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How to win at slots - become a smarter slot player

As you already know, slot machines and online slots are games of luck, which means that there’s no actual strategy on how to win slots. That said, there are ways to avoid heavy losses and to win more on slots in the long run. This is because not all slot games pay out the same to lucky players; some are simply better than others, because they're less likely to drain all your bankroll and can reward you big if you're lucky. The below guide teaches you how to play slots and win more by choosing the best online slots to play and making better wagering decisions on each spin.

Tips on how to win at online slots

This guide focuses on online slots specifically, as opposed to physical slot machines. Although the concept between online slots and land-based slot machines is the same (and both are operated by a computer program these days), online slots tend to have more rewarding features and higher payouts, especially if they’re linked to a progressive jackpot. What’s more, you will have a vaster choice of games to choose from online, which makes it easier to find a high RTP slot or a slot with a very high win potential. You can find out what makes the best online slots and where to play them here.

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How to win at online slots the smart way

One thing to do if you’d like to avoid losing too much on online slots is make the wisest decisions possible about the amounts you wager and the slots you play. Here are some tips on how to win slots by avoiding heavy losses and choosing the slots you play more wisely:

  • Bet lower amounts (but maybe not too low!) – everyone’s budget will be different, but its worth taking some time to think how much to play. If you’d like to play for longer in order to have more chances of hitting a bit win, it would be better to wager lower amounts on each spin. However, it’s important to note that betting the minimum way lead to a disappointing payout, even for a high-paying combination.
  • Only wager an amount you can afford to lose – the idea is to set a budget and not to be tempted to keep wagering in the hope of winning on your next spin once you’ve reached it.
  • Check the slot pay table - a slot pay table indicates how much you will get paid for each combination of symbols, in relation to your stake. Pay attention to the low-value symbols in particular - these may pay you less than your original stake if you win, so they're a good indication of how much value a slot can offer.
  • Choose a slot with rewarding features – certain features, like free spins, significantly increase your chances of making a profit if you trigger them. Of course, not all slot features are as rewarding as they make themselves out to be, which is why we’ve included the two next points!
  • Play free online slots first - to get an idea of how often a slot pays out, and how much, you can always play slots for free for as long as you like. Most Canadian online casinos allow you to do this without even registering for an account. You'll find a more detailed guide on how to play free online slots here!
  • Check the reviews – it’s always helpful to read a couple of game reviews before playing a slot with real money; you’ll learn all about volatility, hit rate, the size of payouts and how good the features really are. 

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How to win at video slots using a casino bonus

Another thing you do to improve your chances of winning at slots is to claim a good casino bonus, one which improves your chances of making a profit in the end. One of the best ways to win casino slots is to claim a free spins bonus with no wagering requirements. This kind of bonus will allow you to keep all your winnings from free spins, leaving you free to decide whether to withdraw them or use them to play other games for real money.

On the other hand, casino bonuses with wagering requirements will require you to play through the amount of your bonus or free spins winnings before being able to cash out. This comes with the risk of losing your winnings in the process of wagering them, although you could still get lucky and win even more!

The below are some Canadian online casinos that we recommend due to their great bonuses, which you can use to play their slots. VideoSlots casino is the only one that we’ve found that awards wager-free spins on deposit. However, the other casinos on our list award awesome deposit match bonuses that can be used to play almost any slot at the casino.

Best slots bonuses in Canada

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How online slots work

Finally, to help you become a wiser player, we thought we’d give you an overview of how online slots work. This will ensure that you don’t make unfounded decisions or wrong assumptions (such as thinking that the slot machine has a mind of its own!)

All online slot outcomes are determined by what is known as a Random Number Generator, which is a program that is running all the time in the background, generating random numbers every split second. These random numbers correspond to different symbols and positions of the slot game. When the player presses the spin button, the RNG will stop at a certain position and therefore generate the combination of symbols you see on the screen. This means that there is no way to control the outcome of each spin - It all depends on pure luck.

Although the RNG is totally random and makes every single spin independent of any other, it is still programmed to generate winning combinations according to a specific RTP, or Return to Player rate. The RTP is the percentage of winnings you can expect a slot to pay out over millions of rounds. For instance, if a slot has an RTP of 97%, then players should technically get C$ 97 for every C$100 wagered if they keep playing for a long period of time. The higher the RTP, the more likely it is for you to win larger amounts in the long term.

But of course, despite a slot’s official RTP, you will never get back exactly that amount (what’s the point if this were the case?). Instead, you could either hit it big and win a large sum, or you could lose less than you’ve bargained for. How much and how often a slot pays out also depends on its volatility. Slots of high volatility pay out much less often, but once you hit a rewarding combination, you could win very big. On the other hand, slots of low volatility will reward you with more frequent payouts, but of a lesser value. It's always best to find a slot with a good balance when it comes to hit frequency and the size of payouts, so you can get paid decent-sized wins more often!

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