Best 10 Live Dealer Poker casinos

Live Poker is one of the go-to options for many players who want to play poker games in a live casino. For this reason, you’ll find many online casinos offering this game alongside tons of variants.

However, each of these casinos is built differently, and getting the same experience from each is impossible. Fortunately, we have listed 10 of the best live poker casinos in Canada that offer an excellent gambling experience.

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What makes a live dealer casino the best

There are many live dealer casinos in Canada, but not all are built the same way. Therefore, before you choose a live dealer casino, you must evaluate different factors like payment methods, available live dealer games, and more. Knowing this, here are some important factors we consider before adding a live casino to our list.

live poker three card poker evolution canada casino
Live Three Card Poker, offered to Canadian players by Evolution.

Different variants available

There are many poker variants available, all with varying RTPs. They each come with slightly different rules allowing them to suit the needs of different players. A live casino needs different variants of live poker games to ensure you have something that suits you. We recommend you check out our poker variants page for more details.

Overall, good payouts ratio

The payout ratio of a live dealer casino and its games determines the value of payouts you get when you play here. You need a live casino with a great payout to win more in the long run. When adding live poker casinos to our top list, we choose those with great payouts – to maximize your wins.

Interesting live poker bonus & offers

You’ll hardly find casino bonuses for live dealer games. However, this does not mean they don’t exist. With the right live dealer casino bonus, you can play your favourite live poker titles for free without spending a penny. Therefore, when choosing our top live dealer casinos, we select those that offer amazing live poker bonuses and promotions.

What is a Live dealer poker game?

Live dealer poker is a variant of the popular table poker game. Unlike the regular poker, live Poker takes place on a real casino table and features an actual dealer. Then, the match is streamed in real-time using HD cameras, ensuring a realistic experience. 

Differences between Live dealer Poker and Online Poker

Live dealer poker and online Poker are the same at the foundation. However, there are some major differences. Live dealer poker features an actual dealer and takes place live. Here, you compete against the dealer or other player to get the best hand while streaming the game.

Online Poker, on the other hand, does not happen in real time. Instead, you play against a computerized dealer and a Random number Generator and RNG determine the outcomes. This feature ensures the results of a game are random and can’t be manipulated by the player or casino.

How to play live dealer poker?

Playing live dealer poker is not difficult. First, you must sign up at the right Canadian live casino, register, and deposit. Then, pick your preferred live poker variant alongside your stake and wait till the dealer starts distributing the cards.

Most live dealer poker games follow the popular Texas Hold’em format. This means you’ll face off against the dealer to get the best five-card hand.

live poker texas holdem live evolution canada casino
Live Texas Hold’em Poker by Evolution is popular variant for online casino players in Canada.

Live Dealer poker strategies

Since you’ll be playing against the dealer instead of a computer, it is crucial to have a good strategy. And while most live poker games follow the hold’em format, you’ll still find Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7-Card stud variants and more.

Unlike other games like live blackjack, no strategies can quickly get you on the path to winning more. This is because live Poker has too many variables, making it challenging to develop a specific strategy. Your best bet is to constantly practice, learn the rules of the variant, including the ranking, and build experience as you proceed. You can check our detailed guide on Poker hands rankings to expand your knowledge.

Basic rules summary

As mentioned earlier, most live poker games will be based on the Hold’em variant, with you playing against the dealer to get the best five card hand. Next, you place a bet, and the courier deals you two hole cards, each facing downwards and three upward-facing cards or community cards.

Now, the dealer places a bet after you have been dealt five cards in total. You will then have the option to call the bet or fold during the showdown round, and whoever has the best five poker hands wins. You can check out our detailed Poker rules page for more information.

Advanced live poker tips – beat the dealer

The goal of a live poker game is to get a better poker hand than the dealer to win the pot. However, dealers are no slouches and won’t just roll over and allow you to win. Fortunately, we have compiled a few tips to boost your chances of beating the dealer when playing live Poker.

Understand the Rules

The easiest way to beat the dealer is to understand the rules of the poker variant you settle for. As we mentioned earlier, different live poker variants are available, all with slightly different rules and RTPs. Reading the rules and understanding the poker hand rankings of the option you settle for can be the edge you need to beat the dealer.

Learn to Bluff

Bluffing is extremely important and a great way to get an edge over the dealer if done right. However, you’ll need to be smart with bluffing, as doing it in excess can mess up your chances and cause you to lose the pot.

Don’t Chase Losses

Like any other casino game, you may sometimes suffer losses, and it can be tempting to keep playing to recoup your funds. This is a mistake many Canadian players make, known as chasing losses – and it never turns out well. Doing this might cause you to make irrational decisions and lose even more money. Live Poker should be entertaining; if you begin chasing losses, the consequences may be dire.

Top live poker providers in Canada  

Renowned live casino game providers, including Poker, are the brains behind live casino games. In Canada, Evolution Gaming powers most live casino games and is a leader in the sector.

To prove this, it has been awarded live casino supplier of the year for 12 years, which is a massive fit. However, this does not mean you won’t find other experienced live poker providers in Canada.

Here are some of our top options:

Live poker ezugi canada casino royal poker
Ezugi is another premium provider of live poker games for players in Canada.

Play Live Poker at the Best Canadian Live Casinos!

Finding the right live poker casino in Canada may seem complex, but this is not true. Many leading online casinos offer fantastic poker variants and a great collection of live titles.

Our experts have helped you select the top options along with the best online casinos to play them. Simply pick one of the options, register and claim your welcome bonus and other rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Poker is the live variant of the typical table game poker title. It takes place on a casino table and is managed by a live dealer. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting a better poker hand.
Yes, there are live poker games in Canada. You’ll even find numerous variants ensuring you have something to play regardless of your preference.
Absolutely! You can check out our recommended Canadian online casinos for the ideal option. Then, register and make a real money deposit to play on Poker tables and win real money.
Yes, most top online casinos will allow you to play live poker games for free via demo mode. However, this is not as common as other casino games.
The best live poker variant is dependent on your need. However, we recommend you stick with Texas Hold'em variants as they are easy to learn and win.
Some of the best strategies to boost your winnings on live poker include understanding the poker hand rankings, learning to bluff, learning the rules, and leveraging bonus offers.
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