Quebec Bans Money Laundering Convicts From Stepping Into Land-Based Casinos

The largest province in Canada, Quebec, has just announced a new regulation as part of its Canadian Gambling Laws, that will disallow former convicts of money washing and forgery from stepping into land-based casinos.

Prioritizing a trustworthy and responsible gambling culture

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With the exception of the indigenous community, all of Quebec’s legal body of laws is owned by Loto-Quebec. The new law is now under the violations of the Controlled and Substance Act and will address directly the crimes of forgery and money laundering.

Those who have been accused and/or convicted of the mentioned crimes within the last five years will be banned in all land-based casinos within the district. The law is set to be placed in motion around the end of this coming September.

Spokesperson for Quebec’s Finance Ministry Claudia Loupret announced this earlier this week during a press release, where she specified how The Crown is prioritizing a centred approach towards upping responsible gambling in Canada, to enforce an already strict framework of safety and trustworthiness within the country. She specified how Quebec is an example of enhancing financial integrity within provincial casinos.

Safety at the core

All the casinos we feature on our CanadaCasino site are safe and properly licenced. As a quality standard, they all feature a page on the Responsible Gambling page with the needed resources for any gambling addictions.

From our end, we have a featured Responsible Gambling page where we outline helpful tools such as budgeting and time-management templates to help our players in Canada manage their casino game experience more.

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