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Hyper Gold All In

Hyper Gold All In Review

hyper gold all in slot review - canada casino
Find it all in Hyper Gold All In
A fast-paced 5-reel, 3-row slot with a range of dynamic features. The slot takes getting used to as much is happening on screen, from the bright lights to the mascots and the various symbols. But apart from that, Hyper Gold All In offers players a decent slot experience that they will no doubt enjoy.

Hyper Gold All In Symbols and Payouts

Hyper Gold All In comes with quite a few symbols! The lower-paying symbols are card symbols: 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. After that, the high-paying symbols are a stack of coins, coins and a bar of gold, three bars of gold, three dollar signs ($$$), and the highest-paying symbol is the star. You can have as few as two for the 9, three dollar signs, and star symbols to land a win. For all other symbols, the minimum needed is three. The maximum for all symbols is five. This is the payout range for the different symbols:

SymbolPayout from 2 symbolsPayout from 3 symbolsPayout from 5 symbols
Stack of coins60600
Coins and bar of gold60600
Three bars of gold901,200
Three dollar signs121201,500

Hyper Gold All In Slot Special Features

hyper gold all in slot special features - canada casino

This is a slot with a lot of special features and an interesting bonus game. Many of the features are only present in the base game, but that doesn’t make the bonus game any less rewarding! Here’s what you need to know:

Free Spins

Hyper Gold All In has its own version of free spins, which are brought into play through the bonus game. Bonus Spins are collected throughout the base game and activated when the bonus game is triggered. The Bonus Prizes and Bonus Multipliers collected throughout the base game are also awarded and used during the bonus game! The bonus game takes the formation of a grid of 20 golden Bonus Tiles. Each Bonus Spin randomly selects a Bonus Tile or Prize. In the case of a Bonus Tile, these are flipped over to reveal the prize underneath. Once the Bonus Spins are finished, the player returns to the base game where the Bonus Enhancers are reset.

Bonus Enhancers

Tokens can be collected throughout the base game, contributing to the Bonus Enhancers. There are three types of tokes: green, blue, and purple.

  • Green token: Bonus Prizes. This contributes to the number of bonus prizes awarded in the bonus game. Up to nine bonus prizes can be collected in the base game.
  • Blue token: Bonus Multipliers. This contributes a 0.5x increase to the multiplier, and up to 10x multipliers can be collected in the base game.
  • Purple token: Bonus Spins. This contributes to the bonus spins that are used during the bonus game. Up to 12 bonus spins can be collected in the base game.

Once these are used up during the Bonus Game, they will all be reset upon returning to the base game. The Bonus Enhancers can be reset with up to three bonus prizes, 2x bonus multipliers, and five bonus spins.

Bonus Trigger

The scatter symbol in this game is the firework! The scatter symbol only appears on reels two, three, and four. Collecting scatter symbols gives players the chance to randomly trigger the bonus feature. Sometimes, this takes just one scatter; sometimes, it takes more. Each time a firework scatter is collected it joins the big rocket on the left of the grid that’s waiting for lift-off. The more fireworks are added to the rocket, the more it starts to shake!

Wild Feature

Hyper Gold All In has a shiny Wild symbol, which can substitute for all symbols except scatters. When substituting for any other symbol, the wild pays x2, and can sometimes appear stacked. Two wild symbols have a payout of 36, whereas 5 wild symbols offer a payout of 6,000.

Wild Blackout

Sometimes, a player can land what’s called a Wild Blackout. The reels are filled with wilds, forming a ‘blackout’ and awarding the player with big winnings. A Wild Blackout awards 2000x in addition to paylines!

Lots of opportunities to win!
Hyper Gold All In’s special features offer players multiple fun ways to increase their chances of winning, big or small, and though these features are the same as GameBurger’s previous slot Mining Pots of Gold, they definitely have their own twist in the world of slots.

