that luck always has a seat at the table.  

Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

The Blackjack basic strategy is a summary of choices based on the Dealer’s upcard and the player’s hand. Developed in the 1950s and refined with computer modelling ever since, the Blackjack Basic Strategy is often presented in Blackjack Chart form for players to memorize.

Providing a recommended set of plays that reduce the house odds gives even novice players an edge by following a simplified set of guidelines.

The blackjack chart can possibly look intimidating at first glance, but with a little practice the Basic Blackjack strategy becomes as easy to recall as your favourite pizza fixings!

Nearly every game invented has its own terminology. Learn the Lingo so you, the dealer and other players are all on the same page!

In the most basic scenario, the player (including the dealer) who holds the hand valued closest to or equalling 21, wins. Most Blackjack strategies recommend a player Stand with any hand valued at seventeen or above. 

Below that, ask the dealer to Hit you with another card. Knowing the dealer’s upcard, whether any player is holding an ace, and other situations all play a large part in making your decision – which is where your Online Blackjack Strategy comes in.

Double Down

Double Down in blackjack is a one-time opportunity to double the value of your initial bet before taking another – and final card – from the dealer. Your Online Blackjack Strategy will indicate when this is a good decision to make. 

Players usually Double Down when:

Doubling Down is an advantage in any of the scenarios outlined above because the player can’t go Bust and the dealer has to take cards (Hit) to reach 17.

As with Basic Blackjack Strategy, Doubling Down charts are available for players to learn when to recognize the opportunity!

Split Pairs

When to split in blackjack? When a player’s first two cards form a pair, the hand can be split into two hands, and a bet equalling the original wager can be placed on the second hand. An excellent time to Split Pairs is when the dealer’s upcard is weak, showing a 4, 5 or 6.  

The Soft 17 rule

The Soft 17 rule technically applies to the dealer. Players are free to deal with whichever cards they want, but the dealer must follow this rule. The name refers to a hand of 17 cards that include the Ace.

The dealer stands on or hits a soft 17. If they hit a soft 17, the dealer can only stand on what’s called a hard 17.

When to surrender?

In Blackjack, Surrendering allows a player to reduce the initial bet by half after viewing the first two cards dealt and the dealer upcard.

If the player’s hand is weak, surrendering cuts a potential loss by fifty percent. Players can surrender early (before) or late (after) the dealer checks the hole card for blackjack, depending on House rules.

Always ask the dealer whether Surrender is available and whether it’s early or late.  

Blackjack Strategy Guide 2024 | Learn The Best Strategies
Blackjack Strategy Guide 2024 | Learn The Best Strategies

Advanced Blackjack Strategy

When Basic Blackjack strategies become second nature, players are ready to polish the skills developed for consistently profitable gameplay. Advanced Blackjack Strategy primarily expands the straightforward blackjack chart options Basic Strategies promote, but in much greater detail. 

Advanced Blackjack strategy also offers game-specific advantages for players interested in specializing in a particular Blackjack Variant such as Spanish 21 or Blackjack Switch.

Blackjack card Strategy
Blackjack card Strategy

What exactly is blackjack card counting and does it actually work? 

Card counting may sound like cheating, however, it’s simply applying the power of observation to make logical decisions. A card deck has twelve face cards (Jack through King) which in Blackjack are valued at 10.

If a rush of those cards appears in initial hands, the balance of the deck holds lower-value cards – a disadvantage to the player.

Card counting is a proven Blackjack strategy that informs players when the advantage has shifted in their favour.

How to count cards?

How to win at Blackjack? Counting cards is definitely a basic technique you should master – and a number of techniques exist for that. Primarily, players start with the initial shuffle, assign a ‘Tag value’ to cards or groups of cards (i.e. face cards or aces) and keep a running tally of what’s been played.

As the deck is played through, the ratio of high-value cards (player advantage) will increase or decrease.

Learning how to count cards is a relatively easy Blackjack Strategy with significant profit potential.

Which blackjack Strategy should you choose?

Blackjack how to win? For most players, basic strategy blackjack will provide an excellent opportunity to improve their game. Winnings only improve as that knowledge becomes second nature with time and practice.

Seasoned players can then explore advanced Blackjack strategies that refine skills to the expert or professional level and enjoy consistent Blackjack earnings. For some players, becoming an expert in one or more specific Blackjack Variants is a natural next step. 

The best strategies to try when you’re new to casino

All top casinos in Canada offer Blackjack as a live dealer game, and as a beginner player just starting out with the game, we are enlisting a few best blackjack strategies to apply out of the gate include:

Blackjack Strategies to play if you’re a pro

Expert players know just about every in and out of Blackjack, including the fact that it is one of the few games that offers a window of advantage to players willing to learn. While specialized strategies are usually game-specific to a particular Blackjack Variant, these advanced strategies are nearly universal:

Blackjack Strategies that got the most wins

Rookie Blackjack mistakes – and how to avoid them

Learning to play Blackjack successfully starts with developing a blackjack online strategy. Apart from that, Blackjack rules, Blackjack variants and terminology all play an important part in creating a strategy that works best for a particular player. To make the learning curve as painless as possible, we’ve identified a few of the most common mistakes beginners make;

Blackjack Evolution Canada
  1. Assuming all games are the same.  Players should check the terms offered by each casino, including the minimum bet requirements and the payout odds for a Blackjack. When starting out, look for tables with the lowest bet requirements or better yet, polish your skills with casinos that offer demo and free games.
  1. Unrealistic expectations. Blackjack is a game to enjoy as a fun pastime for most players. It is still a game of chance, and should you accumulate some winnings be aware that losses are also a part of the game. No matter which casino you choose, the House always maintains the advantage.
  1. Sign Language. Contrary to popular belief, hand-signals rank above voice commands. Learn the gestures that specify your intent. Cameras monitor players’ hands so that when a card is requested or refused by signal, a players intentions are crystal clear to the dealer.
  1. Ace is Wild. Blackjack is not poker. In Blackjack, the ace is worth either 11 or 1. Players need to consider both values when holding an ace before making a decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In Canada, gambling winnings are tax-free, similar to lottery winnings.
Apart from being a fun game and relatively easy to learn, Blackjack is popular because it offers players the best advantage to win of any casino game - including slots.
No. While all card games contain an element of luck, Blackjack rewards players who take the time to learn how to play.
Essentially, basic Blackjack strategies are about making good decisions in any specific scenario of game-play. These include learning how and when a player can increase their advantage to win.
No. Contrary to most uninformed opinions, card counting is perfectly legal. It is a legitimate method of appraising the contents of the card deck that enables players to make more accurate decisions. Casinos still reserve the right to refuse service to players considered to be counting cards and may close a game.The best strategy for playing Blackjack is: Have a strategy! Beginners should be aware that learning the rules, lingo, signals and betting criteria are important first steps. Experienced players and pros alike will agree that strategies for money management when playing Blackjack are as critical to achieving their consistent wins as they are for beginners. Whether you’re playing for dimes or dollars, if you’re in it to win it, start each new game with a sound Blackjack strategy and double down on the fun!
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