We have formulated an easy A-Z dictionary of all the popular casino terminology – from anything to popular table game references, to slang words used for Poker and Blackjack, and all the terms related to slots.

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10 Count Strategy (Blackjack)This is a card counting strategy used by players where they track the odds when having a 10-value card. The higher the count, the bigger the chance to receive a 10.
2 Dozen + 2 Column Strategy (Roulette)Also referred to as ‘Labouchere Strategy’ is played by placing one chip on any from the 2nd dozen numbers (13-26) and another on any of the 2 columns.
21 + 3 (Blackjack)This bet-type is used in more traditional blackjack versions and refers to a three-poker hand that includes the first two player’s cards plus the dealer’s up card. For the original 6-deck version and paytable, a 9:! Payout is expected if the three cards result in a Flush, Straight, Straight Flush or Three of a Kind.
243 Ways to Win (Slot)These slots have no paylines, but instead, the symbols just need to line up on adjacent reels – from right to left and left to right.
3 Reel Slot (Slot)Land-based slots feature low bet levels that are based on mere pennies. For more than one payline you generally have to place a wager that is over a penny in order to activate them all.
3D Video Slots (Slot)These are high-end graphic slots that generally always feature the best and most updated slot technology.
5 Reel Slot (Slot)The most modern slots, both for online and land-based casinos, feature a 5-reel slot.
86’d (Blackjack)When a casino player trespasses from a casino property.


Ace (Blackjack)The (A) Ace Card can have the value of 1 or 11
Ace Deuce (Craps)Also known as Three Craps, the term is used to refer to a dice roll of 3.
Ace Rich (Blackjack)This term refers to the deck or shoe when a few aces have been already dealt. This gives the players an indication if they can expect to receive an ace soon or not.
Aces (Craps)Dice roll of 2.
Action (Slot)Action generally refers to the general activity during a slot game.
Action (Roulette)When one is in a position to bet.
Action (Poker)Any action that is done during an individual player’s turn at the table.
Action (Baccarat)The term generally defines the total bet amount by a player during a full Baccarat game session. it can also refer to one bet from a game.
Active Payline (Slot)A payline where a wager was placed by the player. Some slots have dynamic paylines that can be chosen by the players; others have fixed paylines.
Advantage (Blackjack)When a theoretical side has more edge over the other. This value is derived from general statistics from a total of games and is reflected as a percentage value.
Advantage Player (Blackjack)A player who makes use of a mathematical strategy to use as an advantage over the casino game.
All Ways (Slot)A slot that has both left-to-right and right-to-left paylines. The ‘All Ways’ feature is generally found only on online slots and such a feature offers better winning chances for players.
All-In (Roulette)When the player places one bet on the entire pot.
All-in (Poker)When the player places all of their chips, or money, into one hand.
American Roulette (Roulette)American Roulette features two 0 pockets. unlike the French and European Roulette which only features one 0 pocket. This gives the American Roulette a slightly higher House Edge.
Anchorman (Blackjack)The last player to act during a Blackjack game. The player would be seated to the dealer’s right at the Backjack table.
Annuity Winner (Slot)A slot machine jackpot win that is paid in instalments over a specific number of years.
Ante (Poker)The minimum bet allowed, which is generally small in value, that a player is required to bet before the hand begins,
Any Craps (Craps)When players place their bet on 2, 3 or 12 for the dice’s next roll.
Apron (Craps)The outside layer of the Craps Table’s felt.
Autospin (Slot)This is a favourite feature among slot players that allows players to set a pre-determined number of spins under bet level.
AWP (Slot)AWP stands for ‘Amusement With Prizes’ – an informal term used for fruit slot machines.


Baccarat (Baccarat)Baccarat does actually mean zero. If you have a Baccarat hand it means you have the worst hand possible, because it means your bank roll totals to zero.
Back Counting (Blackjack)Also referred to as ‘wonging’, Back Counting involves the counting of cards as a spectator from behind the table. This is a good approach that avoids any negative counts
Back Off (Blackjack)This specifically refers to when the casino ask you to stop or limit your Blackjack Pay. Though the meaning of ‘back off’ is different then ’86’s’ or ‘barred’, being ‘backed off’ does serve as a warning pointing towards those directions.
Backdoor (Poker)When a player has a river card plus another card on the turn, that would result in a hand.
Backtrack (Roulette)This refers to the outer rim where the ball spins.
Bad beat (Poker)A poker surprise twist that sees a player with a high hand lose unexpectedly to a small hand player – only because the latter picked that one lucky card.
Balanced Count (Blackjack)Refers to a card counting system where the sum of negative cards is equal to the sum of positive cards. if the full deck sums up to a running count of 0, then it is a balanced count.
