Merged Campaign To Work Against Children’s Access to Lottery Tickets

Behavioural patterns kick off at a young age and the NCPG (National Council on Problem Gambling) have quoted research that children who are exposed to any form of gambling from a young age have a higher likelihood to engage in risky gambling practices later in their life.

Why is this a concern? With lottery being one of the most popular forms of gambling in Canada and North America in general, children are heavily exposed to the Lottery’s accessibility.

The Gift Responsibly Campaign

That is why in late 2023, the Gift Responsibly Campaign was launched to directly address this issue. This initiative group is comprised of a total of 66 lotteries and 84 community organizations across the globe – including all the existing and legitimate lottery companies in both the United States and Canada.

It is also recognized by the World Lottery Association and North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries.

Especially for the Holiday season

The campaign has been running and will continue to run in both November and December where a series of actions will be done to address the issue, including training of retail centres, education to the communities to explain the risk of giving lottery tickets as gifts, as well the running of social media camapigns.

“It is crucial that adults understand that they shouldn’t give lottery tickets, to children or any minors, as presents,” NCPG’s executive director Keith Whyte explains during the press launch of the Gift Responsibly Campaign.

Canada’s Body of Laws imposes strict Responsible Gambling guidelines for all online casinos that operate in Canada to follow.

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