1 Reel Halloween

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Grab the spooky symbols and try to land the jackpot in this ghoulish and entertaining slot!

1 Reel Halloween

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1 Reel Halloween

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1 Reel Halloween Review

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1 Reel Halloween is an online slot released by Spinomenal on October 11, 2021.

It comes with a classic one reel setup, allowing players to collect symbols to unlock higher payouts, with a potential max win of 500x your stake.

Read our 1 Reel Halloween review and learn what other perks this spooky slot has in store for players in Canada.

How We Created This 1 Reel Halloween Review

Our goal is to ensure that players in Canada have access to the best slot reviews. Therefore, we have created an extensive testing procedure that analyses several slot features. Here’s how we tested 1 Reel Halloween:

  • Symbols and payouts – How many symbols are available? How much do they pay?
  • Bets and autoplay – What are the minimum and maximum bets? Does the slot have autoplay functionality?
  • RTP – What is the RTP rate of 1 Reel Halloween? How does it compare to other slots?
  • Volatility – What is the volatility of 1 Reel Halloween?
  • Jackpot and maximum win – How much can you win playing this slot?
  • Wilds and other features – Does the slot have a wild symbol? What about other features?
  • Bonus buy – Is there a way to buy access to the bonus game?
  • Bonus game – What does the bonus game look like? What does it offer? 
  • Graphics and soundtrack – What are the graphics and soundtrack like?
1 reel halloween spinomenal canada main reel
Fill in the cells by collecting symbols, and see if you can land the jackpot!

Enjoy 1 Reel Halloween With A Bonus

Are you looking to enjoy 1 Reel Halloween to the fullest? You can do so with a bonus! Check out the top bonuses and promotions you can grab for this Halloween. Visit our offers and promotions page and find an offer suited to your taste.

1 Reel Halloween Symbols & Payouts

1 Reel Halloween is a simple game with five symbols and one payline. The game has progressive payouts that depend on the number of symbols collected. Discover what else it offers in the sections below:


As expected, this slot’s symbols are Halloween-themed. The game has three base symbols: a cauldron, candy, and a ghost. The payouts vary from 1x to 250x the stake, depending on how many you collect. 

There’s also a pumpkin that acts as the wild and a cupcake with a skull, which resets the symbols banked.


As we have already mentioned, this online Canada slot has only one payline. You can bank rewards every time a symbol lands, but you only win once you click the “Collect” button. You can keep spinning the reel to try to increase the number of symbols collected on the meter.

Minimum/maximum bet and autoplay

1 Reel Halloween accepts bets between $0.01 and $10, making it an excellent slot for casual players. Experienced players and high-rollers may prefer other Halloween themed slots that accept higher bets, so keep on reading to see which titles you can test out. Unfortunately, the slot doesn’t have an autoplay feature, so you’ll have to click the button whenever you want to spin the reels.

1 Reel Halloween RTP

1 Reel Halloween has four RTP levels – 88.76%, 91.54%, 93.90%, and 96.20%. Casinos can choose what RTP level they want to use in 1 Reel Halloween, with 96.20% being the most generous

On average, you can expect returns between $88.76 and $96.20 for every $100 placed in bets on this slot. It’s important to remind players that RTP rates are theoretical, as they’re calculated from billions of spins. Returns aren’t guaranteed while playing online slots.


Through our testing, we could conclude this slot has low volatility, as wins are relatively common.

Jackpot and maximum win

The maximum win in 1 Reel Halloween is 500x. This is achieved by collecting all the symbols and filling the reels.

1 Reel Halloween is a fun game, but it could use a wider range of bets.
There are things that make 1 Reel Halloween a fun game – simple gameplay, fair RTP (if you’re playing on the best setting), and a sizable maximum win. On the other hand, the bet range could use an improvement. A maximum bet of CAD 10 is not enough for certain players, such as high rollers or experienced gamblers.

1 Reel Halloween Features

1 reel halloween spinomenal canada symbols

1 Reel Halloween’s main feature is the symbol collection mechanic. Every time you land a symbol, it automatically accumulates on its corresponding meter on the left side of the screen. You can choose if you want to collect the reward or keep it on the meter. Landing additional symbols will increase the multiplier and your accumulated rewards.

If you get to the final level of a meter, you’ll be rewarded with a cash prize equal to the highest level win. The prize is instantly added to your balance. You’ll need to fill all three meters to win 500x your stake.

1 reel halloween spinomenal canada reset bank

In this slot, the wild symbol doesn’t substitute for every other symbol. Instead, it adds one of each symbol to the meters, progressing the bar to the next level. It allows players to grab higher prizes the next time they hit a symbol.

1 Reel Halloween has a symbol that eliminates your progress – reset bank. When you land it, you’ll lose all the rewards accumulated on the meters. However, hitting this symbol doesn’t reset the funds previously collected.

1 Reel Halloween Graphics And Sound

1 Reel Halloween’s graphics and soundtrack follow an aesthetic common in classic slots and retro computer games, with colourful symbols and nostalgic sounds. The wooden-trimmed reel and symbol collection meters contrast with the dark stone wall background. You can learn more about this slot’s graphics, soundtrack, and features with the table below:

Optimised for Mobile👍
Special featuresWild, Jackpot, Reset Bank
1 Reel Halloween’s graphics are not for everyone
1 Reel Halloween feels outdated for a game released in 2021. While we’re fans of the retro-inspired design and simple layout, not all players will enjoy it. Modern slots typically feature high-quality 3D graphics with immersive soundtracks and smooth animations, which 1 Reel Halloween lacks.

Solutions If You Run Into Issues

While slots are more developed than ever, players can still run into bugs, errors, and other issues. However, knowing what to do in these situations can be beneficial. Have a look at how to solve the most common slot issues:

  1. The game was interrupted during play – Restarting the game is usually enough to solve this issue.
  2. The game cannot restart – If you can’t restart your game or the problem isn’t fixed, you should contact the casino’s customer support.

Remember that wins or losses due to software or hardware issues void all payments.

Aim For The Jackpot With 1 Reel Halloween

1 Reel Halloween’s simple gameplay is its best feature. The symbol collection mechanic pairs incredibly well with the single reel, allowing players to increase the meters and potentially win better rewards. 

The symbol payouts are generous, especially on the last level, where you can win up to 250x by landing a ghost. If you manage to fill all three, you’ll win the maximum payout of 500x your bet.

On the flip side, 1 Reel Halloween would benefit from a few changes. The betting range should be higher to make the slot attractive to high rollers and experienced players. In addition, the graphics won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Overall, we rate it 7/10.

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Is 1 Reel Halloween fair?

1 Reel Halloween is a slot created by Spinomenal, a reputable game provider founded in 2014. Spinomenal is tested for fairness by eCOGRa and BMM Testlabs.

What is the RTP of 1 Reel Halloween?

This slot has four RTP settings, between 88.76% and 96.20%. 

What is the volatility of 1 Reel Halloween?

Spinomenal doesn’t display information about 1 Reel Halloween’s volatility. However, the game seems to have low volatility.

Does 1 Reel Halloween have a jackpot?

Yes. Players can win 500x their stake by filling all the meters.

What is the minimum bet in 1 Reel Halloween?

The minimum bet is CAD 0.01. 

What is the maximum bet in 1 Reel Halloween?

The maximum bet is CAD 10.

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