The Best VIP Casino Bonuses in Canada

Spending money wagering on your favorite online casino games is satisfying. But being rewarded for doing this is more enjoyable! Top Canadian online casinos make this possible via their VIP programs or loyalty programs where eligible players get various benefits, including cashbacks, free gifts, and even dedicated account managers.

This guide will take a comprehensive look into the meaning of VIP bonuses, how to find them, and the best Canadian online casinos to find them.

CasinoVIP Casino Bonus
1.Neon54 CasinoNo Limits
Financial Privileges
VIP Promotions
Personal Account Managers
Exclusive bonuses
Personal Account Manager
Higher Withdrawal Limits
3.PlayAmoFree Spins
Exclusive Supercar Ferrari 488 GTB!
4.BzeebetExclusive Bonuses
Free Spins
Cashback Bonuses
Higher Cashout Limits
Personal Account Manager

1. Neon54 Casino – Up to 15% VIP Bonus

Neon54 allows players who wager consistently on the site to benefit from a VIP program. Players who make it into the program must go through 5 tier levels, with the 5th being the highest. Benefits range from increased monthly withdrawal limits, 5% – 15% cashbacks, personal account manager, and many more.

Neon54 Canada VIP bonus page
Neon54 Canada VIP bonus page

2. SpinsBro – 105 to 15% on Cashbacks

SpinsBro rewards players when they consistently wager and make it to the VIP tier. This consists of 5 levels, and players must accumulate points by betting to make it to the highest level. Benefits of this offer consist of 10% – 15% in Cashbacks, personal account managers, unique VIP bonuses, and lower wagering requirements.

3. PlayAmo Casino – Up to 125 Free Spins

Canadian players who frequently wager on PlayAmo will be included in its VIP program. The VIP program consists of 10 tiers, and as you go further up the tiers, you stand a chance to get amazing rewards.

Bonuses range from 15 – 125 free spins, more than $10,000 in free cash, and a Ferrari 488 GTB when you get to level 10. Free spins come with a 10x wagering requirement, while you’ll need to wager the free cash 1x.

4. Bzeebet – Up to 50 weekly free spins

If you’re looking for a relatively new online casino in Canada with a premier VIP program, then check out our review for Bzeebet.

Join their BZClub and make your way to the highest level of Prestige, which they refer to as the ‘Dream Team’. As a Prestige player at Bzeebet, you will receive several top VIP bonuses that include exclusive bonus packages, tailored cashback offers, and 50 weekly free spins!

What is a VIP bonus?

VIP bonuses are offers aimed at elite players in online casinos who frequently spend cash by wagering on games. Asides from the typical bonuses these players get for registering on the site, they are eligible for other unique offers. These range from exclusive promotions, lower wagering requirements, lower deposit and withdrawal limits, free gifts and access to a personal account manager.

Are VIP bonuses legal in Canada?

VIP bonuses are legal in Canada, so you’ll find them on most of the top Canadian online casinos. However, it is only legal when you play on a gambling site that is correctly licensed by a regulatory body. Some top options include the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

The bonuses are only legal when they comply with the regulations put in place by the regulatory body.

One major problem with the VIP scheme is that they encourage players to wager more. This has been linked to problem gambling, especially when no responsible gambling practices are in place. Fortunately, the regulatory body that licenses the site can keep this in check.

How does a VIP Bonus work?

VIP bonuses work in different ways depending on the online casino in question. But there are two major ways to gain entry into the VIP program. The first is strictly by invitation, where the online casino contacts you after observing your spending habits. Then you are included in the program and allowed to enjoy the benefits.

The other way is to register on the site and instantly become part of the program. In most cases, there will be different tiers or levels; the more you play, the higher you go up the levels. The benefits you enjoy get better as you progress up the tiers. These could include cashbacks, free spins, lower wagering requirements, and a personal account manager.

Can I actually win money with a VIP bonus?

Winning real money is one of the major benefits you get from a VIP bonus. It is similar to your typical bonus and can come in free cash or gifts equivalent to money. Other times, you can trade your VIP points for cash, as with PlayAmo Casino Canada. However, they may also come with wagering requirements that you must fulfil before withdrawing these earnings.

Benefits of Becoming a VIP Player

As we already mentioned, you enjoy many benefits from becoming a VIP player. Since the online casino sees you as an elite, you enjoy tons of free spins, cashbacks, higher deposit limits, and a personal account manager.

Deposit bonus with a huge amount (up = or +400%)

One significant benefit of being a VIP player is the access to larger deposit bonuses. In most cases, deposit bonuses are usually around 100% – 200%, which still results in massive cash prizes. However, VIP bonuses take deposit bonuses up a notch allowing players to get a match up of up to 400% or more! This means more extra cash to play your favourite games simply for being a VIP player.

Higher deposit limit

Making it to VIP status on a casino means you frequently bet on the site. For this reason, most online casinos will reward you with higher deposit limits so you can bet more. While this may not seem like a huge deal, imagine a situation where you have a deposit limit of $5,000, as opposed to being a VIP player with a $20,000 limit. Higher limits mean more opportunities to make larger bets and win more cash.

VIP Club membership

Most leading Canadian online casinos offer VIP players unique access to a VIP Club. Regular players cannot access this VIP club, and it has fantastic benefits.

This offers numerous benefits, including an account manager, exclusive promotions, exclusive tournaments, prize draws, and plenty of freebies

Special events, tickets and other personal Gifts

Another common benefit of being a VIP player is access to special events. These events are top-of-the-line, and only those with VIP tickets can attend. Moreover, some online casinos will offer personalized gifts to VIP players on their birthdays or other special events. Winstoria Canada offers you gifts on your birthday and even the new year for getting to VIP status.

