Saskatchewan Province Now Legatimizes The Online Gambling Market

November 2022 marks Saskatchewan’s officially opening to online gambling. Now, this Canadian province allows its residents to legally play.

The official announcement was already done previously this year when in June they revealed a partnership between the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA), the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation (SaskGaming) and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). as the only casino

The news comes with the launch of in Saskatchewan. This casino, for now, will be the only online casino platform that is legitimate for play in this district. The casino also operates as a sole legitimate casino in the British Colombia district. online casino features around 400 casino games – including slots, live dealer games and sports betting options.

Compared to other casinos in Canada that generally feature thousands of options, offers some of the best assortment of games and is definitely good news for the Saskatchewan residents who want to play within a legal framework that safeguards them as gamers.

Saskatchewan before the casino legislation

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So, what was the situation like before Saskatchewan officially opened its doors for legitimate online gaming? The provincial lottery was the only gambling the Saskatchewan residents could legally indulge in.

Nonetheless, they could technically still access online casinos in Canada. However, there was no jurisdiction over online casino gambling. This meant that online casinos were not a regulated market in this province.

Check out our list of regulated casinos in Canada. All of our online casinos follow strict regulatory processes including frequent audits and necessary scrutiny

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