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Are Casino Game Shows Legal in Canada?

Although the various Canadian provinces regulate gambling separately, there is nothing that says that playing Game Shows online is illegal.

Since online gambling is not regulated, it is neither legal nor illegal to play online casino Game Shows.

Are Live Casino Game Shows rigged?

The Live Casino Game Shows we’ve mentioned in this guide are all by Evolution Gaming, a trusted and well-respected provider throughout the gaming industry.

Furthermore, the studio has obtained licenses from various gambling jurisdictions, subjecting its games to intense scrutiny by several strict regulators.

Since Game Shows are based on tested RNG computers, we deem the games to be totally fair and transparent

Each game might have its very own odds and tough possibilities to trigger the highest payout, but each result is random, conjured by an advanced RNG computer that cannot be tampered with. 

Curious to know more about how Game Shows are tested? Watch Erik, our CanadaCasino host, dive deeper into these popular games in our video below!

Play Best Live Casino Game Shows 2024 Canada
Play Best Live Casino Game Shows 2024 Canada

Live Casino Game Shows – The New Live Casino Sensation

An innovative blend of betting and old-school TV shows, these games have only just recently made it to the online gaming world, claiming instant success for the entertainment they provide.

Held within a state-of-the-art studio, and managed by a host, Live Game Shows consist of a number of games that involve betting on a certain outcome of a game. Huge prizes await lucky ones and Canadian players are amongst those who can play these games at the best online casinos.

Our Live Casino Game Shows guide will introduce you to the most exciting online Game Shows available and will also share the best places where to play them! 

When it comes to Live Casino Game Shows, provider Evolution Gaming is the undisputed leader of the industry. It was Evolution that launched the first-ever Game Show and it was this provider who released subsequent shows based either on already popular games like Monopoly or else on real TV shows like Deal or No Deal.

The first show appeared amongst Live Casino games a few years ago and consisted of a game inspired by the traditional wheel of fortune, known as Dream Catcher. These days Live Dream Catcher is a staple amongst all Live Casino Game Shows. 

Live Dream Catcher

Live Dream Catcher is quite an easy game to play and understand.

Inspired by the traditional money wheel, it appeals particularly to slot enthusiasts as its rules are simple to follow and don’t require any strategy at all.

Under Evolution Gaming’s careful tweaking, the game has taken the shape of a large upright wheel, set into a state-of-the-art studio where a host manages the game in true TV show presenter style.

The multiple cameras installed around the studio deliver an immersive experience, with synchronized sound effects to render the action even more authentic. 

To play Live Dream Catcher players must place a bet on a number they think the wheel will stop at. The host spins the precision-engineered bespoke wheel and waits for it to stop on a random number that adorns the edge of the wheel. If it is the correct number, the player wins the corresponding payout.

The game comes with x2 and x7 multiplier segments, which add more excitement to the gameplay, especially as the game offers the possibility of winning up to $500,000

Live Dream Catcher is one of the most popular Live Casino games making it one of the easiest games to play online at a Canadian online Casino. A visit to one of our recommended casinos will give you access right away to this incredibly fun game! 

Dream Catcher by Evolution
Dream Catcher is the very first game show – and it forever-revolutionized the live casino experience forever

Live Deal or No Deal

Live Deal or No Deal is based on the original TV show that was aired in Britain with great success.

Just like Live Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal offers seating to an unlimited number of players.

Although the game has its foundations based on the original show, a few modifications were carried out to render it more exciting, as well as, playable from a Live Casino capacity. 

The game consists of a number of rounds and although it is faster-paced than the original show, it still takes a few minutes to complete the entire gameplay.

The game starts with a qualifying round, where every participating player must spin an RNG three-reel bank vault. Apart from qualifying players, this spin is quite significant as it sets the amount for the briefcase with the biggest prize with multipliers ranging from 75x to 500x, which are applied to the player’s bet.

To make sure that the game is always fair, it is up to the player to choose one of the 16 briefcases to hold this grand prize. 

Once these two rounds have been completed, the next part of the game involves a Top Up Wheel, where players have the opportunity to top up the prizes in any of the briefcases with multipliers of 5x-50x.

For the final and main round of the game, the participants are confronted with 16 identical and sealed briefcases. Each briefcase is home to an amount of money even though upon opening the only thing revealed is a number between 1 and 16.

