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Craps is exciting to watch and more thrilling to play. With crowds around a table overflowing with bets, cheering on a shooter in an electric atmosphere, it’s understandable how players can lose sight of the big picture. Playing craps at an online casino in Canada with a strategy keeps players in the frame and puts winning in focus. 

What will you learn from our Craps strategy guide?

At first glance, Craps is a simple game where a pair of dice are thrown and players bet on the outcome. But there is far more to Craps than meets the eye. Winning at Craps at Canada online casinos all about employing betting and odds strategies that give players the best advantages. This user-friendly Craps strategies Guide maps out the paths to winning at Craps for novices and pros alike.

4 important tips before you start

1. Get to know all the rules, odds, bets and payouts

The rules of Craps are fairly straightforward and easy to learn. The odds, bets, and payouts require some time and practice because there are so many options. Bet and odds charts are handy tools for beginners.

2. Choose a Craps Variant smartly

Over the years, the dice-rolling game developed a number of exciting Craps Variants – with some of them featuring a higher House Edge than others. When considering a Craps variant, look for the best odds.

3. Plan your budget – how much are you prepared to win or lose?

Experienced gamblers always start and finish every game with a financial plan. Players should budget in advance an amount they are prepared to lose.

Having an amount set as a winnings goal is also a great Craps strategy. Play safe – any betting should be done according to one’s bankroll.

4. Don’t forget about the time you’re willing to spend on a game

Designating an allotted period of time to gamble is another wise decision. Players who keep track of playing time are generally more focused and also understand that casino is a hobby or entertainment pastime. 

Basic Craps Strategy

Like most online casino games in Canada, Craps is strictly a game of chance, where skill does not affect the outcome of a dice roll. The best Craps betting strategies are the actual foundation for becoming a successful player. With practice and experience, a Craps odds strategy becomes part of that formula.  

Pass Line Craps Strategy

Considered the safest bet in Craps, a strategy using the Pass line bet wins more consistently. Also, it also lowers the House Edge in favour of the player.

This is the most popular Craps bet at the casino. Players bet on the Pass Line on the Come Out roll. With a 7 or 11 rolled, the bet wins and pays out at 1:1. The Low House Edge on this bet is 1.41%.

Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Craps Strategy

The Don’t Pass/Don’t Come strategy has two phases. First, players wager against the shooter with a Don’t Pass bet, winning on a 2 or 3, or losing on 7 or 11. But if a point is rolled, the player’s second step is to make a Don’t Come bet which wins or loses on the same rolls as a Don’t Pass bet.

This two-step betting strategy can be very profitable and is fairly safe with a House Edge of 1.46%   

Craps Money Management Strategy

Tight bankroll management is the only sure way to build gambling profits. It requires discipline and players should set a game ‘winnings’ goal that when reached, concludes the session.

By the same token, a game budget that is affordable to lose in the session prevents players from leaning into a losing streak and blowing their entire bankroll.

Craps Odds Strategy

How to Play the odds is always up to players’ individual appetite for risk. Like most casino games, Craps only offers high rewards at high risk but also offers low rewards at substantially less risk that payout much more frequently.

Laying the odds is a Craps strategy that sees the player betting against the shooter, wagering a losing 7 will be rolled before a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 after the Point has been made. Since these odds are statistically fair, there’s no House Edge on these bets. The low-risk strategy is good for beginners or for players who have a lower budget.  

Craps Press Strategy

Also known as a Press-and-Pull Craps strategy, this tactical betting method sees players press bets when the Place bet lands. On the wins, players pull all profits after the bet lands four times and walk away.

Craps Press is an aggressive strategy where winnings are used to effectively double bet values with every round. The strategy aims at massive wins over minimal investment.

6/8 Craps Strategy

This progression betting craps strategy is named for the fact that 6 and 8 have the second-best odds of coming up on a dice throw after a 7.

By placing fixed amount bets on the 6 and 8, if one or both wins the profits are pulled and the original fixed amount is bet again. If the initial bet loses, the fixed bet amount is usually doubled or in some way increased and the bet is placed again.

This is a very aggressive Craps strategy that somewhat depends on riding a streak. A losing streak can eliminate a bankroll fast.

Advanced Craps Strategy

Advanced Craps strategies primarily rely on aggressive betting tactics that are played through longer-term winnings goals that are measured over time, rather than games played, or conditions where a single roll offers high rewards on a winning bet. 

Craps dice game strategy - canada casinos
Pro craps players in Canada will definitely benefit from our advanced craps strategies.

As players gain game to experience the confidence to bet more aggressively in familiar conditions adds another layer of excitement to Craps.

3 Point Molly Strategy

Point Molly is an odds-maximizing Craps strategy where players spread multiple bets offering the best odds and low House Edges.

A significant bankroll is required to implement the 3 Point Molly strategy effectively in order to blanket the field with bets that have the best odds of landing. This is an advanced Craps strategy usually used only by highly experienced players. 

