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Most popular Dice games in Canada

Dice rolling games have been around for centuries and are still among the favourite games up to the present.

All the best casinos in Canada feature dice casino games in their game portfolio and below are the 5 most popular dice-based games for players in Canada.

1. Craps

Popularized in film and TV, Craps is the quintessential American Dice game that has grown a global following of enthusiasts. Typically the most boisterous area of a busy casino, the Craps table is an excitement magnet for players and spectators alike.

An easy game to learn and a blast to play, Craps revolves around betting on a number combination that results when a pair of dice are thrown. Learning the wide variety of betting options is usually the most difficult part of the game for players.   

2. Sic Bo

The Asian contemporary of Craps, Sic Bo has been around for centuries and has grown in popularity in the west through exposure in online casinos.

Sic Bo players wager on a number combination that results when three dice are rolled. The extra die and the different betting menu options are the main differences between Sic Bo and Craps.  

dice games canada casinos craps
Roll your dice in any of the top casinos Canada has to offer

3. Hazard

This British standard is the precursor of Craps and is reputed to have been played as early as the Crusades.

Apart from the terminology, Hazard is a Dice game that will be immediately familiar to Craps players.

4. Klondike

Klondike is a dice game with 5 dice that incorporates facets of poker. Using a total of 5 dice, players attempt to roll a better combination (hand) than the banker/dealer. 

5. Yahtzee

Invented in Canada and arguably the most popular dice game in the world, Yahtzee has long been a family game staple with Canadians.

Recent variants such as Casino Yahtzee have adapted the original version and are becoming a popular casino dice game. Yahtzee variations also feature in several slots games.  

Did you know?
You can play Bitcoin Dice Games and other types of crypto payment to roll your dice. Check out our list of best Crypto Casinos in Canada.

Is it safe to play Casino Dice games?

The dice used at land-based casinos vary somewhat from those supplied with board games. Casino dice are larger, have sharp corners for better rolling performance and are marked with UV paint to prevent players from introducing loaded dice to a table. Many casinos brand their dice and inscribe serial numbers for added security. Casino dice are typically replaced every four hours and are never used beyond eight hours. All of these protocols are in place to ensure fair play.

Online casinos use Random Number Generator (RNG) software to replicate dice throws. This technology ensures that number combinations cannot be predicted or manipulated by casino operators or players. RNG technology is a trusted and highly audited technology used by trusted online casinos

Your bets are safe and the games will not be rigged – all the casinos featured at Canada Casinos have RNG incorporated in all of the games.

Are Dice games legal to play in Canada? 

All online casinos operating within Canada have to be properly licensed by recognized and established authorities worldwide such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Gibraltar Gaming Authority. Playing online Casino dice games in Canada is as safe as making any mainstream online purchase, or internet banking.

Dice casino games are legal in Canada when played in licensed online and land-based casinos. It is illegal to use dice rolling games as a lottery scheme or to play them at carnivals, fairs and/or exhibitions. Canadian citizens must be 18-19 years old to gamble, subject to the province of residence.      

Play Safe and with caution. We at Canada Casinos have an especially dedicated page on Responsible Gaming.

What are Dice games?

Games featuring dice are reported as far back as the siege of Troy and cubical dice have been recovered from ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs.   

Dice games are based on chance where the resulting combination of a dice throw cannot be predicted. The modern dice-rolling games played today evolved from age-old pastimes enjoyed in just about every civilization for millennia.    

When it comes to playing dice games, you’ll find several types, including dice games with 5 dice or dice games with 6 dice! The sky’s the limit…well kind of.

Why play Dice games Online?

Online casinos offer the convenience of playing dice games at home or virtually anywhere with the mobile casino option. One advantage of playing online is the ability to control the speed and tempo of the games to suit the individual.

Online casino dice games often qualify for Welcome Bonuses and sometimes, though rarer, even No Deposit Bonus – these bonuses just do not exist in the land-based casinos. Players can increase the value of their bankrolls and extend session time by playing dice games online.

Online casinos even feature top offers and promotions – even on dice games. It’s a great opportunity for players to take advantage of special offers and try dice game variations that they wouldn’t ordinarily play.

Most top online casinos offer the Live Casino – including Craps Live for example. Live Casino mimics an actual brick-and-mortar casino experience – with all the thrills of being around a table but without the need to leave the comfort of your home. Live online casino dice games also enable players to share the experience, making every session unique.

