Baccarat online

Baccarat online 

One of the most popular card games at any online casino is Baccarat. Originally played in the elegant salons of France and Italy, it was once the game of the nobility and the high-rollers. Nowadays, this elegant card game has been adapted by some of the best Canadian online casinos, which offer their players various options of Baccarat online. Including online Baccarat in their games repertoire, casinos have made the game accessible and affordable to anyone who wishes to try their luck. With such a vast choice of casinos, we've narrowed down the list to only the top 5 Baccarat online casinos which are listed down below for your perusal. Furthermore, we have included some tips on how to play and win at Baccarat online, where to play free online baccarat as well as some promotions to help you play Baccarat and win more on this game, which already comes with an extremely low house edge!

Baccarat Online Casinos - List of the Top 5 

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Baccarat online promotions 

Canadian players enjoying an online casino will find available some of the best online casino bonuses, which would involve welcome bonuses as well as regular bonuses. Newly registered players can claim such a bonus by depositing a minimum amount and receive a bonus match which can be used at any of the Baccarat variants available at that particular casinos. Furthermore, once players use their bonus money, they can enjoy a number of weekly reload bonuses that the casino who have available regularly and which would consist of bonus money that can be enjoyed on any casino game including Baccarat. 

One way to keep up to date with casino promotions is to visit regularly the promotions page of your favourite casino, in this way you don't miss out on any promotions that are up for limited time only.  

Learn Online Baccarat in 5 minutes

Learning to play online Baccarat is truly easy and can actually be done in 5 minutes. The only action required from the player is to place a bet on one of three different options: the Banker, the Player and the Tie. The Banker represents the dealer, the Player represents the player at the table and the Tie represents an equal hand on both the Banker and the Tie. The above betting options are usually marked clearly on the casino table and the only action required by the player is to decide on which option he should place his bet. Once the bets have been placed, the dealer deals two cards for both the Banker and the Player. The winning hand is determined by the two cards that have a total closer to 9. 

To be able to understand better the workings of this game let's go over the value of the cards; 

  • The Royals Queens, Kings and Jacks have a value of 0
  • Cards with a value of 10 in Baccarat have a value of 0
  • Aces are valued as 1 
  • The rest of the cards keep their own value

Baccarat is a game of 9 thus when a hand of Baccarat gets a total higher than 10 the ten is subtracted. Let us take an example: a hand is made up of two cards of the value of 8, totalling to 16. Subtracting the 16 by ten leaves the total to 6. When a hand holds a total of 6, 7 or 8, it stands, while hands having a lower total are dealt a third card. The hand closer to 9 wins.  

As we've said before the rules of this game are quite easy to understand and can be learnt in five minutes and less. Now that we have learnt how to play Baccarat let us share some tips to help you win more at Baccarat online.

Online Baccarat


Online Baccarat Tips

Baccarat is primarily a game of chance and there is no strategy or skill that can really help you win since the only action required is deciding where to place the bet and how much to wager. Perhaps the best tip we can share involves betting on the Banker as it is the option with the lowest house edge. On the other hand, winnings from the Banker are usually susceptible to a small commission toward the casino as we shall see. 

Baccarat Online House Edge and Commission

When playing online Baccarat for real money, one thing you have to consider before placing your bet is the house edge percentage. As we've mentioned the Banker has the lowest house edge of all card games with only 1.06% making it the most favourable option. The player carries a house edge of 1.24% while the tie comes with a massive house edge of 14.4%. 

Betting on the Banker might afford the best advantage, however, any winnings obtained from bets on the Banker carry a 5% commission that must be paid to the casino, unless you are playing a No Commission Baccarat variant.

Baccarat Online

Free Online Baccarat

If you have never played Baccarat, you might want to test what you've learnt without risking any of your real money. Many casinos offer the possibility to try any of their random number generator online Baccarat for free without the need to even register for an account. These demo versions are an excellent way to experience the game and put into practice what you have learnt about online Baccarat, without betting any of your real money. You are still required to place the bets, however, these are placed with fake money. Of course, winnings are fake as well. 

Another way you can play online Baccarat for free is by claiming a casino bonus. The best online casinos would always have a welcome bonus for newly registered Canadian players or else a reload bonus offered on a weekly basis to loyal customers, which would often consist of a deposit match bonus which players can use to play Baccarat online without wagering their own money while being able to claim real winnings as well. Visiting a casino promotions page on a regular basis is an excellent way to become aware of promotions and benefit from them. 

Types of Online Baccarat

Players will find a number of variations of Baccarat, each one with its own characteristics and rules, often the product of cultural influences acquired in various countries around the world. Let's take a look at what options players have when playing Baccarat games online:

  • Punto Banco
  • Mini Baccarat 
  • Chemin de Fer

Punto Banco

This is perhaps the most common variant in the US, Canada and Australia. The name means player and banker, appropriately so as in this game player and dealer play against each other just like in Blackjack. Another similarity requires the two sides to attempt to reach nine before the opposition does.  

Mini Baccarat

As the name suggests, this version offers lower stakes, enabling players on a budget to enjoy this highly interesting game without breaking the bank. The overall rules of the game are identical to Punto Banco as only the value of the bets differs.

Chemin de Fer

The French version of Baccarat is the most popular version in European casinos as well as Latin American Casinos. It is perhaps the version that mostly differs from the original game. In Chemin de Fer, the player on the immediate right to the dealer takes the role of banker, with all the other players taking on the role as well one at a time. The player who places the highest bet takes the role as representative of all the players. Two cards are dealt to the banker and the player representatives, which in turn reveal their respective hands. The outcome of the cards usually follows standard Baccarat rules, as only the way the gameplay is carried out differs. 

Live Baccarat 

Live Baccarat is the version that perhaps delivers the most authentic casino experiences of all. Streamed live in HD from the studios of a couple of great providers like Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, players who love the real-casino feel will find a number of variations of Baccarat that are sure to keep them entertained. Some of the variations available at Live Casinos:  

  • Baccarat Control Squeeze
  • Baccarat Squeeze
  • Speed Baccarat
  • No Commission Baccarat
  • Live Dragon Tiger

Each of the above games comes with their own altered rules creating interesting options for Live Baccarat enthusiasts, who enjoy the social aspect that this particular option brings into the comfort of your home.  

Live Casino Baccarat 

The Live Casino innovative idea gained success straight away amongst table game enthusiasts. Streamed live from an actual casino studio, with live dealers and live action, players can experience the elegant casino ambience from the comforts of their homes. With such a hit, most online casinos have made it a point to partner with the best Live Casino providers to bring to their players this unique experience. Customers will find numerous live tables including most of the above-mentioned variants, for some great diversification. Our top 5 casinos listed at the top of this article, all feature a great Live Casino, so choose one and start enjoying Live Baccarat. 

Baccarat Online - Enjoy this classy game!

Baccarat may have been the most elegant game played in the great European salons of times gone by, however, modern times and advanced technology has given new life to this forever popular table game. Online casinos have made it available and accessible to anyone, introducing variants of the game that provides diverse entertainment to players who really enjoy playing online Baccarat. With its simple rules, it will always be a favourite amongst many, in both land-based casinos and online casinos. 

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