This part of the game is made up of 4 different rounds and is very similar to the original game. With each round, a predetermined number of briefcases are opened.

With each opening, ‘The Banker’, an off-screen entity that communicates with the host through a phone, offers a sum of money, prompting the host to ask ‘Deal or No Deal’.

When there are only two briefcases left, the player’s and one other, the participant is given the opportunity to swap his for the mysterious other. 

It is a game that is based purely on chance and luck. Still, it can be highly entertaining and the possible prizes are exceptional!

Play Live Deal or No Deal
Deal or No Deal is a popular one that is found in all top casinos in Canada

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is exclusively an Evolution game, created in partnership with Hasbro, the original creator of the board game of the same name.

Unlike the original game, Monopoly Live takes on the shape of a Money Wheel, similar to Dream Catcher, but with some of the original game’s elements

Monopoly Live comes with a vertical wheel, divided into numbers and segments. Players need to bet on what they predict will be the winning number or segment.

If the bet was made on the victorious number, the appropriate payout is handed to the player. If on the other hand, the wheel stops on one of the segments a different scenario will play out.

There are three different segments; ‘Chance’, ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’. The former segment presents the opportunity for instant cash prizes and multipliers, while the latter two activate a 3D game based on the adventures of Mr. Monopoly, who is virtually stationed next to the wheel.

During the 3D bonus game, players follow Mr. Monopoly as he enters the virtual Monopoly board collecting prizes all the way.

This part of the game is conducted through the use of Dice and players will find all of the elements of the original game: the Community Chest, Hotels, Houses, Jail, Tax and much more.

Those players who did not place bets on these two segments can still watch the bonus game unfold, although they won’t be able to collect any prizes. 

Monopoly Live has achieved incredible popularity and in 2019 it was awarded the EGR Game of the year prize and the 2020 Gaming Intelligence Game of the Year award.  

Play Monopoly Live
Who doesn’t love the classical game Monopoly? Evolution revolutionized the game through Live Casino

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette combines traditional Roulette with some seriously advanced RNG gaming.

The game still features a Roulette wheel and the betting table but the exhilarating studio hides a few twists that make this game truly exciting.

Players still need to place the usual Roulette bets, however, once the spinning has been completed a set of lightning bolts strike 1 to 5 numbers, known as the Lucky Number, which are displayed on panels behind the wheel.

Multipliers are added to these numbers which can range from 50x to 500x. Players who placed straight-bets on any one of the Lucky numbers can win a substantial amount of cash especially as the total multiplier is x500 the initial bet. 

Mega Ball 

Mega Ball is the latest innovative game by Evolution Gaming.

This Live Casino Game Show is a combination of lottery and Bingo.

The game features a ball-drawing machine, which houses 51 numbered and coloured balls, together with bingo-style cards which appear on the player’s interface.

The game starts when 20 balls are drawn in quick succession, with the numbers they display, crossed out on the player’s cards automatically, just like a game of Bingo.

As the last ball is drawn, the Mega Ball is triggered, causing the lighting in the studio to change dramatically and spectacularly, creating even more anticipation.

The Mega Ball multiplier which can be anything from 5x to 100x is generated, and if it completes a line, the player’s winnings are multiplied accordingly. The rules are quite simple to follow and the best part about it is the possibility to win up to 1,000,000x

Play Mega Ball
Mega Ball has gained momentum over the past year and has become also a top favourite for players in Canada

Did you know?
You don’t need to know any strategy or to be an expert gambler to play live casino game shows. All you need is a budget, planned gaming time and a good, reliable casino to play with!

How do Live Casino Game Shows Work?

Live Casino Game Shows are strictly something you can only find within an online casino.

Their concept is a recent development in the gambling world and although they are based in a studio just like games of Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat, they are created to be as similar as possible to a TV show.

There is no live dealer and there is no need for strategy here. Another major difference is that table games like Blackjack and Baccarat don’t bear the interference of an RNG computer but are conducted by human hands.

With a Casino Game Show, most of the equipment, generates results through an RNG computer, while the host is purely there to act as a presenter, his main job to create suspense

The RNG computer used for Live Casino Game Shows is not that different from other casino games that use such technology for their randomness.

Each game’s RNG is programmed with the odds of the game and then it is up to the computer to generate random results based on those odds.