Hyper Gold All In Graphics and Sound

When it comes to looks, GameBurger Studios has built on its original game Hyper Gold Link and Win, but has enhanced and refined the design. The slot gives you the feeling of being inside a casino, with the background grid composed of alternating flashing lights and let’s not forget all the symbols are related to cards, money, and gold. It’s a nice touch that when you start to land a sequence of big wins, the background grid lights change from red to orange to yellow, illuminating the reels. The quirky firework scatters and the big blue rocket add a 4th of July feeling to the game. The slot also has three amusing firework mascots, one for each bonus enhancer, who appears during the base game when there’s a big win or when moving into the bonus game. The blue firework also appears during the bonus game and whistles to the tune of the background music, praising you every time you land a win.

The music really contributes to the atmosphere. It’s funky and peppy, with some synth elements.

GraphicsFunky, vibrant 2D
Optimized for Mobile👍
MusicPeppy synth-pop
Special featuresBonus Game, Bonus Spins, Bonus Prizes, Bonus Multipliers, Wilds, Wild Blackout, Scatters

Hyper Gold All In Mobile Experience

Players will be pleased to know this dynamic and playful slot adapts just fine to smaller screens. GameBurger Studios doesn’t offer an app or a downloadable version of its games, but the slot works perfectly well in the browser. The grid takes up a big portion of the middle of the screen, with the rocket sitting at the top and the paytable at the bottom.

Dynamic and Engaging Design
GameBurger Studios has developed some ambitious animations for this slot, which make the game more amusing. The slot is full of color and pop; there’s a lot going on to keep your attention. It’s great to see that none of this is lost when transitioning to the mobile version.

Hyper Gold All In Pros and Cons

Hyper Gold All In is engaging and exciting, but it has a few drawbacks as all slots do. Here are the pros and cons of Hyper Gold All In:

Engaging Graphics High variance
Exciting Bonus Game Rules take some time to understand
Good Win Potential Max win is 4000x
RTP of 96%, which is in line with industry standard No buy feature
Good bonus features 
Some areas to be aware of
The game offers a good win potential but falls short in terms of its maximum win. Limited to just 4000x, high-rollers might not love this one. The high variance and lengthy rules might not be ideal for players who are a little greener on the scene.

Best Online Casinos to Play Hyper Gold All In in Canada

If GameBurger’s Hyper Gold All In has caught your eye, then these are a few of the best casinos to enjoy it at:

Solutions if You Have Some Issues With Hyper Gold All In

If you encounter any issues or difficulties while playing, here are a few things you should know:

  1. In the case of malfunction, all pays and plays are considered null and void.
  2. If there is a connection issue and you are disconnected from the game, the final game state is displayed on return to the game.
  3. If a request does not reach the server before disconnection, the results of the previous game played are displayed.
  4. Contact your casino customer support in case you need further guidance.

Ready to Set Your Bets Alight?

Players who are fans of GameBurger Studios games will definitely enjoy the familiarity of the studios’ game mechanisms, engaging game design, and catchy background tunes. For those who are unfamiliar with GameBurger’s games, it will take some time to get used to the rules and to understand the different symbols, but there’s an equally rewarding and enjoyable game waiting for them on the other side of that. Hyper Gold All-In is a fast-paced and quirky slot with vibrant colors and plenty of special features to keep players on their toes. It offers decent-sized winnings, even if the maximum win is capped at 4000x.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hyper Gold All In’s RTP is 96%, which is in line with the industry standard.
Yes, Hyper Gold All In works with 20 paylines! The number of paylines played is fixed and they run from left to right. From the paytable you can view the payline patterns.
The slot offers a bonus game where bonus spins collected throughout the base game are used. Bonus prizes are awarded during the bonus game.
The payout value is based on the winning combination formed across the paylines and the initial bet. If multiple winning combinations land on a single payline, only the highest win is awarded.
The bonus game is randomly triggered by collecting firework scatters that land on the reels throughout the base game.
The maximum win is 4000x.
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