Ballerina Special (Craps)When the dice roll results in double twos.
Banco (Baccarat)In Baccarat, sometimes the dealer is referred to as Banco. In Spanish, banco means bank or banker.
Banco Prime (Baccarat)This refers to the privilege of the player standing by the dealer’s right when more than one player has called Banco. In this case, the mentioned plater has the first right to match the wagered amount put forward by the bank.
Bank Craps (Craps)The actual name for the Craps Game in casino terms.
Banker Bet (Baccarat)This is one of the 3 total bets you can opt for in the Baccarat card game. Banker Bet features a small House Edge and the payout is 1:!.
Bankroll (Blackjack)Available money you have to bet with.
Bankroll (Baccarat)A budget limit which players set to place bets. The idea is not to exceed the bankroll and risk losing more money than what has been budgeted for the game.
Banque (Baccarat)Banque is a Baccarat Variant that is played at two conjoined tables. The Banker sits in the middle of both tables whilst two players bet on each table.
Bar (Slot)The most common symbols in classic slot machines that also have a ‘BAR’ written on them in white.
Barber Pole (Craps)This refers to a way of stacking chips or cheques into different denominations; with the player placing the highest denomination at the very bottom.
Barred (Blackjack)The term is used by Card Counters when they have been 86’s from one or more casinos.
Basic Slot (Slot)A slot machine jackpot that is paid instantly paid all in one go to the player.
Basic Strategy (Blackjack)It is the optimal blackjack strategy that highlights profitable decisions for any given hand. The basic strategy does so by bearing in mind the dealer’s up card plus your hand.
Bet (Poker)The action of wagering with your chips at a Poker Table.
Bet (General)The amount of cash that is wagered for one spin
Bet (Slot)The wagered amount for a spin.
Bet Behind (Blackjack)Bet Behind refers to when someone bets on the other players’ hands. The term is most popularly used when Live Blackjack tables are full and there are no seats left available. This situation creates big multiplayer scalability and an increased winning potential for the sitting players.
Bet Correlation (Blackjack)BC is mostly relevant when it comes to shoe games – meaning, six or eight-deck games. The term outlines the correlation between what are the card point values and what are the effects when cards are removed. This system can predict good outcomes from placed bets and can reach a 1.00 (100%) correlation.
Bet Max (Slot)Refers to the ‘Maximum Bet’
Bet Min (Slot)Refers to the ‘Minimum Bet’
Bet on the layout (Roulette)A bet that is placed anywhere on the table’s numbered part.
Bet One (Slot)When you bet only one credit for your spin.
Bet Spread (Blackjack)The total number of minimum and maximum bets that a player during the Blackjack game. A 1-5 bet spread represents the minimum and maximum range of bets that the player is betting. During counting, the larger the spread, the bigger the expected win.
Betting System (Blackjack)It refers to a betting strategy that helps players to manage and improve their bankroll. There are different strategies that are based on either negative or positive progressions. On one hand, negative progressions are based on losses, whilst the positive is based on the increase of bets when winning. The two most popular betting systems are Paroli and Parlay.
Biased numbers (Roulette)Statistics show a trend in which numbers tend to hit more often on the Roulette wheel when compared to other numbers. These are called Biased Numbers.
Biased Wheel (Roulette)When a Roulette Wheel is not balanced to the centre and this affects the outcome of where the ball will fall.
Big 6 (Craps)A bet that is with a rolling even sum of 6 before a 7 is rolled.
Big 8 (Craps)A bet that is with a rolling even sum of 8 before a 7 is rolled.
Big Blind (Poker)the bigger blind out of the two blinds in a two forced bets case scenario,
Big Hit (Slot)An alternative term to ‘big win’.
Big Player (Blackjack)When the count is advantageous, a member of the card counting team, referred to as ‘Big Player’, places a big bet. This move is done as an act only. Big player was invented by BJ Hall of Fame’s member AI Fransesco.
Big Red (Craps)Refers to the number 7 in general.
Black Book (Blackjack)A term used for a list, which is generally digital, of banned players
Black Chip (Blackjack)A chip with a $100 value
Blackjack (Blackjack)The official name of the game. Also, it refers to the perfect hand to receive one Ace or picture card to make 21. When a dealer owns a Blackjack, automatically the players who do not have it, lose. When a player owns a Blackjack, the payout is generally at 3:2.
Blind (Poker)When players on the dealer’s left-hand side are forced to place bets before the cards are dealt.
Block bet (Roulette)This bet covers a block of numbers that revolve around the betting area.
Bluff / Bluffing (Poker)When a poker player lies with the aim to trick the other players who have better hands to fold.