Exclusive tables for High roller players

Online casinos in Canada have exclusive tables reserved for only high rollers. Players who wager here can make larger bets which translates to better wins. Exclusive tables could consist of roulette, poker and blackjack games with players willing to spend big. As a VIP player, you can access these exclusive tables and take advantage of your larger deposit limits. This means more money in your pockets if you land a win.

VIP Casino Bonuses vs Other Bonuses

VIP Casino Bonus
Deposit BonusNo Deposit BonusReload Bonus
Larger deposit bonuses ✔
VIP tickets
Cash Rewards
Personal Account manager  ✔
Larger Withdrawal Limits ✔
Free Spins

How to reach the VIP player level

Attaining VIP status on a Canadian online casino site may seem complicated, but it is not. Many online casinos are happy to reward players and ensure they get into the VIP tier. In most cases, you must frequently play on the online casino and accumulate points. With time, you’ll make it to VIP status.

You can be the high roller

If you tend to spend tons of cash on online casinos, you should not have a problem becoming a VIP player. The online casino will most likely reach out to you when it notices your massive deposits. If you have the bankroll and can afford it, this is the easiest way to become a VIP player. However, ensure you gamble responsibly, so you don’t develop a gambling problem.

Or a constant smaller gambler

You don’t always need to spend big bucks to become a VIP player. If your bankroll does not support massive deposits and bets, going small and doing it consistently is the way to go. This will enable you to rack points which will be useful in progressing up the VIP levels.

In the end, players become VIPs by staying loyal to their casino

Ultimately, sticking with the online casino and betting frequently will get you to VIP status – regardless of if you are a high roller or casual gambler.

How to use a VIP bonus?

Using a VIP bonus is no different from using a typical casino bonus. In most cases, the bonus offer will be added to your promotions page, and you can access it from there. If you have any issues, you can also contact your dedicated customer support team to help you out.

When to use the VIP bonus?

Like all casino bonuses, a VIP bonus comes with an expiration date. So, we believe the best time to use it is before it expires. If you spot a new game or exclusive table where you feel there is a huge chance to win big, it may be a great time to use your VIP bonus.

How to withdraw wins with a VIP Bonus?

Withdrawing your wins with a VIP bonus is simple. Once you have completed any wagering requirements attached, the available funds will be credited to your account for withdrawal. Since you also enjoy fast transactions as a VIP player, processing a payout is quick.

How to choose the best VIP program for you?

VIP programs are great, but they are not the same. These programs tend to differ depending on the casino, with some offering better benefits than others. This means it is important to compare different VIP bonuses before you choose, so you can find the right option. To ensure you get the best, we have listed a few key areas you need to evaluate when picking a VIP bonus.

Keep an eye on…
Withdrawal limitsPayment methodsLoyalty requirements
Variety of giftsAmount of the Bonus Available games with VIP bonuses

Withdrawal limits

Withdrawal limits are crucial, especially as a high roller. Generally, withdrawal limits are higher on VIP bonuses, but some are higher than others. Therefore, we suggest you check out the withdrawal limit attached to the VIP bonus and make sure it suits your needs before you choose.

Payment methods

While you may be able to use some payment methods to claim a VIP bonus, others won’t be eligible. This means checking if the VIP bonus supports your preferred payment method.

Payment Methods VIP
Payment Methods VIP

Signing up at a casino can be frustrating only to realize it does not support your preferred payment option.

Each Canadian online casino has a set number of points that you must accumulate to get up the VIP tiers. These points are obtained from every real money wager and can be expensive. Ensure you check out the requirements and if they suit your bankroll. Some VIP loyalty requirements may run into millions, and not everybody has that much to wager in online casinos.

Frequent gifts are some of the benefits of being a VIP player. While some casinos will offer you gifts in the form of free cash or cashbacks, others may come as trips to exotic locations or tickets to events. Make sure you check the gifts you stand to gain from each VIP bonus and pick the one in line with your hobbies. It is pointless getting a ticket to an event when you would rather visit exotic locations.

VIP bonuses are typically higher, but some may offer more value than others. Check for the bonus and see if it is worth it before you register at any Canadian casino. We also recommend you evaluate the required deposit to qualify for the bonus and if it suits your bankroll.

Available games with VIP Bonuses

Lastly, check the games you can play with the VIP bonus before you choose. While some bonuses may be targeted at specific online slots, others may be limited to table games. You want to choose a VIP bonus that allows you to play your favourite online casino games.

Solutions for common issues

Just like other areas of an online casino, you may sometimes experience issues with your VIP bonus. Here are some of the common ones and how to deal with them.

My bonus has not been credited

Contact the support team if you have qualified for a VIP bonus and have not been credited to your account.

I’m unable to Withdraw my winnings

Ensure you have completed all the wagering requirements first. Also, be sure that the payment method you selected is supported by the bonus. If these don’t work, reach out to the support team.

My bonus has vanished

VIP bonuses, like other bonuses, don’t last forever. If you fail to use them within the time frame, they expire and are removed from your account. If you are uncertain, you could contact the support team to find out the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

A VIP player in an online casino frequently bets on the site and has been included in the VIP/loyalty program.
Many Canadian online casinos offer you VIP bonuses when you sign up. Some top options include Winstoria, Casino UNLIMITED, Bzeebet, and PlayAmo.
All online casinos offer something different in terms of bonuses. Therefore, the best VIP bonuses are dependent on your needs. We recommend you review our list of top Canadian casinos for the best options.
Players in Canada who make it to VIP status enjoy unique bonuses and rewards, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, cashback, and many more. Note that the benefits may vary depending on the site you register.
Like all bonuses, you’ll need to fulfil wagering requirements before withdrawing your earnings.
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