Workers of Montreal Casino To Embark on Strike

Over 1000 employees of the Montreal casino have announced that they are going on a five-day strike. The aim of this is to hasten negotiations on wages with their employer, Loto-Quebec, that started in June 2022. The Montreal Gazette made it known that the casino’s catering, security, and service staff stated that they would begin the strike two weeks before the anticipated Formula 1 race event.

Request for Salary Increase

Based on information from a source, the employee union of the casino was aware of the importance of the Canadian Grand Prix. Therefore, they could embark on a strike during the race to place more pressure on Loto-Quebec and negotiate earnings that will ensure they keep working.

Montreal Casino Canada
Montreal Casino Canada

Since the wagers have been the main issue between the casino and its employees, the staff reportedly requests an increase in salaries that would be equal to the rise in living costs alongside an extra $1 per hour. The increase aims to safeguard the purchasing power of employees and boost retention and attraction.

More Employees Joining the Strike

Other casino employees from the province have also shown support for the views of their fellow workers. These include employees from Jeux en ligne and Casino de Gatineau, who have also announced a five-day strike. Also, the employees from Mont-Tremblant and Charlevoix will take a vote on if to join the strike or not within the next few days. While this is ongoing, why not check out our recommended Canadian online casinos for alternative options, and play right from your home!

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