This love-themed scratch card is an excellent example of one good simple play that a scratchcard can offer whilst still featuring high-end graphics. Powered by Hacksaw Gaming, this scratchcard also has a high maximum win.

love is all you need scratch game canada casino

Love is All You Need Symbols and Payouts

The scratchcard has a pink background, with 3×3 heart symbols in a grid. While the symbols might not get your heart racing, they can still get it pounding as you scratch them to reveal the winning values. 

The win values are $1, $10, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000. There’s also a black heart, which will award the maximum win of $100,000. 

You must land three of the same value on one scratchcard to win these payouts.

Love is All You Need Scratchcard Special Features

While some of the modern scratchcards are starting to implement bonus features like free scratches and such, this title remains true to the original concept.

Canadian players might not find bonus rounds, but they can speed up and automate the gameplay.

Reveal All

You get a digital scratcher with a dollar sign when you buy a ticket. You use this scratcher to “scratch” off the hearts by dragging them over them to see the amounts underneath. However, another option is the Reveal All button, which will immediately remove all the hearts to show the hidden values. 

When you use the Autoplay option, you can buy between 10 and 1,000 tickets, which will automatically flip between them and reveal the numbers.

No Unique Gameplay Features, But Autospin and More
We love the Reveal All, Turbo Spin, and Autoplay features. These features make it easier for players in Canada to play the game and reveal multiple tickets.

Love is All You Need Graphics and Sound

While the graphics and sound might seem old-school if you’re used to modern Canadian slots, it delivers a nostalgic atmosphere while you play. 

love is all you need canada casino slot reviews

When scratching the hearts off, you see pieces of the card fall, which makes it feel more realistic. Any winning numbers also become highlighted with the sound effect of a marker on paper.

GraphicsMix of 2D and 3D
Optimized for Mobile👍
MusicBasic Sound Effects and Winning Musical Notes
Special featuresScratched paper falling when you reveal payouts, Highlighter marking the winning numbers

Love is All You Need Mobile Experience

The mobile version of this title is the same as the desktop version in Canada, with one difference. Where on the desktop, your mouse is a scratcher; on mobile, you can use your finger to reveal the payouts. Both the mobile and desktop versions show that while love might be a journey of trial and error, it can also be gratifying.

Excellent Mobile Gameplay
This scratchcard excels on mobile, with fantastic graphics, exceptional gameplay, and the same features as the desktop version.

Love is All You Need Pros and Cons

Consider the game’s pros and cons before scratching at hearts and looking for matches. Luckily, it’s not like searching for true love, as we’ve laid all the groundwork for you in this review for Canadians.

Exceptional graphics Low RTP of 61%
Max win of $100,000 Tickets cost $2
Reveal All, Autoplay, and Turbo Spin available Basic gameplay with no bonus features
Mobile play is equally good as on the desktop
Many Benefits, But Also Some Drawbacks
This game might have unexceptional gameplay and a low RTP, but it’s exceptional in many other ways. The max win is fantastic, and we love the graphics’ animations and mobile play.

Best Online Casino When Playing Love is All You Need in Canada

If you’ve decided to open your heart to this scratchcard and try your luck, then we found the perfect casinos for your first meeting with the game. Our recommended casinos are all trustworthy sites in Canada and provide demo games, promotions, and excellent casino features.

Solutions to Game Issues

As with any casino game, scratchcards can also have some issues while playing it. Below, we consider what Canadian players can do to solve these game errors.

  1. If your round is interrupted, then you can resume it by reopening the game and restarting from your last saved point.
  2. If you don’t continue the game within one day, it’ll pay out any resolved winnings but refund the ticket cost of unresolved rounds.
  3. Should the game malfunction, it’ll void and refund all plays, and any potential pay will become ineligible.

Find Your Love Match Among Nine Hearts

This scratchcard brings back the nostalgic gameplay of earlier scratchcards. While some players might not like its RTP, old-school graphics, and $2 tickets, no one can deny it also offers enjoyable gameplay. The max win is relatively high, and features like Autospin, Reveal All, and Turbo Spin can speed up the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this game is free on the provider’s official website and Canadian casinos that offer demo play.
Hacksaw Gaming created many scratchcards, including this, which is one of their popular titles.
Hacksaw Gaming released this scratchcard in 2021, so it’s not too old and still relevant to Canadian players today.
No bonus features like free spins are available, only features like Turbo spins, Autospin, and Reveal All.
No, the ticket cost, or bet you place, is $2 and can’t be changed.
Scratchcards generally have lower RTPs than slots, but this title’s RTP is 61%, which is exceptionally low.
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