Bones (Craps)The slang term for ‘Dice’.
Bonus Round (Game/Feature) (Slot)The Bonus round is definitely the best feature of a slot game where the player can land the maximum wins for the game, including jackpots and progressive jackpots.
Bottom Pair (Poker)These refer to the lowest set of cards on the poker table. For example, if the cards are 5D, 7S, or 6S, then a player holding a 5S means that the player now has a bottom pair (5D, 5S).
Bottom Track (Roulette)Bottom Track refers to the inner part of the wheel, where the ball would slide down the bottom track before jumping on the wheel head up unril its final numbered pocket destination.
Bowl (Craps)A bowl is a container on the Craps Table that holds the dice.
Box (Blackjack)Refers to the area in front of each player where they place bets.
Box Numbers (Craps)Place numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9. and 10.
Boxcars (Craps)Boxcars refer to a craps dice outcome that features a double 6. Alternative terms for Boxcars are Midnight, Twelve Craps or Cornrows.
Boxman (Craps)The craps table supervisor ensures the game runs smoothly.
Branded Slots (Slot)Branded slot games are based on popular franchises – where the slot would be based on popular TV Shows, movies and books.
Brown/Chocolate Chip (Blackjack)A chip with a $5000 value
Burn Card (Blackjack)The burn card is the card the dealer places first at the beginning of the dealing. The card is put face down and on one side. The burn card makes it impossible for the first player to know what is the value of this card.
Burning (Baccarat)When cards are shuffled and the game is about to start, the top 3 to 6 cards are discarded on the table.
Bust (Blackjack)To lose over 21 total hands.
Bust Card (Blackjack)The one card that lands on either player’s or dealer’s hand goes over 21.
Bust It (Blackjack)Also referred to as ‘Bust’ or ‘Bust Bonus’, Bust refers to the different variations of deal busting.
Button (Poker)When a dealer holds a chip at the table to show the other players that it is their turn to deal.
Buy a Feature (Slot)Similar to ‘Buy a Pay’, ‘Buy a Feature’ refers to a huge bet that then will activate any restricted features of certain slot games.
Buy a Pay (Slot)When you buy a bay it means to place a bet that allows you to play for the topmost prize. This system is used by some slots to award top payouts through bigger wagers.


Call / Calling (Poker)This is when a player calls a bet either by matching or increasing another player’s vet.
Caller (Baccarat)Part of the casino crew who is responsible for the turning of cards, calling out of points and dealing additional cards to the game in accordance to the third card draw rules in Baccarat.
Camouflage Play (Blackjack)When skilled players conceal the fact that they are skilled players. They do this generally by making deliberate mistakes.
Card Counting (Blackjack)When one keeps a mental track of the card values that have been dealt with. This makes the players more prone to establish what are the remaining cards that can be used to their advantage.
Card Roulette (Roulette)This Variant uses a pack of playing cards instead, including the Joker’s cards. The House Edge Value of this game stands between European and American Roulette.
Carousel (Slot)When a series of slot machines in land-based casinos are placed in a cluster.
Carte (Baccarat)A term used by the player to request another card from the live dealer.
Cascading Reels (Slot)A special respins feature that is increasing in popularity amongst online slots. The mechanism sees winning symbols would burst to be replaced by other symbols and trigger additional wins.
Cash Out (General)Through the cashout button, you can convert credits back into real-money. You can do this once you’re done playing a slot.
Cash Out (Slot)When you have finished playing your slot, you can convert your coin winnings into real money. This process is called ‘Cash-Out’.
Cashback (Slot)Cashback is an amount of credit, generally in % value that is given back to regular players. Cashbacks are popular weekly promotional offers that top casinos offer to their loyal customers.
Casino Bonus (General)This refers to the welcome bonus offered to new casino players. Most online casinos offer a casino bonus and this bonus can be generally used in selected slots. Our dedicated page tells you more about this.
Casino Bonus (Slot)Generally, a casino bonus means a welcome bonus for new players when subscribing to a new casino. These are bonus money that can be claimed through a specific amount of times of wagering. The bonus money is used for specific slots and these casino bonuses are available in online casinos.
Center Field (Craps)Number 9 is sometimes also referred to as Centre Field Nine in Craps.
Certified Slots (Slot)Slots that guarantee an RTP between 98-100%. Such RTP values are generally well-marked in such slots.
Change only (Craps)When cash is converted to casino chips before a bet is placed, rather than just placing a cash money bet
Charlie (Blackjack)Also known as ‘Six Card Charlie’, this specific blackjack rule refers to the player reaching a specific number of cards (generally, from 5 to 7) without busting; and the player will then win.
