Best 10 Live craps casinos

Live Craps offers players in Canada the opportunity to play this popular dice game from the comfort of their home, but with an authentic casino experience. Here is a list of the best live Craps casinos in Canada in the table below.

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What makes a live casino the best

You’ll find a variety of live casinos in Canada, as you can see on our live casino page. However, while some excel in specific areas, others do not.

For this reason, before choosing a live casino to play games, you must analyse crucial factors like the variety of live crap games on offer, payment methods, and more. Check out some factors we consider before recommending a live craps casino below.

Craps Live By Evolution

Different variants available

Because of the popularity of online craps, you’ll find numerous variants that each come with unique gameplay. Each one will suit your specific needs, so your best bet is to register on a live casino with as many variants as possible.

We ensure this is available on a live casino before we add it to our list. If you want to learn about the different live craps variants and how they work, check out our Craps variants page.

Overall good payouts ratio 

The payout ratio of a live casino may seem irrelevant, but it is extremely important as it determines how much you win over time. Therefore, when reviewing the best live Craps casinos, we opt for those with good payouts – and rank them higher on our list.

Interesting Live Casino game bonus & offers

You’ll typically find bonuses for other casino games on online casinos without issues. However, finding a live casino bonus is not as easy – but it does exist.

With the right live Craps bonus, you can enjoy games for free without spending a penny. This makes it an important part of our selection process when we choose the best online live Craps casinos in Canada.

What is a Live dealer craps game?

Live dealer Craps is the live variant of the popular Craps card game. Unlike the basic table Craps in online casinos, the live Craps variant features real cards, a casino table, and a real dealer who manages the match. The event is then streamed in real time, ensuring players can get a realistic experience from home.

Online Live Craps By Evolution Gaming
Online Live Craps By Evolution

Differences between Live dealer craps and Online Craps

Live dealer Craps and Online Craps are both dice games at their core. However, there are a few major differences.

Live dealer Craps take place in real-time and feature a real dealer, table, and cards. Then, the event is streamed using HD cameras, allowing you to follow the game on your PC or mobile device.

This variant also features a chat functionality, which you can use to interact with the dealer or other players. This variant ensures you get the same experience as playing in a physical casino.

Online Craps, on the other hand, is a computer-simulated game that does not involve any real opponents. Instead, it uses a Random Number Generator to ensure every outcome is random.

Exclusive features for live craps games 

Live craps games have unique features that stand out from typical online casino craps. We’ll be looking into some of them below.

Mechanical shooters

Unlike traditional online craps, where software shares the card, live craps follow a different route. It instead uses a mechanical shooter to throw the dice to ensure fairness. The dealer will be responsible for shooting the dice in some live casinos.

Live Chat with other players

Live Craps games come with a chat functionality which allows you to interact with the dealer and other players. This gives you the feeling of being in a real-life casino, as you still benefit from the social interaction – right from your home!

How to play Live craps?

Playing online live craps is as easy as any other casino game. The first step is to find the right live Craps casino and register. Once you do this, follow the rules we’ve laid out in the next section.

Basic rules summary

The basic concept of live craps is simple. First, you make a bet, known as the “pass line” bet, which is how all games of craps begin, including on live casinos. Here, you are wagering that the dice will pass the line meaning that the dice will land on a 7 or 11, or on a don’t pass bet, which means it will land on a 2,3 or 12.

Once you have made your bet, the dealer starts the game, and the mechanical shooter rolls the dice. This is known as a “Come out Roll.” The pass line bet wins if the dice lands on a 7 or 11, while don’t pass bets win if the dice lands on a combination of 2,3 or 12. The bets will remain valid for the next rolls if the dice don’t land on any of these numbers.

Live craps strategies

When you play a live craps game, you are not playing against a computer like typical craps. This means having a good strategy will be vital. While you can use the same craps strategies as a normal craps game, many unique strategies will keep you ahead in live craps. These include:

Pass or don’t pass in a live crap game?

This is dependent on your overall goal. The Pass line betting strategy is better for players who want a simple strategy. It is easy for any player to adapt and has a house edge of 1.41%. On the other hand, don’t pass strategy has a lower house edge of 1.37%, but it is not as easy to land.

Advanced Live Craps tips – beat the shooter

Like other online casino games, some tips can help you improve your chances of beating the shooters when playing in live casinos. Below, we have listed some of the best ones.

Understand the Rules

The first step for anyone who wants to improve their winning chances in any game is to understand the rules. Fortunately, you’ll find tons of information on online casinos that will teach you everything you need to know about this game. Once you understand the basics, your gameplay will improve drastically.

Create a Budget and Stick with it

Setting a budget for online casino games, including live craps, is non-negotiable. This will ensure you don’t spend funds you are not meant to. It is also a great way to gamble responsibly, as live craps is fun and can quickly become addictive.

Use a Reliable Live Craps Site

Regardless of the strategy you employ and the tips you implement, your chances of winning will be slim if you play on an unreliable platform. Therefore, we recommend that you only choose licensed casinos when playing online live craps.

Check out our casino reviews if you’re looking for a fair game experience and bonuses that can help get you started.

Top Live Craps Providers in Canada 

Unlike live casino games powered by a broad range of developers in the industry, the case is different with live Craps. Evolution Gaming is the only developer that currently offers live craps titles.

This developer is skilled in developing live games and has been awarded the Live casino supplier of the Year 12 times in a row. Some popular Craps releases from this developer include First Person Craps and Craps Live.

First Person Craps By Evolution Gaming
First Person Craps By Evolution Gaming

Play Craps in the Best Live Casinos in Canada

Live craps may seem like a complex and intimidating game at a glance. However, if you learn the basics, it is a game that is easy to understand. This game is immersive, and if you play at a safe and regulated Canadian online casino, you’ll be guaranteed an amazing experience.

Now that you have, all you need to start is register for an account on your favourite casino and start playing live Craps. Your next bet might be the one that beats the shooter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Craps is the live variant of the well-known Craps dice game. The game occurs in a real casino, featuring a dealer and casino table.
Yes, you'll find live craps in Canadian online casinos. You can check out the list of recommended options for the best choices.
Yes, you can wager on Live online Craps for real money. Make sure you register on a reputable Canadian online casino.
There are different live Craps strategies, but the most popular ones include Iron Cross and Three Point Molly.
Yes, some online casinos in Canada will award you with bonuses that you can use to play live games.
Live Craps games are fair. Asides from the casinos being tested regularly, most live craps games feature a mechanical shooter responsible for rolling or shooting the dice. This ensures that every roll is random and can’t be influenced by the casino or dealer.
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