Montreal Canadiens and Loto-Quebec in talks over development of a “Mini-Casino”

Jean-Francois Bergeron, CEO of Loto-Quebec, has validated reports that the company is making moves to install numerous video gambling machines in the Montreal Bell Centre. This installation aims to bring sports betting terminals, gaming machines, and poker tables to the 1909 Taverne Moderne restaurant, next to the home of the Montreal Canadians team.

Loto Quebec
Loto Quebec

About the Negotiation

The Canadiens and Loto-Quebec have been negotiating for months, with Bergeron looking forward to getting a headway soon. According to a radio interview on 98.3FM with Paul Arcand, he stated that they were in discussions but were not ready to make the announcement. However, there is a huge possibility that the bid will be heavily scrutinized based on past events. There are many hurdles to overcome if this is going to be achieved.

Fortunately, Loto-Quebec is ready for any setbacks this time around. In 2006, the company experienced major obstacles while trying to construct a $1.1bn casino in Griffintown, eventually leading to the project’s failure. This was due to major pushback from residents and other community groups.

Statement from The Montreal Mayor

Valerie Plant, the Mayor of Montreal, is of the notion that the two projects are similar even though he has not outrightly rejected the project. However, he emphasized on the importance of getting approval from Public Health Montreal, which initially showed major concerns regarding the effect of the proposed mini casino in Griffintown.

guy lafleur statue montreal hockey online casino canada
Statue of Guy Lafleur outside the entrance to the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec.

Plant stated that he shared the Public Health’s opinion on the matter, meaning that it was important that there was social acceptability. One of the major points of discussion concerns the opening hours: whether it will be open every day from 12 noon to 3 AM.

Bergon finished up by stating that the casino’s target base would be those who attend the Bell Center. However, he mentioned that others who wanted to visit the casino would be provided access if they entered from the separate street entrance

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