Manitoba Shows Openness To Gambling Expansion Within the Province

As part of a more open approach towards economic strategy and sustainability, the Manitoba province has shown its first interest since 2018 in expanding the gambling industry within its region.

The interest has been made public by the Manitoba government, which has to as yet make tangible propositions towards any future implementation of such interest.

The recent gambling history in Manitoba

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In 2018, the Progressive Conservative government (PC) suspended the gambling industry in the area. One of the factors that influenced this decision way back was a Gaming Market Study report published in 2016, which stated that gambling in Manitoba at the time was oversaturated.

The report was issued by the premier at the time – Brian Pallister. The consequence of this report halted the First-Nations-run casino ‘The Pas’ to stop its plans to extend its casinos to the Manitoba province.

And now?

The re-elected New Democratic Party in 2019 had already declared its opposition to the Conservative Party’s decision at the time, and with their new reinstatement in the government, they have kicked off the course to widen gambling opportunities within Manitoba.

Knew’s NDP stated that while the province will look at expanding gambling activities, in parallel, they must also work to draw effective policies that address responsible gambling.

The ultimate aim of this process is to create a collaborative relationship with all the involved stakeholders and devise a plan on how to support an economic reconciliation of gambling that is also in harmony and works in favour of the same community in which it operates.

We have a detailed article on Canada’s Gambling laws – where different rules adopted by Canada’s different provinces are outlined in detail.

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