Check (Poker)When a player makes a pass at their turn to the next player, without actually placing a bet.
Check Raise (Poker)This refers to the combination of checking and raising during a poker game. Checking refers to when the player bets at the table first. Then, the player proceeds to raise the bet.
Chemin De Fer (Baccarat)Chemin de Fer, also known as European Baccarat and Railroad, is one of the most popular Baccarat Variants. The game sees one of the players taking the responsibility to deal the cards, take all the bets and plays with the bank.
Cheque change (Craps)When a chip is broken down into smaller denomination chips,
Cheques (Baccarat)This is another word for ‘chips’ – specifically the Baccarat chips used in land-based casinos for a Baccarat game. Cheques have a higher sense of aesthetic exclusivity to chips.
Cheval (Baccarat)Cheval is a type of bet that is generally won when two active players win the bet. The cheval bet is on the other hand, lost when both players lost. However, if one player wins and the other loses. the cheval bet still remains intact.
Chip Down (Blackjack)When a bet is decreased from the previous one.
Chip Up (Blackjack)When a bet is increased from the previous one.
Chips (Poker)These are circular tokens that are used in a casino to represent the amount of money in a table casino game, including Poker.
Classic Slots (Slot)Classical slots feature 3 reels and generally only one payline. These are commonly referred to as retro slots and can still be found as popular choices amongst slot players.
Coin (Slot)Coins are mostly used in traditional land-based slot machines. However, in online slots, the credit value is still generally referred to as ‘coins’.
Coin Size (Slot)The total amount of coins a player is betting on a slot game. Most slot games allow players to set both the number and coin size that a player bets per payline.
Coin Slot (Slot)Coin slots are becoming rarer by the day. These slot machines can be found in land-based casinos and payout the winner through coins.
Cold Deck (Blackjack)Refers to the box where all the cards (shoe) are held when the game has a big amount of bad cards. This causes the players to lose a lot.
Cold Dice (Craps)Also referred to as ‘Cold Table’, Cold Dice refers to the dice shooters that are not getting any points.
Cold Numbers (Roulette)When a number hasn’t come up on the Roulette Wheel for 37 spins or more, this is called a Cold Number.
Cold Slot (Slot)A slang term that is generally used for slots that do not yield many wins. It also refers to when a player has a bad streak of luck in consecutively played games. Cold slots are sometimes considered a common momentum before the game gets interesting.
Collect Button (Slot)A specific button in online slots that converts your coin credits into cash.
Color Up (Blackjack)When the player has a big amount of denomination chips and can ask the dealer to colour them up to be changed from a small value to high-value chips.
Colour up (Craps)When denominations of chips are changing into larger denominations.
Column Bet (Roulette)Featuring a 2:1 payout, this bet covers one-third of the Roulette wheel numbers.
Come Bet (Craps)Come Bet is almost equivalent to Pass Line Bet, with the difference that a Come Bet is made after the come-out roll.
Come Out Roll (Craps)A Come Out Roll is the first roll of dice in a round of Craps.
Commission (Baccarat)Baccarat is a table game that features a really low house edge. Some casinos, therefore, charge a 5% commission on winnings because of this.
Community Cards (Poker)These are the cards that are put face up on the table by the dealer. Players here can try to form a winning hand from the cards they already have.
Comps (Slot)Comps refer to different awards and benefits that are reserved for frequent slot players. In land-based casinos, these would include designated VIP playing areas and free meals. For online casinos, comps can range from anything to designated promotions and casino points to be played in slot games.
Console Slot Machines (Slot)Slot machined that are structurally angled down towards the player. This makes it more comfortable for players to play the slot game.
Corner Bet (Roulette)
Counterfeit (Poker)When a player’s decent and ends up losing value after the community cards were put face-up by the dealer. This will automatically benefit another player at the table.
Coup (Baccarat)One Baccarat round where one Player Hand plus one Banker Hand are dealt.
Crapless Craps (Craps)A type of Craps Variant where 2, 3, 11 and 12 are treated as point numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10).
Crazy 7 (Blackjack)Crazy 7 refers to a type of side bet that bets on the player getting triple 7s as their first three cards. The best outcome for the Crazy 7 side-bet is the ‘Three of a Kind’.
Credits (General)When you deposit money into a slot game, these coins are then converted into credits which are used to make a bet.
Credits (Slot)Credits is an alternative word used for coins. When you bet money in a slot game, these are converted as credit for players to make a bet,
Croupier (Roulette)Another word for ‘dealer’. The latter is responsible to take bets, spin the wheels and pays out any winnings.
Croupier (Baccarat)An alternative term used for ‘dealer’.