Iron Cross Craps Strategy / Field Bet Strategy

Iron Cross, also called Field Bet, is another Craps strategy best implemented with a healthy bankroll. One of the advantages of the Iron Cross strategy is that it provides frequent wins.

After the Come Out roll and the Point have been confirmed, players bet on everything but 7. This strategy is best used as a one-off from time to time for the best results. Statistically, 7 is the number thrown most often in Craps.

The Wild Bettor

No guts, no glory. Less a strategy and more of a joyride, employing the Wild Bettor sees players throwing money on the Yo and/or Hi-Lo bets that payout at 15:1.

The House Edge for Wild Better is 11.11% – a pretty high price to pay but there are times when the risk is worth the potential reward if for nothing more than the pure fun of it.

Which Craps Strategy should you choose?

Craps is purely a game of luck where skill doesn’t much enter into the equation in terms of affecting the outcome of a dice roll.

Craps strategies are based on betting scenarios and understanding the related odds. Fortunately, there is a wide range of Craps strategies that players of all experience levels can choose from.  

Craps Live by Evolution Gaming - Canada Casino
You can also experience craps through the Craps Live Casino version – powered by Evolution Gaming

The best strategies to try when you’re new to casino

The best Craps betting strategies for new players are those that are simple to learn, easy to employ and are generally the safest to use.

A number of Craps variants such as Simplified Craps and Low Limit Craps are also great games to start the learning process. Demo and practice games of traditional (Bank) Craps are also commonly available online and free to play.

Without further ado, here is what you need to know about choosing the best strategy for craps.

Craps Money Management Strategy

Without a doubt, new players who practice financial discipline will profit the most from Craps. It’s a beginner strategy practised by the Pros for a reason – it works.

Learning how to lose a little teaches players how to win more. 

Pass Line Craps Strategy

This is the simplest stratego to learn and has the lowest house edge. This betting strategy is the most popular with players at the casino – especially for the newbies.

Craps strategies to play if you’re a Pro

Players at the top of their game already have a favourite Craps gambling strategy that works best for them. It could be a proven method or a hybrid strategy a player creates based on their own experiences.

There are a number of options in the interest of changing up approaches from time to time or testing winning potential.

3 Point Molly Strategy

This strategy is aggressive but highly lucrative when the bets land. Experienced players favour the 3 Point Molly Strategy because it protects the pass Line bets.

Craps Pros will go that extra mile and observe other shooters’ throwing consistency before employing this strategy.

Wild Bettor Strategy

For Craps Pros, there’s a method to the madness. Sometimes the conditions are right to employ quick single-roll betting strategies and cash in on the high odds.

The Hi-Lo bets on a 2 or 12 is rolled and pays out at 15:1. Watching a shooter consistently throwing those numbers primes the conditions for a potentially big win.

Craps strategies that got the most wins

We’re talking millions – some craps casino pros landed some great wins over the past years. Hwre’s the top 3

General beginner mistakes easy to avoid

While Craps is generally a straightforward game to learn, the betting mechanics though can be challenging for beginners. Learning to avoid typical novice mistakes preserves the Bankroll and gives new players the confidence to explore Craps with more enthusiasm.

Playing Craps and a few of the Craps variants in practice and demo sessions offered online is one of the best ways for new players to become familiar with the game. You should also visit our online casino Canada bonus page to discover the great offers you can redeem from your favourite casino online today.

Making the Wrong Bets

Just looking at all of the wagering choices and combinations displayed on a craps table can be daunting for players – but nonetheless essential.

Understanding which bets are high, medium and low risk minimizes the chances of making bad bets. Craps betting and odds charts are very helpful tools for novice players.

Make Proposition Bets with High House Edges

Craps bets that offer high rewards come at high risk. While most players know this, the temptation to win big and fast is strongest with new players.

Placing bets that offer the lowest House Edge may not be as intriguing, but they pay out much more frequently and go a long way toward protecting the bankroll.

Make Blanket Bets to Cover More Numbers 

Employing an Iron Cross strategy out of the gate may seem like a great idea because of the potential win ratio – however, a single loss can deplete a bankroll instantly. 

Contrary to appearances, this betting strategy carries nearly a 4% House Edge and is far riskier than the Pass Line bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best strategy to win at Craps is any strategy that minimizes the House Edge and provides the best odds of landing on a winning number. Typically, this is the Pass Line betting strategy. It is the most popular Craps strategy employed by players at the casinos and pays out at 1:1.
The Pass Line Bet is overall the safest bet in Craps at online casinos in Canada. The Pass Line bet wagers that the Shooter will throw a 7 or 11 on the Come Out roll. It pays out even money (1:1) and has a low House Edge of 1.41%.
Traditional and most other types of Craps are relatively easy to play and straightforward to learn at the basic level. Craps becomes more complicated for novice players when learning the variety and odds of the wide range of bets that can be made. The casino Craps table can also look intimidating because it is designed to reflect all of the betting options. But remember that craps started out as a simple dice game where players bet on the number combination that might come up. Keeping that in mind, Craps is only a little more complicated than guessing a coin-flip.
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