The standard deposit amounts for top online casinos in Canada are an average of between $10 and $30. With the raging competition of constant new casino sites emerging, the new ways of how top casinos are competing are becoming more creative by the day.

Good news for players in Canada – one such advantage includes online casinos placing minimum deposits for bonuses as low as $5.

The best $5 deposit bonus in Canada

Where to find the best $5 deposit bonus? We at CanadaCasino have hand-picked the top 5 casinos in Canada that issue frequent offers where promos and bonuses can be claimed with a deposit as low as $5.

CasinoCasino Match BonusGameGet bonus here:
1.All Slots Casino$1,500 Welcome Bonus | 70x WageringRange of GamesClaim Casino Bonus
2.Neon54$750 Welcome Bonus | 35x WageringRange of GamesClaim Casino Bonus
3.LuckyElf$1,000 Welcome Bonus | 40x WageringRange of GamesClaim Casino Bonus
4.Jet10$300 Welcome Bonus | 30x WageringRange of GamesClaim Casino Bonus
5.Cherry Spins$500 Welcome Bonus | 20x WageringRange of GamesClaim Casino Bonus
neon54 5 dollar deposit casino sign up canada casinos
Neon54 features thousands of games as well as a good welcome bonus with a pretty low wagering requirement

Why choose a $5 deposit bonus casino Canada?  

If a trusted online casino gives you an advantage, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the best of it. A $5 minimum deposit is a good kickstart to your new casino journey.

The advantage is not just for the one time you are depositing it, but also for the number of times a bonus needs to be wagered. An actual example of how a deposit 5 casino bonus can be seen in the below sections.

What is a 5 deposit casino bonus?

It’s easy. Most top casinos in Canada feature a minimum deposit amount required to claim a welcome bonus or an offer. Generally, it’s around $10, $20 and sometimes even $30. A 5-deposit casino bonus is therefore casino that offers their players in Canada a bonus deposit as low as 5 dollars.

How does 5 deposit casino bonus work?

Let’s take a practical example. If for example, a welcome bonus has a 30x wager with a $20 deposit, then the total amount of wagering would cost you $600. But, if you have a deposit casino bonus as low as $5, then the 30x wagering bonus can be claimed only at $150

Types of $5 deposit bonus casino Canada

These are the best $5 deposit bonuses that are primarily available for casino players in Canada.

It’s easy, 5 dollar deposit bonuses come in 2 forms – they can be either 1. for a welcome bonus or 2. for a promo offered by the casino to already existing players.

1. Sign Up Casino bonus deposit 5

This is definitely the most common. Signing up at any casino requires a minimum deposit to fully register your new casino account. This same minimum deposit will entitle you to any welcome bonus the casino offers and the wagering requirement.

register at 5 dollar deposit canada casinos
Steps to Register for a sign up $5 casino bonus

2. Casino bonus deposit 5 for existing customers

All the best casinos reward loyal players. Some casinos do this through a ranking VIP system, where the more loyal you are, the more you are entitled to a range of promos.

Whatever it is, 5 dollar deposits can also be used for promos and offers, and not just bonuses. This means that a particular offer can be claimed with a minimum of $5 casino deposit only.


Five dollar deposit bonuses and offers are definitely a good way to kick your journey to any new casino. This makes any offer or bonus much cheaper to claim since the multiplying factor for any wagering requirement would be much lower than a normal minimum deposit, which is generally around $10 to $30.

Watch this space for frequent casino updates about the best deposit $5 casino bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two. One, a 5 dollar deposit to claim a new player welcome bonus. Two, a 5 dollar deposit to claim any offer or promo for already registered players.
Yes. All the online casinos we feature at CanadaCasino are legitimate, since they are properly licensed and regulated by Canada standards.
There are two. One, a 5 dollar deposit to claim a new player welcome bonus. Two, a 5 dollar deposit to claim any offer or promo for already registered players.
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