CSM (Blackjack)A continuous Shuffling Machine’ is a machine that is sometimes used by casinos so that the deck of cards is constantly shuffled. The machine’s aim is to prevent card counting.
Cut (Blackjack)When the deck of cards is split and shuffled, before they are dealt.
Cut (Baccarat)This refers to the cards being divided into two once the deck of cards has been shuffled. Then, the cards are combined again.
Cut Card (Blackjack)This refers to a plastic card that is used after shuffling to cut the deck. The deck is reshuffled by the dealer after reaching a cut card when dealing hands.
Cut Card (Baccarat)This refers to a specific plastic card, used in land-based casinos, that cuts the deck of cards into two once they have been shuffled.


D9 (Blackjack)When 9,10 or 11 are double. The double down cannot be done on soft hands,
DA9 (Blackjack)When two cards are doubled.
DAS (Blackjack)Double After Split is a rule that benefits the players by allowing them to double down after a split hand. DAS is contrary to NDAS.
Dead Table (Roulette)When there are no players at a Roulette table.
Dealer (Blackjack)The actual live person who oversees the smooth running of the game as well as deals with the cards.
Dealer Pair (Blackjack)When there is a winning side bet resulting from a dealer’s colour, mixed or suited pair. The return depends on the type of the mentioned pair. You can also refer to ‘Player Pair’ and ‘Perfect Pair’.
Dealer Peek (Blackjack)If the up card is either an Ace or a 10, the dealer will check for a Blackjack.
Deck (Blackjack)refers to the standard 52-deck of cards. These are generally shuffled together in numbers between 1 and 8.
Deck Penetration (Blackjack)This is a percentage balue that reflects the playing out of a shoe or deck before cards are reshuffled.
Denomination (General)Check coin size.
Denomination (Slot)Check ‘Coin Size’
Deux Tableau (Baccarat)An alternative term used for ‘Baccarat on Banque’.
Deviation (Blackjack)When there are any changes from the basic strategy, they are based on the count.
Die Rich Craps (Craps)A single-die version of the original Craps version with fewer betting options.
Discard Tray (Baccarat)When for one reason or another, cards are discarded in a tray. Reasons such as ‘burning’ before dealing.
Discards (Blackjack)Discards refer to the cards that have been dealt with already. These care are put aside until a new shoe is needed and they are reshuffled to be re-used.
Discards Tray (Blackjack)It refers to the tray placed on a table where the dealer places already-dealt cards.
Don’t Come Bet (Craps)This is a Don’t Pass Bet in Craps that is made right after the Come Out first roll.
Don’t Pass Bet (Craps)Opposite to the Pass Bet, the Don’t Pass Bet – where a player loses on a 7 or 11, but wins on a 2 or 3.
Doubele up system (Roulette)In Martingale, a bet is doubled after a loss.
Doubele Zero (Roulette)A number on the Roulette Wheel is exclusive to the American Roulette.
Double (Down) (Blackjack)When you repeat the bet amount and you receive one more card.
Double Ball Roulette (Roulette)A type of European Roulette Variant which uses two balls instead of one.
Double Pitch (Craps)Double Pitch refers to when the dice stay in axis during dice control. This occurs only around 5% of the time and the 1 turns 2 faces more than the other. If the player sets the dice with the same face, the roll may most likely result in a 7.
Double Street Bet (Roulette)A type of bet that features 4 different bets – two on separate streets, one on corner bets, and one as a straight-up number. The payout for this bet is 5:1.
Down Card (Baccarat)Also known as the ‘hole card’, the down card refers to a card that has been put face-down.
Dozen Bet (Roulette)A type of bet on numbers that cover almost a third of the entire pockets. The payout for this is 2:1.
Dragon Bonus (Baccarat)Side bets are allowed by some casinos. Dragon bonus is an example of a side bet and winning this bet means that a chosen hand wins by at least four points.
Draw (Blackjack)This is another term for ‘Hit’ – when you have another card is dealt to the hand;
Drop (Roulette)The amount that a player deposits.
Drops (Slot)A popular slot game example of this is the famous Gonzo’s Quest slot game – where instead of spinning reels you have symbols that drop and fall into place. This is a new slot feature that is becoming popular amongst online slots.
Duker or Duke (Craps)These are references to big money wagered during a Craps game. A Duker game gets dealers and boxmen prepared for some heavy action for the high-better. Dealers here generally use up to 4 or 5 denominations of playing chips.


Early Surrender (Blackjack)When a player surrenders after receiving the first two cards. This generally happens when the player has a natural hand and the dealer has an Ace. When this happens, the player may request it and proceed to receive a 1:1 payout.
