Best 10 Live Roulette Casinos in Canada

Live roulette is a popular game, just like its online roulette counterpart. These games give you a realistic experience since they take place on a real table and feature a real dealer. Due to its popularity, you’ll find it in many Canadian online casinos that we review.

However, these casinos don’t offer the same benefits, with some providing you with better welcome bonuses and promotions. Below, we have listed 10 of the best live roulette casinos in Canada that you can register on and start enjoying roulette.

Casino NameVisit Casino
PiratePlayPlay Live Roulette Here
DublinBetPlay Live Roulette Here
PlayfinaPlay Live Roulette Here
FBetPlay Live Roulette Here
Mr.GreenPlay Live Roulette Here
ComeOn!Play Live Roulette Here
BetVictorPlay Live Roulette Here
VideoSlotsPlay Live Roulette Here
SlotBoxPlay Live Roulette Here
Winstoria Play Live Roulette Here

What makes a live casino the best 

To find out the best live casinos, we evaluate numerous factors. Some of these include the casino’s licensing, available roulette variants, payment options, etc. You can check our extensive live casino page to learn more. Nonetheless, we will be covering some of the factors we consider below.

Different variants available

Live Roulette Variants On Mr Green Casino
Live Roulette Variants On Mr Green Casino

Numerous live roulette variants exist today in Canadian online casinos, all of which work differently and suit different needs. This makes it an important criterion when selecting our top live roulette casinos, as you want a casino that offers many options. You can check out our live roulette variants page to find out the options available.

Overall good payouts ratio 

The payout ratio of an online casino determines how well the games it offers payout. Choose a casino with great payout if you want the best outcome when playing live roulette games. Therefore, when reviewing the best online roulette casinos, we opt only for those offering great payouts when you win.

Interesting Live roulette bonus & offers

Online casinos rarely offer bonuses on live casino games. Nonetheless, you’ll still find casinos that go against the norm and offer generous live roulette casino bonuses. Playing live games in a casino that combines all we have discussed above, topped with fantastic bonuses, makes for an excellent roulette experience.

What is a Live roulette game?

Live Roulette Games on Winstoria Casino
Live Roulette Games on Winstoria Casino

Live roulette is a form of roulette game that you can play in real-time. Unlike your typical online roulette games, these titles feature a real dealer and a roulette table. The games are streamed live using strategically placed HD cameras, providing a realistic experience.

Differences between Live roulette and Online roulette

Live roulette and online roulette involve playing roulette games online, but they are not the same. Live roulette features a dealer and roulette table similar to what you get when visiting a land-based casino. But instead of you being there, it is streamed to your PC or mobile device in real-time.

In contrast, online roulette games work like slot titles. You’ll need to spin the wheel by clicking a button and wait till the ball lands in a pocket. The result is determined by a Random Number Generator or RNG, which ensures that the outcome is entirely random.

Are the bets in Live roulette the same as the online version?

Yes, the bets in live roulette and online roulette are no different. You’ll typically find the inside and outside bets, call bets, and final bets. The first two are the most popular, and we will look into what they mean and how they work below.

Are all the roulette variants good enough to play in a live version? 

As we mentioned earlier, all types of roulette variants satisfy unique needs. However, not all the same have the same RTP/House edge. If you want the best results when playing online, you’ll want to aim for those with higher RTPs. We recommend you try out games like Immersive Roulette and Live Roulette since they feature RTPs of 97.03%.

How to play Live roulette?

Like other live casino games, live roulette is very easy to learn and play. All you need to do is find the right casino, register and make a deposit, choose your favourite live roulette variant and wager when the dealer gives the go-ahead.

Then, wait till the dealer spins the wheel and the ball lands on your chosen number/pocket. However, it will also help if you understand the basic rules of roulette, which we will cover below.

Basic rules summary

On Live roulette, you play on a wheel consisting of 37 pockets with numbers 0 – 36. You can bet on groups of numbers or individual numbers, known as inside bets.

If you prefer, you can make outside bets involving your wagering on numerous matching bets. It also features numerous options, including red or black, odd or even, and high or low numbers.

You will also be able to pick dozen bets, which are six different 12-number bets, or 17 number bets when wagering on live roulette. You win if the ball drops in the pocket with the number or number combination you wagered on! To learn more, have a look at our extensive roulette rules page.

Live roulette strategies

Having a great live roulette strategy can significantly improve your winning chances. Keep reading to learn about the best strategies for different live roulette variants. You can also check our online roulette strategy page for more in-depth information.

Best strategy for Live American Roulette

The Martingale betting strategy is well-rounded and the ultimate strategy for live American roulette. This involves betting on even-money outside bets with odds close to 1:1. You have a higher chance of landing wins when playing American roulette.

Best strategy for Live European Roulette

D’Alembert is a strategy that is easy to use which is why we recommend it for live European roulette. It mixes the great elements of the Martingale with some improvements. You increase your bet by 1 when you lose and reduce it by 1 after a win.

Best strategy for Live French Roulette  

The Fibonacci system is a great betting strategy for live French roulette. It uses the Fibonacci sequence, which goes as follows: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 etc. You begin with a single bet, and every time you lose, your next bet will be a total of the last two numbers. If you win, you’ll need to move two numbers backwards in the sequence. This is a non-aggressive strategy, making it a better approach for live French roulette, which has a high house edge of 5.26%.

Advanced Live roulette tips

Like all other casino games, live roulette is a game of chance. Nonetheless, there are a few tips that you can use to boost your winning chances. We have listed three of the best tips below.

Understand the Rules

Learning and understanding the rules of live roulette is a great way to separate yourself from other players and improve your chances of winning. You can check out our extensive roulette rules page to find out more.

Pick a Great Roulette Strategy

Numerous live roulette strategies have been known to provide great outcomes. However, even though none of these strategies can constantly ensure you win when playing roulette, they can significantly improve your chances. Therefore, we recommend you pick a strategy that works for you and stick with it.

Create a Budget and Stick with It

This may seem like common knowledge, but it is one many players tend to forget. However, creating a live roulette betting budget and sticking with it can ensure you don’t spend more than you need to – and save you tons of cash in the long run. If you realize that you cannot control your gambling, we recommend you look at our responsible gambling page for helpful information.

Top Live roulette providers in Canada  

Live casino games are not created by the online casino that offers them. Instead, leading casino game providers power them. In Canada, most games are powered by Evolution Gaming, a leading industry provider.

It has been awarded live casino supplier of the year for 12 years straight, which is a sign of its expertise. Nonetheless, there are other great live providers in Canada, including:

Play Live Roulette Games in Canada!

Online roulette is fun, but you can have more fun in Canada by playing live online roulette. This game is available in many leading Canadian online casinos and offers numerous variants.

We have listed all the best options along with the online casinos to play them. Pick your ideal option, register, deposit, and get fantastic welcome bonuses and promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play live online roulette in Canada. Simply choose one of our recommended online casinos and register to begin.
Yes, most legal live roulette casinos like those we recommend will allow you to play roulette for real money. Note that you'll need to register and make a deposit first.
Absolutely! Online casinos in Canada, like those we recommend on our list, will allow you to play live roulette for free. However, this is through the demo mode, which means you can't win any cash.
All live online roulette variants offer something different. This means it is impossible to deem anyone the best. However, we recommend you stick with American and European live roulette variants since they are the most popular and easiest to learn.
The best live roulette betting strategies include the Martingale, D’Alembert, and Fibonacci system.
No, it is impossible to hack live online roulette, especially in legal online casinos. However, you can improve your winning chances by understanding the rules, creating a budget, and gambling responsibly.
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