Hot to Burn Hold and Spin

Provider: Pragmatic Play

Things are lighting up with Pragmatic Play's newest slot-machine-style game! With a win potential of 20,000x the bet, this high volatility slot sounds very promising. Find out more in our review!

Hot to Burn Hold and Spin

3 Number of rows
0.2 Minimum stake
20 Paylines
5 Wheels


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Hot to Burn Hold and Spin

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Hot to Burn Hold and Spin Review

Hot to Burn Hold & Spin is the latest slot game in the Hot to Burn series of slots created by Pragmatic Play in collaboration with Reel Kingdom. All slots in the series are characterized by their fruit machine style and fire theme.

ln this review, we’ll be discussing every detail of the game, as we look into its features, RTP and volatility and graphics.

Argument:The game does a really good job at combining the classic slot machine genre with additional features that can lead to massive payouts.
Game name:Hot to Burn Hold & Spin
Provider:Pragmatic Play & Reel Kingdom
Game type:Video slot
Volatility:Extremely high
Features:Hold and Spin feature, Money Wheel Bonus feature
Min bet (all lines covered):C$0.20
Max bet:C$240
Supporting currencies:USD/ EUR/ GBP/CAD
Top win:20,000x the stake

How I tested Hot to Burn Hold & Spin

To rate an online slot game, specific criteria are used to finalize a verdict. These are the pointers that we will be looking out for in this review, and we will also discuss steps taken to test Hot to Burn Hold & Spin.


  • Bonus features: Bonus features are what players look at when evaluating how the slot game intends to make the experience worthwhile, considering that the chances of winning the jackpot are slim.
  • Maximum winnings/jackpot: In the spare moment of hope, players want to know what they could win because, let’s face it, low jackpots are underwhelming.
  • Minimum and maximum bet: How much does the player need per spin to participate because high minimum bets are risky.
  • Volatility and RTP: This provides a good indication of how big your returns can be in the long run.

Steps to test Hot to Burn Hold & Spin:

  • Jackpot: When it comes to the subject of gambling, it’s go big or go home.
  • Minimum and maximum bet: Can I afford it, and is the bet above or below the set budget?
  • Volatility and RTP: What do my chances look like when it comes to getting some returns?
  • Bonus features: I know my chances of winning the maximum win are slim, but what bonuses have the slot game added to make the experience worthwhile?

Play Hot to Burn Hold & Spin with the best bonus

Operators that offer the best bonuses are what players look for because we all want the gambling experience to be worthwhile and rewarding.

Players are aware that the chances of winning the jackpot are slim, bonuses add to attract players and reward them for their time.

Hot to Burn Hold & Spin symbols and payouts

With slots, players usually find that the special symbols hold the biggest prizes. Players need to be aware of these to increase their winning chances.

The symbols

When it comes to Hot to Burn Hold & Spin, the special symbols of the game are as follows:

  • The flame is the wild symbol, and it can replace regular symbols
  • The star is the scatter symbol
  • The Lucky 7, fruit symbols, and BAR symbol form as the main characters of the game


The below table displays the payouts for all symbols based on a stake of $2.

Hot to Burn Hold and Spin Review

Minimum/ Maximum bet, autoplay option

The minimum bet to Hot to Burn Hold & Spin is C$0.20 and the maximum bet is C$240. The game has an autoplay feature allowing you to play out up to 100 spins at a time.


The Hot to Burn Hold & Spin RTP is an excellent 96.7%. This is a very good figure these days, ensuring that you can expect a good return in the long run.

Volatility & Hit Frequency

Hot to Burn Hold & Spin volatility is high. Extremely high, for that matter. This means that Hot to Burn Hold & Spin has a significant difference between the minimum and maximum jackpot. Usually, with slots, the larger the jackpot, the larger the volatility rate.

Hit frequency means the number of times a slot game will result in wins and losses. Although the hit frequency to Hot to Burn Hold & Spin is unknown, we noticed that we managed to score wins quite often, although it big wins felt few and sparse, and it took a good while to trigger its special features.

A worthwhile experience with Hot to Burn Hold & Spin
In my opinion, Hot to Burn Hold & Spin is undoubtedly worth looking into. There are many different ways to increase your chances of winning, even if it isn’t through the entire jackpot. You have your 20 paylines, decent RTP score, high volatility rate, and big jackpot to look forward to.

Game features

Game bonuses are a fun and rewarding way for slot games to reward their players for being part of the fun. These can be in the form of free spins, no-deposit bonuses, or welcome bonuses.

Hot to Burn Hold and Spin

Game features

With the Hold and Spin feature, you need to score at least five of the money symbols. Once all the winning combinations pay out, the bonus round will begin.

All the standard symbols will disappear, and it will only leave you with the money symbols. The cells on the screen will also be empty. You’ll begin the round with four respins, and each time the money symbol lands, your respins will automatically reset to four. The feature will end once your respins have run out.

Big Money Wheel Bonus Feature

If you score the diamonds and suns, you will trigger the Big Money Wheel Bonus feature

A very colorful wheel appears bearing gifts of empty slices and multipliers. You can choose to spin the wheel and win prizes from 10x to 5,000x your stake. Should you score one of the multipliers, you get additional spins. Careful though, should you score an empty slice, it’s game over.

Special bonus features for a special slot game
Even though the bonus features to Hot to Burn Hold & Spin aren’t your typical free spins or wilds, they do offer rewarding bonuses which are unique.

Hot to Burn Hold & Spin Graphics and Sound

Graphics:Fruity slot with 3D graphics 
Optimized for mobile:Yes
Music:Traditional slot-machine sound effects
Special features:

Hot to Burn Hold & Spin’s graphics and sounds aren’t much to boast or brag about. They have kept their design simple and straightforward. Despite their simplistic efforts, the slot game has still managed to keep the game sleek and exciting.

 Solutions if you experience issues with the game

When it comes to offering any service online, it’s essential to ensure that your device and connectivity are on point to enjoy the gaming experience. These suggest solutions to some issues that you could come across:

  • Before engaging in any gaming experience, ensure that you have excellent connectivity 
  • Make sure that your Java and Flash are updated 
  • Should a game time out, try to refresh the page
  • Ensure that your device supports HTML5 technology


Hot to Burn Hold & Spin does a good job of combining a classic slot setup with additional features that can boost the win potential significantly. We like its special features, but you have to be prepared for the long wait and the low base game payouts.

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What is the Hot to Burn Hold & Spin RTP?

Hot to Burn Hold & Spin’s RTP is 96.7%.

Can I play Hot to Burn Hold & Spin for free?


Can I unlock free spins when playing?

Hot to Burn Hold & Spin does not offer a free spins bonus feature, but they offer a bonus feature that offers respins.

Hot to Burn Hold and Spin


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