Most popular Craps variants

it’s all about the action, and the dice-based game Craps has a ton of it.

The history of Craps is tangled – Romans, Arabs. French – along the way Craps has picked up many variations, which today can be played at some top casinos in Canada.

Our guide will go through it all the basics you need to know.

Craps Variants Online Casino Canada
Craps Table Game

In the traditional sense, Craps is operated by four people – the Bowman, the Stickman and two dealers. The game can accommodate a maximum of twenty players that roll the dice rotationally. The Craps table also features a Pass and Don’t Pass line where the bets would be placed.

With popular providers such as Evolution Gaming powering up one of the most popular craps games such as Craps Live.

In the meantime, we have hand-picked some of the most popular Crap Variants you can play in Canada’s casinos.

1. Crapless Craps

Also referred to as ‘Bastard Craps’, this is one of the simplest forms from the Craps Variations and also features the lowest house edge. Here, numbers 2, 3, 11 and 12 are counted as a Point

There is a shooter, and the first throw is the come-out throw. In this variation, the numbers 2, 3, or 12 and 11 on the come-out are counted as a Point. Meaning that a roll of 7 in the come-out becomes the winner.

2. High Point Craps

High Point Craps is a very popular variant where the initial 2 dices from the 3 dices are ignored, then the Shooter rolls the dice again to generate another total. If a total of 11 and 12 are rolled, then we have a winner.

The other remaining totals are then counted as a Point. Shooter needs to roll a higher value number in order to win.

3. Simplified Craps

This variant of Craps is as basic as it can get. Simplified Craps requires only one roll, thrown by the shooter. A roll of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12 is a win. A roll of 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 loses. It’s as simple as that. 

4. Die Rich Craps

Die Rich Craps is a fairly new Craps Variant  and is played with one die only, rolled from a die cup. if the shooter throws a six on the Come Out roll, it’s a win. If it’s a one, that is an instant loss. The point is established with any other number rolled.

The shooter has three chances to make the point number. If that fails to happen or a 1 is rolled, then the die moves to the next player.  

5. New York Craps

The name is suggestive of where it comes from – this east coast game is a favorite from all the craps variation, and it is mostly played in the Atlantic City.

The distinctive feature of New York Craps Variant is its unique table, where players can bet only on the boxed numbers of 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, or 10.

6. Diceless Craps

Diceless Craps is the variation that adapted the traditional game but instead of dice, it is played with cards.

The cards are split into two piles – each containing an equal number of cards ranging from Ace to Six. Rather than rolling the dice, the players will draw a card from each pile.

7. Craps with both dice and cards

An emerging crap variant makes use of both cards and dice. This variant is played with two dice and two decks of cards with dice combinations that range from 1-6.

The player then rolls the dice , which then determines what card will be used for that particular round.

8. Open Craps, Fading Craps and Money Craps

This variant runs wild – it features the traditional craps game but bets are made against the book. This crap variant generally looks at big money and compared to other variants, it generally way exceeds the general house limit.

The book then takes a percentage from the money wagered – this profit for this kind of variant is also referred to as vigorish.

Open Craps Variant Canada Casino
Ghetto Craps is the rawest, street version of Craps – even played up till today in some of the biggest cities in the world

9. Scarney Craps

Scarney Craps was developed and named after a gambling expert – John Scarne – who believed a more profitable variant of Craps was needed by smaller casinos to increase their profits.

The ‘Come and Don’t Come’ bets don’t exist in this version, and the House earn any percentages over the winning bets. 

10. Low Limit craps

Low Limit Craps is for those players who are seeking low stakes. It is therefore a good kickstart game for crap-beginners as it introduces the mechanics of Craps before risking serious money.

It’s a great variant to extend playtime and it is offered by most online casinos.

11. High Limit craps

This variant offers a wide array of betting values to accommodate a different range of players. Driven mostly by the customer-centric online casinos, High Limit Craps offers players the chance to bet high or bet low – featuring a table that lets you bet with a minimum of a dollar, and for the high rollers, with a maximum bet that can go up to a thousand dollars. 

12. Bubbles Craps Machines

Some land-based casinos are now offering Bubbles Craps machines. This is a pretty new technology where Craps enthusiasts can take their game experience up a notch.

