Highlights On SIGA’s Business & Community Model At Canada Gaming Summit

The model Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) shall be presenting and discussing in detail SIGA’s business model at this year’s Canada Gaming Summit. The 26th edition of this summit is happening between the 13th and 15th of June, happening at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The discussion will be held between the Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Patricia Cook and the Vice President of Human Resources at SIGA, Desiree Gervais.

SIGA’S Business Model

Saskatchewan has long been setting a standard for Canada’s Gaming world, as for years, this province has set an example of a Business Model that is efficient, with a steep margin growth. The highlight of this model is that at the very base of it lies the humanist framework of giving back to the community.

The discussion happening will be part of the Learning and Growth conference, and during the event, the discussion will address how the 1995-established non-profit organization SIGA has founded a rare-to-find model that both generates revenue and shares that same revenue with the Saskatchewan community in community way-forward projects.

For almost three decades, SIGA has established seven land-based casinos in the area and has recently launched the online casino platform exclusive for the province PlayNow.com – where in 2022, the area opened its very first doors to online gaming.

PlayNow is the one-and-only online casino platform in Saskatchewan – launched in the province in 2022


In their discussion, SIGA will also discuss innovative way-forwards on how the company will both operate commercially as well as ensuring its position as the pillar of the Saskatchewan community

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