Malta to amend its player protection guidelines

The Malta Gaming Authority has just launched a closed consultation with its licence holders on a proposal aimed at strengthening current player protection laws.

The various licensees will have a week’s time to provide feedback about the proposal, as well as, submit their own procedures for holding funds and potential winnings.

What is the consultation about?

The consultation is taking place privately between the regulator and its licence holders, covering obligations for Responsible Gambling.

The proposal is also introducing “five (5) markers of harm that must be considered by licensees when determining effective measures and processes to detect and address problem gambling.”(Source)

The proposed amendment also covers provisions for real-money reinforcement and special training for members of staff involved in carrying out responsible gambling procedures.

This proposal came after a careful review of the existing Directive by experts in the field, together with research-based recommendations by the Authority itself and input by the Responsible Gambling Unit.

The consultation will give the licensees the opportunity to provide feedback before the new proposal is enforced.

MGA consultation - Canada Casino
MGA – new consultation in progress about new player protection laws

What does this mean for online casinos licensed by the MGA?

Hundreds of online casinos are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. While the current legislation is adequate and offers plenty of protection, the new directive will ensure players have that extra protection where it matters most.

This new proposal hit the market right after the authority launched a campaign to raise awareness about problem gambling.

Who is the MGA?

The Malta Gaming Authority is the gambling regulatory authority in Malta. Hundreds of casinos are licensed by the authority, including many that are currently accepting players from Canada (outside of Ontario).

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