The game is played by rolling dice in a bubble, also referred to as dome. The latter would have a vibrating floor and as the player presses on the ‘shoot’ butter, the dice bounce around and then land with a resulting dice amount.

Which Craps Variation should you choose?

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Compared to other table games, Craps offers a wide range of variants, but rather than being overwhelmed with choice, this can be taken as an opportunity by both craps beginners to use some variants as a learning curve and also by the more seasoned players who aim at higher challenges and stakes.

Craps is still a game of chance, however, having solid knowledge of the Craps strategy and its variants, will you give you an upper hand on the game and increase your chance to land some wins.

Craps variants with the best odds

Different crap variants offer different odds – from high stakes to low stakes, each featuring a different payout and House Edge. The latter is the percentage advantage a casino has over its player – it is calculated over the odds of the player landing a win and how much the casino pays back the player over a win.

These are the Crap Variants that offer the best odds:

Crapless Craps6:1
Simplified Craps5:1
Die Rich Craps4:1

Craps variations that payout the most

it goes with gaming logic in general – the higher the stake, the higher the payout.

High payouts also go hand in hand with a high house edge. We at Canada Casino highly suggest for any craps players to have sound knowledge of craps as a game before they wager in high bets.

The variants that payout the most are High Limit Craps and High Point Craps.

The best variants to try when you’re new to casino

Craps is not the simplest table game to learn – it’s not Einstein material either, and with a proper craop guide you’ll get it in no time. The next challenge for beginners would be to learn about the different Crap Variants with their bet values and associated odds.

Starting with the simplest Crap Variants is usually the best method to learn Craps and improve game knowledge.

Simplified Craps

Simplified Craps is good for the newbies as it will introduce Crap’s basic concept, objectives and winning potential of the game in an incredibly easy-to-follow format. This version also uses only one die.

Low-Limit Craps

This crap variant offers lower stakes and lower bets – making it less risky to the player’s bankroll. As a game it is also more forgiving and a few mistakes can be made along the road.

This is the also a good variation for novice players as it explores the wide range of bets and odds Craps offers. 

Types of Craps to play if you’re a Pro

Playing Craps at the pinnacle of risk is not for the faint-hearted. Experienced players know that big bets require a detailed strategy as well as some luck to pay off.

Variants of Craps that offer high stakes are typically the games that attract high-rollers.

High-Limit Craps

No guts, no glory. High Limit Craps is a good variant for seasoned players as it offers no limit on the maximum amount wagered. If you feel you’re well versed with craps, you can higher your stakes with a good strategy.

New York Craps

Call it an East coast thing, but this is one of those variations of Craps that is a little more complicated but potentially a lot more rewarding. The main attraction here is the variety of bets this variation offers.

New York craps enable experienced players to divide the risk across several bets at good odds and irrespective of the House committee.     

Craps variations you should avoid

Players should avoid variations that feature a high house edge – unless you aim to win big and can afford to take the risk.

Below we have listed two variants that we suggest you stay away from:

Scarney Craps

As we have mentioned above, this variant’s main purpose is to increase the casino’s profits. Why play a game dedicated to improving the House Edge when so many others offer fairer odds and higher payouts?

Open Craps

The main reason why you should stay away from this is that the game isn’t regulated by a licensed gambling outlet – neither are the Craps rules, bets or odds. Unless it’s a game between family and friends, avoid going through unnecessary risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Craps is a Dice game that has grown in worldwide popularity thanks to its availability to play in online casinos. Many crap variations of the traditional game can be enjoyed by players around the globe. The objective of the game is to bet on the resulting number combination when a pair of dice is thrown.
Traditional and most other types of Craps are relatively easy to play and straightforward to learn at the basic level. Craps become more complicated for novice players when learning the variety and odds and the wide range of bets that can be made. The casino Craps table Variations can also look intimidating because it is designed to reflect all of the betting options. But remember that craps started out as a simple dice game where players bet on the number combination that might come up. Keeping that in mind, Craps is only a little more complicated than guessing a coin-flip.
While gambling offers no guarantees, the Pass Bet is considered the safest bet in the game of craps. The Pass Bet wins when the Come Out (First) roll is a seven or eleven. On the other hand, the player loses on a two, three or twelve. The Pass Bet pays out at 1:1 and has a very low House Edge of 1.41%.
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