Alberta’s Bold Step: $1 Million Allocated to Explore Online Gambling Market

Alberta is making a big step towards getting involved in online gambling by setting aside $1 million to explore the industry. The province aims to reduce regulatory burdens, boost charity contributions, and unlock the potential of an Ontario-style iGaming market.

Article at a glance

  • Alberta earmarks $1 million into the online gambling sector, mirroring Ontario’s success.
  • Minister Dale Nally supports the initiative to reduce regulatory burdens and increase charity contributions.
  • Industry players eye Alberta’s potential, foreseeing significant contributions to Canada’s net gaming revenue.

Alberta is on the brink of a transformative move in online gambling. The province is allocating $1 million towards exploring the feasibility of an open digital gaming sector. This strategic decision positions Alberta to potentially follow in the footsteps of Ontario, which has witnessed remarkable success since launching its iGaming market.

The news was revealed as part of the government’s 2024 budget announcement, indicating an approach towards online gambling. With a focus on reducing regulatory burdens and increasing contributions to charitable organizations and community facilities, Alberta aims to streamline its gaming landscape while maximizing its benefits.

Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta, will lead the effort to make Alberta become a leader in online gambling.

Alberta’s potential has not gone unnoticed

Industry operators like PointsBet Canada have expressed interest in the province’s opportunities. Highlighting Alberta’s demographic significance and revenue potential, industry projections suggest that the province could significantly contribute to Canada’s net gaming revenue alongside Ontario and British Columbia.

Alberta’s unique combination of favorable economic conditions, including low corporate taxes and high disposable incomes, positions it as an attractive destination for the burgeoning iGaming industry. As Alberta endeavors to establish itself as a premier hub for online gambling, stakeholders anticipate a future characterized by innovation, growth, and economic prosperity within the digital gaming landscape.

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