New Proposed 699 Feet Skyscraper as Part of Las Vegas Casino Royale

In June 2023, 3,428,500 visited Las Vegas – marking approximately 88,000 visits per day to one of the most popular destinations in the United States and worldwide.

Las Vegas Casino Royale is one of the must-go tourist attractions, and with the latest announcement by the same company, the latter is currently on its way to confirming a 699-foot skyscraper that will considerably extend the landmark of the existing premises.

Big Plans

Located at 3411 Las Vegas Boulevard, the proposed skyscraper had to undergo an aeronautical study to ensure by FAA to ensure that the proposed extension would not affect the nearby LAS airport. The report confirmed just a few days ago that in fact, it will have “no substantial adverse effect on the safe and efficient utilization of the navigable airspace.”

Casino royale award winner canada casino news
Casino Royale has featured numerous awards across its over 60 years of operation

The decision will be final at the end of August. Once the green light is on, the entirety of the Casino Royale premises will be the third-largest building in Las Vegas. The two preceding it would be the Strat and the still-to-be-open Fontainebleau.

If the decision falls through, works have to commence before January 21st, 2025, or else the validity of the application will expire.

Land-based vs Online

With thousands of online casinos, players from all across the globe are opting for the online casino experience – which also offers a live experience thanks to the fact that most platforms offer live streaming of Live Casino games and Live Game Shows.

Still, the real thing is the real thing – and Canada is quite known for its land-based casinos. We have an article featuring some of the best brick-and-mortar casinos you can visit across different Canadian provinces.

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