Enjoy live casino games most Canada Casinos offer. Craps Live is a popular live game powered by Evolution

Online Dice games vs Dice games in Land-based Casino

We have compared the perks of online dice games vs dice games played in land-based casinos:

Online Dice gamesDice games in Land-based Casino
Play from your home
Live Online Casino 

Did you know?

The oldest dice ever found date to 2800 BC Persia. They were used to playing Senet, a game similar to Backgammon.

3 important tips to know before playing Dice games Online

Three key essential tips will guide you and help you focus more when you roll those dice in a game:

1. Know basic rules, side bets and payouts

And what about dice games rules? One of the main attractions of dice rolling games is that they are fairly easy to learn. Getting a handle on the wide variety of bets and payouts can be intimidating for new players.

Casinos know this and often provide simple-to-follow betting and payout charts, making it much easier for novice players to choose their preferred bets.

 2. Learn all dice games betting strategies

As players gain experience with online dice games, some may wish to apply betting strategies that can increase their chances of accruing winnings. Depending on the particular game, several betting strategies are available to add challenges and profit potential.

3. Plan your budget and your time

Cash and time management should be the first consideration before starting a gambling session. Experienced players set maximum amounts of money to win or lose over a specific period. This approach prevents players from chasing losses and motivates them to bank profits consistently.  

Did you know?

We have an especially dedicated page to Craps Strategy and Crap Variations you can use for your knowledge and whatever is your range of Craps expertise. These will help you know your game more, and possibly help in landing more wins.

All the other games with dice

While less popular than Craps and Sic Bo, some online casinos offer a wider range of dice games to accommodate players from different regions who might be more familiar with a specific game.   

1. Chuck A Luck

Also known as Birdcage, this dice game uses three dice spun inside an hourglass-shaped cage to generate a result.

Some consider it a variation of Hazard and the cage was added to present the game to players at carnivals and exhibitions.

2. Banca Francesca

Popular in Portugal, enjoy a game of Baccarat with dice. Banca Francesca uses three dice and a betting table. The dealer rolls continuously until a Big, Small or Aces combination turns up.

Players place bets on which combination will be rolled first. 

3. Bitcoin Dice

This dice game is based on crypto-currency and is slowly gaining popularity, Bitcoin Dice sees players betting on a number between 1-100.

Then, the player has to predict if the dice roll will produce a combination higher or lower than the number wagered. Simple to learn, Bitcoin dice players can still use existing Dice game strategies successfully.

4. Ricochet

Craps players will be instantly familiar with the Ricochet dice game, the table set up for betting and the nomination of a shooter.

Created by and for casinos, Ricochet uses three dice and offers a wide variety of side bets.

5. Under and Over Screen

Probably the simplest online casino dice game, as the name implies, players bet whether a roll combination will result above seven, below seven, or on seven.

These are the only three betting options in the game. 

Did you know?

One of the Craps Variants is called Street Crap or Ghetto Crap.

street craps canada casinos
Street Craps is a type of Craps Variation

Play Dice games on mobile

Most online casinos now offer a seamless mobile experience to players.

The full range of online dice games can also now be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets with little or no reduction in graphics and audio quality. Players simply need data or internet access to play their favourite casino dice games.

Players in Canada can enjoy live dice games such as craps live through casinos such as Mr. Green and Winstoria.

Popular Casino Dice games providers

We have created a list of Top providers for the different types of dice games:

  1. Craps: Playtech, Microgaming & Evolution
  2. Sic Bo: Habanero Gaming & Wasdan Gaming
  3. Yatzy: Spigo Gaming
  4. Bitcoin Dice: 4ThePlayer Gaming, OneTouch Premium Mobile Games
  5. Live Dice Games: Stakelogic Gaming, Evolution Gaming

Frequently Asked Questions

Craps is the most popular casino dice game worldwide. Craps is offered in one variation or another by just about every online casino because it is easy to learn and offers thrilling gameplay. The wide variety of side bets constantly challenges players and keeps excitement levels high.
When it comes to online casino dice games that are fun to play and offer great returns to players (RTP), Craps and Sic Bo rank the highest with gamblers. Craps offers an RTP of 98.64% for basic bets. Sic Bo uses three dice and players can expect an RTP of 97.22% on the Big and Small bets.
Casino dice games are based on random chance. There is no way to predict the result of a dice roll. The best dice game strategies refer to methods of betting. These betting strategies depend on the particular game, the nature of the betting choices and players' individual appetite for risk.
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