With a few rare exceptions, Canadians don’t pay taxes on online casino winnings. But we do have to put up with the Neighbours…

In Canada, online casinos, or any form of gambling winnings, enjoy tax-exempt status. This principle follows historic British tradition and is codified in Canadian Law as paragraph 40(2)(f) of the Income Tax Act (‘the Act”). Two exceptions to this rule occur; one is for conducting the business of gambling and/or as a professional trade… The other is for Canadians betting in the US market.

Do you have to pay taxes on casino winnings in Canada?

For 99% of Canadians – never. No. Nada. Doesn’t happen. Canada enjoys a proud heritage of letting us keep all of what we win based on a long-standing tradition of not taxing gambling windfalls that is older than the country itself. Online casinos in Canada are looked upon as a sporting event involving the elements of chance where the prospect of losing is every bit as real as that of winning.

Asked and answered. Done and dusted. Canada doesn’t tax casino winnings. The lid on any Pandora’s box of complicated taxation burdens you thought might arise is firmly shut. Don’t simply take our word for it, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has reported this.


What winning amount do you have to report in Canada?

For the other “One Percent” of us, about $1.2 million or thereabouts seems to be the latest threshold, and even that number is dubious. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has launched a lawsuit against World Series of Poker (WSOP) winner Jonathan Duhamel for that amount claiming it is owed taxes on professional winnings he accumulated between 2010 and 2012. The lawsuit contends that the professional poker player was operating as a business, namely by;

Duhamel – among the world’s most successful poker players with $18 million in winnings and three WSOP titles to his name, disputes this and maintains his poker success is the result of “Luck.”

While the One-Percenters – namely the many other poker professionals who’ve taken up residence in Canada specifically for the advantages that the tax-exempt status on gambling winnings bestows on the extremely lucky – will watch the legal case progress with an abiding personal interest in its outcome, the other 99% of us can rest easy either way and continue to make bank tax-free as recreational players. At the time of writing, a verdict remains to be published.   

What are the exceptions when I might have to pay taxes on gambling winnings?

For Canadians, there are a few rare exceptions when it comes to tax-exempt status on gambling winnings. For those who are directly involved in the business of gambling and earn a proven source of income from it, said earnings are taxable. For Canadians who gamble south of the border, any Jackpot Progressive slots valued higher than USD$1200.00 are taxable – by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Put another way; 30% of what’s won in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Gambling as a profession

Canadian residents gambling in the US

How and where to report your winnings if you are so required.

In Canada, gambling taxes – like all taxes – fall under the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) jurisdiction.

For Canadian residents inquiring about US winnings and the possibilities of refunds, more information is available from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


In Canada, taxes on casino winnings – whether they are lottery, slots, live casino or any other game winnings, it is tax-exempt. Asked and answered. Canadians don’t pay taxes on gambling windfalls. It’s the law.

Canadians who earn a consistent income may be required to pay taxes on earnings derived from online casinos or any other form of gambling. However, this area remains grey as even professional poker players remain exempt (for now). The onus to prove that gambling windfalls derived from skill alone and a full-time commitment of employment to achieve the same remain the responsibility of the CRA – and a legal argument the national courts of Canada have consistently frowned upon. Day-to-day online casino players in Canada need not give this exception a second thought.

For Canadian players who struck a jackpot south of the border in person or online, the 30% cash grab made by the US government can be a shock. Depending on the value, the effort to recover some of those funds could be worthwhile and mechanisms exist to pursue that option. For the rest of us, perhaps a well-known Canadian proverb is more fitting for our neighbours to the south than Franklin’s; “Good Luck with that…”

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Simple answer. Canada does not tax casino wins, lottery jackpots, or any other legal gambling winnings. It’s the law.
Yes. When gambling winnings are redefined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as gambling earnings. Individuals and companies who carry out the legal business of gambling as a professional trade and earn a consistent income from those efforts may be required to pay taxes. For individuals like professional poker players, the bar to establish beyond doubt that winnings are more than luck is exceptionally high, and the responsibility to prove otherwise remains on the CRA. For individuals like racehorse owners and casino operators who bet on their own investments and performance, these earnings, even when derived from winnings, are considered taxable.
No. Foreign nationals are not required to pay any Canadian taxes on winnings. Depending on the country of residence, the winnings may be considered income by their home nation. Professional advice on the particular taxation policies of that country with respect to gambling winnings should be sought out.
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