Easy way (Craps)When an even number is rolled with any combination except for doubles. This only applies for values 4, 6., 8, and 10 only,
Edge Sorting (Baccarat)Edge Sorting is a Baccarat method that lets players identify card values by identifying the small aesthetic differences at the back of the cards.
En Prison (Roulette)A French Roulette rule that is applicable to even-money bets. Here, when the ball hits a zero pocket, the casinos generally allow players to take half their bet or leave the bet locked where it is for the next spin. If the following spin lands another zero, the entire bet is fortified.
European Roulette (Roulette)A Roulette Variant with only one zero pocket. This and the French Version are the original Roulette version.
Even Money (Blackjack)A 1:1 payout option on your bet when the dealer has an ace and you have a blackjack.
Even money (Craps)Refers to a betting prediction of even odds.
Even money bet (Roulette)A 1:1 bet is called Even Money Bet
Expected Value (Blackjack)The expected value refers to a statistic calculated amount any given time frame is worth. Though the actual results generally do not generally match with the player’s expected value, however, in the long run, the actual results will eventually average out towards the Expected Value.
Eyeballs (Craps)A slang word for rolling a pair of Aces to get a total of 2.


Face Card (Blackjack)Jack, Queen and Kind are each referred to as a Face Card, or Paint Card.
Face Cards (Baccarat)These refer to all cards that feature a face on them; meaning the Jacks, Queens and Kings.
Fading (Baccarat)This term is applicable only to land-based casinos and refers to the act of placing a bet.
Feature (General)This generally refers to a game’s different bonuses. The feature would reflect the top bonus that offers the highest payout.
Feature (Slot)This usually refers to the specific Bonus Features of the game – such as Bonus Rounds that would trigger the highest payouts and sometimes even Jackpots.
Fever five (Craps)When a 5 is rolled.
Fibonacci (Roulette)Similar to the Martingale system. the Fibonaxxi method lets you increase your bets after a loss. The aim is to try and earn back losses.
First Base (Blackjack)The far left side of the dealer. The first hand is always dealt in first base.
Five Liner (Slot)A classic slot machine that rather than the traditional 1, features 5 paylines. The latter would be usually two diagonal and three horizontal paylines.
Five Number Bet (Roulette)A bet that covers numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 on an American Roulette. The odds of this bet is one of the least favourable in the Roulette game.
Fixed Value Slots (Slot)A slot game that features a fixed. bet – meaning that the bet or the denomination of the coins cannot be changed.
Flat Bet (Blackjack)When the same amount of money is wagered for each hand successively.
Flat Bet (Baccarat)This means betting on the same amount over and over again – no matter if it’s a winning or losing streak.
Flat Betting (Roulette)When the player places the same wager over and over for every spin.
Flop (Poker)This refers to the first three cards that are turned face up at the beginning of the game. This term is used in Texas Hold’em and Omaha. This action precedes the Turn and River Cards.
Fold (Poker)When a player has to give up their hand because of a bad card, this is referred to as Flop. The players end up losing their blind and bets,
Foul (Poker)If, for whatever reason, the player’s hand cannot be played, then it is declared as a foul by the dealer. From then on, the player cannot win anything from the pot.
four number bet (Roulette)Very similar to the Five Number bet. in the American Roulette, this wager covers numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 on a European Roulette. Payout is 5:1.
Free Card (Poker)The chance to view an extra card without having to bet.
Free odds (Craps)This is when odds are taken or laid behind the Pass/Come or the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come. in this case, the bets are paid at true odds.
Free Spins (Slot)Free Spins are a common bonus type that can be found in mainly all online slots. Free Spins are extra spins that are generally triggered by scatter symbols. Free Spins are also commonly offered in Welcome Bonus Packages for new casino players.
Free-to-Play (Slot)In online casinos, this refers to the demo slot offered by most casinos for most slots provided for play. Demo slots are an excellent way to practice your slot play before betting any real money. You can check out our list of best Free Slots on our website.
French Roulette (Roulette)French Roulette is the original version of Roulette and can offer ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison’.
Fruit Machine (Slot)Fruit Machines have been around since the 1920s and are some of the most popular types of slots and are popular slots in Canada. Fruit slots are still being produced up to this day by top game providers.


Gamble Feature (Slot)
George (Roulette)When a player gives big tips.
George (Craps)Refers to a Craps player who tips well.
Green Chip (Blackjack)A chip with a $25 value
Green Pockets (Roulette)The pockets that house the double zero slots on the Roulette Wheel.


Hammer a Machine (Slot)A slash phrase that indicates the playing of a slot oer and over again bu the same player – in an attempt to trigger a hot streak or a jackpot.
Hand (Baccarat)Hand refers to all the cards that are dealt and played in one game round of Baccarat.
