Actual real-life experiences are immeasurable in their own merit. Still, digital technology is constantly improving to provide a cutting-edge experience for its users.

Live Baccarat is an excellent example of innovative technology, as this popular over-600-year-old game is one of the best live Casino experiences not just in Canada, but worldwide.

We shall cover all the details in our below Live Baccarat guide!

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CanadaCasino Official Guide on Live Baccarat

Best 10 Live Baccarat casinos

We have a full list of casinos in Canada that we review – and there are hundreds of them, and the majority of them do feature Live Casino games – including Live Baccarat.

Still, big numbers are overwhelming, so we have narrowed our Best 10 Live Baccarat Casino list down to some of Canada’s most trusted and popular casinos.

Casino NameVisit Casino
ZinkraPlay Live Baccarat Here
PiratePlayPlay Live Baccarat Here
Bitcasino.ioPlay Live Baccarat Here
FairSpinPlay Live Baccarat Here
Mr.GreenPlay Live Baccarat Here
BetsafePlay Live Baccarat Here
PlayAmoPlay Live Baccarat Here
RizkPlay Live Baccarat Here
LevelUpPlay Live Baccarat Here

What makes a live casino the best

We at CanadaCasino prioritise two factors when choosing the best live casinos where to play live Baccarat, these being safety and a solid game selection.

All the casinos we mentioned above have both.

Different variants available

Over the 600 years since of existence, Baccarat has developed many variations across many countries worldwide. Featuring such baccarat variants in an online casino portfolio means that the casino is taking care to provide an open experience to all type of baccarat live players.

live baccarat catcasino live dealer game canada
A Wide choice of Live Baccarat Games at CatCasino

Overall good payouts ratio

It can’t be more basic than this: the scope of playing baccarat live is to win. Once you land those wins, you want to withdraw them fast. By fast, we mean between 1 and 5 days. All the casinos we feature above have a good payout rate.

Also, we at CanadaCasino have an especially dedicated list of the best payout casinos, where we feature the fastest withdrawal options by reputable Canadian Casinos.

Interesting Live Baccarat bonus & offers

Having a casino that offers a good welcome bonus is also an important criterion we consider when choosing our top lists. Having a live casino welcome bonus is rarer to find than a normal slot bonus. However, the above casinos do feature it frequently as offers instead through their ‘Promotions’ section.

What is a Live Baccarat game?

A live baccarat game is when you play the card game digitally via an actual live dealer that streams through the online casino platform. The baccarat live stream also let you play against other players in Canada.

Differences between Live dealer Baccarat and Online Baccarat

To put it simply, the difference between online baccarat and live baccarat is that in the online version, you play against an RNG-operated computer system.

In live baccarat, the game is live-streamed to your device in a timed slot, where an actual baccarat live dealer manages the game and where you can also play against other players.

Exclusive Live Baccarat features 

We list some of the most pronounced features that make Baccarat Live so special.

Squeeze baccarat games

Baccarat Squeeze is definitely the most popular baccarat variant. Since 2016, this version of live baccarat can be found in most online casinos in Canada.

squeeze baccarat live casino canada new image
The act of ‘squeezing’ cards in Squeeze Baccarat – featured during a baccarat live-streaming game by Evolution gaming

This version sees the ‘squeezing’ of the baccarat cards for a dramatic effect. To create such an effect, the casino game provider uses a special multidimensional camera. Other than that, this version features the general baccarat rules.

Multi-Camera feature

The most innovative technology is used to play baccarat live through live-streaming – including a multi-camera feature that enhances the 3D effect and makes the game both more real and engaging.

Pair side bets & other exclusive sides bets for live versions

Adopting the best baccarat strategy also means knowing which side bets there are available, and what wins you can land. Side bets can be found exclusively in the live version, such as VIP Baccarat by Playtech.

Faster, faster, faster

Baccarat is one of the fastest live casino card games. You place a bet, the Banker deals the card and results are out. You’re good to go for the next Baccarat round.

Also, live baccarat features live dealers who are specifically trained to deal with the cards quickly and efficiently. This means you can efficiently move on from one game to the next, with just enough time to ponder and decide upon your next move.

How to play Live Baccarat?

We are outlining some of the most essential factors on the best ways on how to play live baccarat.

Basic rules summary

The game is played with a total of 8 decks, each having 52 cards. You bet against the live dealer or a Banker, and the closest hand to number 9 wins. The player can also bet on who will have the closest hand to nine.

You can check out the full baccarat rules on our dedicated page.

Banker, Player or Tie when you play live baccarat?

Banker and player have approximately a 50/50 chance of winning each baccarat round, once you exclude the House Edge value, which is generally not more than 5%.

The hand that lands closest to 9, draws the win. Sometimes, both hands feature the same number results – in that case, the game closes with a tie, and the players again place their bet for the next new round.

Live Baccarat strategies

Martingale, Paroli and One-Sided Baccarat are some of the most popular baccarat strategies that can be applied to all the different Baccarat Variations.

Advanced Live Baccarat tips – beat the dealer

Ok – so you know the rules and have played some Live Baccarat now to test out your skills.

Now you want to move a step further, so here are what the more seasoned and experienced baccarat live players do to beat the game.

Know it all

Know all about the side bets, baccarat strategy, rules, and the game’s different variations. Test out these skills through free baccarat versions that let you play against the computer and then with small, actual bets through the live version.

Do your own thing

Once you know all about baccarat, use the very best of what each baccarat factor offers and create your own montage from different baccarat variations. You will yield the very best from this type of gameplay, as it will evolve and move specifically with your expert knowledge of the game.

Understanding House Edge

House Edge is what the online casino gets as a return for your wins. Know beforehand what is the House Edge for whichever live baccarat version you are playing.

Top Live Baccarat providers in Canada

The portfolio of good live baccarat games is getting wider by the day – where some of the most innovative technology for live-streaming is being used. Also, the choice of different live baccarat variants is getting wider by the day.

So, we have narrowed it down to the 3 top leading live baccarat providers in Canada, which can be found in the most popular online casinos.

Play Live Baccarat as a Unique Online Casino Experience

Live baccarat is a game that moves fast and allows you to try your luck several times in a short span of time. Playing live baccarat is popular in Canada, as it offers an equal amount when compared to land-based casinos

With all the variants which you can find in our top list of live baccarat casinos, we’re sure that you will find something that suits your playing style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Baccarat Live is played through a Live Dealer that deals the cards through an online casino live streaming. You as a player will play against the live dealer, also known as the Banker. In the Online Baccarat version there is no live dealer, and the players bets against an RNG-computer system.
Yes. Generally, normal slot casinos also features live casino options. The casinos we feature are all legal to operate in Canada - and are all properly licensed and highly regulated.
It is normal Baccarat but with a dramatic effect by the Banker, who squeezes the playing cards whilst dealing them.
Chemic De Fer, Punto Banco and American Baccarat are all popular Variants in Canada. You can check our official guide of Blackjack Variants, by hitting our easy search menu.
It it not common for online casinos to offer welcome bonuses on Live Casino games - as they are. generally offered on slots. However, casinos like Mr Green, ComeOn and DublinBet do offer bonuses and even frequent promotions for Baccarat Live.
Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Pragmatic Play offer the best Live Dealer Baccarat experiences for our players in Canada.
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