Blackjack was born during the Renaissance area, and up until today, it is one of the most played card games.

live blackjack guide canada casino
Live casino has become a popular choice for players in Canada, with providers such as Pragmatic Play offering several live blackjack options.

The modern-day online world has made this game more accessible through live casino – where you can play a number of Blackjack games through a live-streaming platform, through actual live dealers.

Let’s dive into the world of live blackjack and answer any questions you might have.

Best 10 Live Blackjack casinos

We will kick off this live blackjack guide by outlining some top casinos in Canada that we review, which feature a great selection of live dealer games.

Casino NameVisit Casino
PiratePlayPlay Live Blackjack Here
DublinBetPlay Live Blackjack Here
ZinkraPlay Live Blackjack Here
FBetPlay Live Blackjack Here
Mr.GreenPlay Live Blackjack Here
FairSpinPlay Live Blackjack Here
Vulkan VegasPlay Live Blackjack Here
Bitcasino.ioPlay Live Blackjack Here
Rant CasinoPlay Live Blackjack Here
SlotBoxPlay Live Blackjack Here

What makes a live dealer casino the best

A live blackjack casino gives you a chance to enjoy the thrills of playing some of the most suspenseful table games that have existed for centuries – enjoyed through the comfort of a digital device.

Different variants available

Over the years, a different number of blackjack variants have evolved. Through the online casino world, the variants have increased further, making the gameplay more diverse to suit all the different players’ likes and expertise.

The main points of difference among these numerous forms of blackjack include varying RTP values, a selection of betting possibilities, and unique odd values.

Overall good payouts ratio 

A good online casino in Canada features games with good payout values – and by payout we mean a higher RTP. RTP refers to the mean percentage of the amount of money that you originally wager, that is returned to you once you win.

Overall, the average payout RTP value of different blackjack live variants is around 96% – which is deemed a good value for live casino games.

Interesting Live Blackjack bonus & offers

Welcome bonuses are generally more centre-staged around slots. However, it is becoming increasingly common for online casinos in Canada to also offer optional bonuses for live table games such as blackjack.

It is also common for top casinos to include weekly live casino offers from their promotions page.

What is a Live blackjack game?

Live blackjack is a variation of standard blackjack that is live-streamed from a studio onto your desktop or mobile device. A live dealer is present to initiate and manage the game, and they can also interact with players as the live blackjack game progresses.

Where to play live Blackjack? Subscribe to a live blackjack casino, as mentioned in our above top list, and check out the range of blackjack live stream games they offer.

Differences between Live Blackjack and Online blackjack

What is the difference when you play blackjack live and playing blackjack online? We have compiled a concise list to outline the main differences between both.

Live BlackjackOnline Blackjack
Actual live dealer leading the gameNo live dealer but a computerized game
You can play against other playersPlay against the RNG computer
The live-streaming games are time-scheduledPlay anytime
HD quality streaming2D graphic games

Side bets, the way to spice up your live blackjack game 

Understanding side bets in blackjack means you have the knowledge at hand to make the game more exciting. For example, by placing a side bet during a Progressive Blackjack game, you increase your winnings when hitting the Jackpot. Perfect Pairs blackjack variant also behaves this way.

perfect pair side bet live blackjack canada casinos
Perfect Pair is one of the popular strategies that offer you the chance to play multiple side bets for greater winnings

Insurance, 21+3, and Royal Match are all other popular blackjack side bets – you can read more about this on our blackjack rules page.

Are all live blackjack variants worthy to play in the live mode?

Every live blackjack variation offers its own set of thrills. From newbies to classic lovers to more advanced players, each variant has its own set of odds, betting possibilities and rules. The variations are what make blackjack an accessible game for everyone.

How to play Live Blackjack?

Blackjack is pretty easy to learn. After you fund your balance in your personal online casino account, you place a bet – generally between $10 and $100.

Live blackjack strategies

Double Down and Split Pairs are probably Canada’s two most popular blackjack strategies. Soft 17 is also becoming popular and for the more seasoned players, while Advanced Blackjack uses several blackjack card strategies mixed together to create a more complex yet intriguing gameplay.

Below is an example of a useful blackjack strategy that you can try next time you play at a live dealer casino!

Dealer's Up Cards - A Blackjack Must-Know Strategy!

Basic rules summary

Once you place your bet, there are 3 cards dealt – 2 are for you as a play and 1 for the live dealer managing the game. Depending on what you get as cards and whether they trigger any blackjack or side bets, you then decide.

You can, for example, end your turn, hit another card, double your bet or split your hand into two hands, with a game in each hand.

Each of these techniques is explained concisely on our Blackjack rules page.

Advanced Live blackjack tips – beat the dealer

When you have familiarized yourself with the various side bets and blackjack strategies, you can proudly call yourself an advanced player. This is when you can kick-start your advanced live blackjack strategy!

Here are some top 3 tips to go at it in the best way:

Learn the Strategy well

Be sure to know all about the rules and foundations of blackjack. Learn all about the side bets, payouts, and odds. Be sure that your grasp of the blackjack strategy is not just good, but excellent.

Master Well All Blackjack Variants

Before diving into the world of advanced live blackjack, test out different blackjack variants and optimize your expertise in each one of them. Only then can you truly merge the very best of each Blackjack strategy.

Start with Small Bets

Developing your own advanced blackjack strategy is all about optimizing your gameplay through trial and error. Start with small bets and work your way up as your advanced blackjack strategy proves to be the best it can be.

Top live blackjack providers in Canada  

These are some top providers to look out for when you play blackjack live. They also offer a myriad of blackjack variations that you can test out.

Live Blackjack as distinct live casino experience

Live blackjack is one of the most played live casino experiences in most online casinos in Canada that we review. With some of the best providers offering HD quality live stream and multi-variations of the blackjack game, you will be surprised at the distinct gaming experience each game offers.

You can check out the above list to see the best casinos to play live blackjack!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can play with other players and experience the thrills of playing with an actual live dealer.
You choose the Live Blackjack game you want, bet your money and any optional side bets and wait for the live dealer to hand you two dealing cards. Then decide if you want to terminate your play, double the bet or split your play into two playing hands.
Live Blackjack games have their time schedules. You can click on the Blackjack Live game you prefer and a timetable with different timings will be featured. Choose the time of your preference.
This is when you're well versed in all Blackjack variants and strategies - and merge the very best of each to devise an advanced strategy of your own.
Generally, slots are the most popular game types featured in welcome bonuses. It is becoming more common though that casinos offer alternative welcome bonuses for live casinos - where players can choose either or.
You can find a list of Live Blackjack casinos in the first section of this article - with relevant links to follow for some of the best live casino selection in Canada.
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