Hard Hand (Blackjack)A hand that does not have an Ace. This. means it can only have one total value. Numbers 10 and 7 are hard 17. Numbers 10, 5 and Ace are hard 16.
Hard Total (Blackjack)The total number of cards in one hand. Here the Ace is counted as 1.
Hard Way (Craps)A bet of 4, 6, 8 or 10 – with a roll dice that is equivalent to an identical pair of 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s.
Hi-Lo (Craps)One single roll bet of 2 or 12.
Hi-Lo (High-Low) (Blackjack)A system of card counting that classifies the highest level of bets that also feature the highest difficulties. Here, a basic principle of card counting is used where different card point values are assigned. The values can be negative, positive or zero. The Hi-Lo method was mostly invented to make card counting an easier experience for the players.
Hi-Lo-Yo (Craps)One single roll bet of 2, 11 or 12.
High Card (Poker)The worst hand a player can have, the High card is the card with the highest value in a hand of 5 unique cards.
High or Low (Roulette)A bet for a low even number, between 1 and 18, or a bet on the high numbers between 19-26.
High Point Craps (Craps)This is Craps Variant that completely ignores numbers 2 and 3 in dice rolls.
Hit (Blackjack)The act of taking another card.
Hit (Slot)Hit means when you hit a winning combination.
Hit 17 (H17) (Blackjack)This is when the dealer has a soft 17 and has to take a hit. This can be compared to the Stand 17 rule, where the dealer has to stand on a soft 17,
Hit and Run (Slot)When you try out a slot and after a few hits of not getting anything out of it, you do not play that slot anymore.
Hit Frequency (Slot)This is a theoretical number that shows the frequency of winning combinations. Slots that feature lower hot frequency feature more frequent but smaller payouts. The Variance logic is very similar to the Hit Frequency one.
Hold Percentage (Slot)Another word for ‘House Edge’ – meaning the percentage amount a casino takes from each bet in a slot game. The typical Hold Percentage for online slots are generally around 1-5%.
Hole Card (Blackjack)The initial face-down card of the dealer, at the beginning of a deal.
Hole Cards (Poker)A secret card a player chooses to conceal from the other Poker players.
Hopper (Slot)This is a container that is found in land-based casinos for players to hold winning coins that have been cashed out from the slot game.
Horn Bet (Craps)A type of bey where the next roll of dice results in a 2, 3, 11 or 12.
Hot 3 (Blackjack)This is a type of side bet that is specifically used for Evolution Gaming’s live casino game – The Infinite Blackjack. Hot 3 is very similar to Lucky Lucky and is based on the first two cards of the players, plus the dealer’s up card, for a resulting win from 19 to 21.
Hot Slots (Slot)Hot slots refer to when a round of slot games are on ‘hot’ streaks of frequent and fast payouts. The RNG mechanics are pre-set to ensure that there is always a guaranteed percentage of winnings – so, sooner or later there will always be winnings for a particular slot.
House (Poker)The premises where the Poker Games are held and presumably charge the participating players.
House Edge (Blackjack)The house edge is the advantage a casino has over its players, and it is calculated as a percentage value. In blackjack generally, the house edge is generally just a little over 1%.


i-Slot (Slot)A modern feature in online slots that lets you pause during the bonus game and resume it later.
Icons (Slot)An alternative term for ‘slot symbols’.
Index (Blackjack)The Index is used for Card Counting and refers to the indexes on the Deviation Chart (S17 or H17) that outline if a player should move away from the basic strategy.
Inside bet (Roulette)Contrary to an inside bet is the outside bet that places a bet on the pockets that stand at the outside of the roulette wheel. The inside bet is therefore when a bet is placed on the pockets that stand on the inner side of the wheel.
Inside number (Craps)A specific reference to numbers 5, 6, 8 and 9.
Instant Winner (Slot)When the casino jackpot is paid in one instant by the casino. The instant Winner is contrary of the Annuity winner.
Insurance (Blackjack)A type of side bet is offered only when the dealer holds an Ace. This side bet has a 2:! odd if the dealer gets a Blackjack..
Insurance Correlation (Blackjack)The correlation between the card values of a strategy card and the card values in insurance.


Jackpot (Slot)Jackpot is the highest win prize for a slot game. it refers to the highest winning combination that is triggered in the bonus feature of the slot game. You can also see ‘Progressive Jackpot’.
Jackpot (Poker)A big sum of money that is won at a poker table by an individual player.


Kicker (Poker)It refers to a card that can be used to break a tie between two hands.


La Grande (Baccarat)From French to English, ‘Le Grand’ means ‘The Big One’. In Baccarat., this translates to the best hand in the game which is a natural Baccarat with a total sum of 9.