Play Crazy Time
Crazy Time is definitely one of the most colourfully vibrant out of all Evolution’s Game Shows

Types of Casino Game Shows

Live Casino Game Shows are games adapted for the Live Casino studio.

They could be existing games or else new games created specifically for this setup.

Casino Game Shows Based On Traditional Casino Games

Some Live Casio Game Shows are reinvented versions of traditional casino games like Baccarat, Roulette or dice games.

An RNG is usually added into the equation, while they are designed to appear and feel like a TV show, regardless of the game being played. 

What characterizes these type of Casino Game Shows from other live dealer games, is the host, whose friendly manner welcome all players to the game and provide clear and concise instructions, while at the same time offering a commentary of everything taking place.

There is also the studio design, which is very similar to that of TV shows, the lightning and sound effects create a feeling of awe and excitement.

Some traditional casino games that have been adapted to Live Casino Game Shows are:

Casino Game Shows Based On Popular TV Shows

Some Casino Game Shows have been inspired by actual TV shows like in the case of Live Deal or No Deal.

One thing, though, that makes them different from the TV-aired Live Casino Game shows is the speed with which they are conducted. 

Deal or No Deal, for example, might be based on the popular British show, however, the live game is simpler and the process shorter, leaving space for many more rounds in a single day.

Live Casino Game shows inspired by actual TV shows available at online casinos are:

Other Casino Game Shows

As you go through the live casino lobby, you’ll also come across hybrid versions of popular board games.

This is certainly the casino with Monopoly Live, a live casino adaptation of the much-loved Hasbro game.

Monopoly is the only board game adaptation so far, although in future we might see more such inspirations in any live casino lobby.

Live Casino Game Shows – Did you know?

Live Casino Game Shows are the most innovative of all online casino games. They combine beautifully designed studios, multi-cameras, exciting sound and light effects, a sophisticated RNG computer and a live host to bring the action to life. The ideas behind them are often multiple games blended into one, creating something that is thoroughly unique.

How to Participate in a Casino Game Show?

Participating in a Live Casino Game Show is as easy as playing any other casino game.

The first step is always to create an account with the gambling platform that offers these games and accepts Canadian players.

Each individual game comes with its own betting range and a specific minimum bet to be able to participate.

Truth be told, participating in Live Casino Game Shows is a lot easier than qualifying for an invitation for an actual TV show. 

Register with a Canadian online casino

Registering with an online casino that offers Casino Game Shows is becoming easier and easier in Canada.

These days there are hundreds of operators who have opened their doors to Canadian players, many of which have partnered with Evolution Gaming, featuring a large number of live games, including Live Game Shows. 

Finding a game to join

We also have to point out that not all Casino Game Shows are available 24/7, and some might have a specific time when they start.

Deal or No Deal and Live Dream Catcher are two games that are open to players around the clock, making it possible to join at any time of the day. 

Unlike other RNG games, Casino Game Shows cannot be played for free, as it costs a lot of money to run the game, especially since there is a real host managing the show.

Participating can only be done by betting with real money. The betting range of each game is usually displayed underneath each table, directing players to the tables that suit their budget most.

The best thing about Live Casino games is that they tend to span a vast range of betting options, allowing even players on the tightest of budgets to participate. 

Live Casino Game Shows – Did you know?

Casino Game Shows are easier to join than actual TV shows. The latter often requires you to attend an audition to be shortlisted for the actual show. With live casino game shows, all of this is not necessary and everyone can participate as many times as they like.

Live Casino Game Shows on Mobile

Evolution Gaming is a modern company that keeps abreast with modern technology and demand.

That is why from the onset it created its games to work on both desktop computers and mobile.

The smaller-screened navigation is not compromised at all, allowing players the complete enjoyment of Live Games from anywhere they might be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To win big at Dream Catcher, consider using the “Big Risk” strategy. Betting only on the 20s and 40s is a great way to make a large profit. However, remember that these numbers have the smallest amount of spots on the wheel and that this strategy is high risk.
Since Live Game Shows require significant resources to be streamed it is not possible for the provider to add a demo option like other RNG games, and therefore they cannot be played for free. This requires players to wager at least the minimum bet accepted.
You can play Monopoly Live at several online casinos in Canada that host games by Evolution Gaming. To look for the game, join a casino and head over to its 'Live Casino' category. Check out the casinos we have listed at the top of the page to get started!

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