La partage (Roulette)La Partage is a Roulette rule that says if a ball lands on a zero, all even bets are instantly divided into two, and half your original bet is returned. This brings the House Edge down to 1.35%.
La Petite (Baccarat)Translated as ‘The Little One’, Le Petit is the second-best Baccarat hand that totals up to a natural 8.
Late Surrender (Blackjack)When a player surrenders at the cost of half the initial stake. In this case, the player would have given up after the dealer has checked for Blackjack.
Lay Bet (Craps)A type of bet where the shooter bets a 7-roll before any point is being rolled for.
Layout (Baccarat)The Baccarat Table layout consists of boxes that are designed for betting for players to place their bets. The bets can be either Player, Banker or Tie.
Level (Blackjack)The different values assigned to cards are referred to as ‘the level of strategy. The most efficient but most difficult of strategies are Level 2 and 3. There are also Level 4 and Level 5 strategies.
Lever (Slot)The lever was to be traditionally found in classic slot machines in land-based casinos. This lever was used to spin the reels of the slot. In online casinos, the lever is equivalent to the ‘Spin’ feature.
Lightning Roulette (Roulette)A Roulette Variant powered by Evolution Gaming Provider. here the players can enjoy the traditional game of Roulette with an additional gaming experience of winning through RNG Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts (from 50x up till 500x)
Limp (Poker)When players bet the minimum amount possible to remain in hand.
Line (Slot)Check ‘Payline’.
Line Bet (Slot)Refers to one bet per payline. So if you bet $10 for a 10-payline slot, then your line bet would be $1.
Line Bet (Roulette)A bet on six numbers – with 2 lines and 3 numbers on the betting grid. The payout for this bet is 5:1.
Linked Progressive Jackpot (Slot)A network of different progressive jackpots. All the slots would contribute for the one common jackpot to continue to progress in value with time.
Little Joe (Craps)Refers to ‘Point Four’.
Loose Slot (Slot)A slang word for a slot that is more likely to give frequent wins. The term is similair to ‘Hot Slots’.
Loss Bet (Baccarat)A loss bet refers to the fact that a player has to wager against a bank. It is a ‘loss’ because of the higher House Edge of the Baccarat game.
Low Limit Craps (Craps)When shooters are provided with a chance to play their favourite dice game and place bets they are most comfortable with.
Lucky Lucky (Blackjack)A type of side bet where the player’s first two cards as well as the dealer’s up card are used. This side bet features different winning combinations such as suited 7-7-7 down and three cards totalling a 19-number value. The payout for each win varies according to to win. You can also refer to ‘Top 3’.


Marker (Roulette)The tool used by the croupier to mark the winning numbers.
Martingale system (Roulette)When a bet is doubled right after there was a loss. The aim is to earn back the money lost.
Maximum Bet (General)This reflects the maximum amount of money you can bet on a slot with all active payline and the highest possible denomination
Maximum Bet (Slot)The maximum wager you can bet for all active paylines.
Megabucks (Slot)A popular Las Vegas brand of slots in land-based casinos that feature the highest network of progressive jackpots. Megabucks slots have the largest jackpots for land-based casinos, just like Mega Moolah has for online casinos.
Mini Baccarat (Baccarat)This refers to a mini version table of the bigger Baccarat table. This Baccarat Variant is more fast-paced as it hosts fewer players than the original one. In the Online Mini Baccarat, the dealer draws the cards face-up, whilst in land-based casinos, they are dealt face-down.
Mini Roulette (Roulette)A Roulette Variant that features a smaller Roulette wheel which only consists of 13 numbers (0-12).
Minimum Bet (General)This reflects the minimum amount of money you can bet on a slot. This minimum bet can be applied to a single payline or on all available paylines. If you want to maximize your payroll to a higher number of spins, using minimum bets can be a good way to do that.
Minimum Bet (Slot)The minimum wager you can bet for all active paylines.
Monkey (Blackjack)A card that has a value of 10.
Monkey (Baccarat)A slang reference for the card with a 10-value.
Monster Roll (Craps)Refers to any roll done by a player that lasts more than 20 minutes. It also refers to rolls that win an abundance of money for everyone.
Muck (Baccarat)Much refers to the 8-card decks that contain 52 cards each. These are used at the beginning of card shuffling.
Mucker (Roulette)When the Roulette game gets busy, a second dealer, referred to as ‘Mucker’, helps out.
Multi-deck (Blackjack)Rather than making use of one deck of cards, the game makes use of multi-decks; generally with six to eight decks at a time. This is the most common practice in the Blackjack game.
Multi-Line (Slot)Slots that feature more than one payline – this is the case for all online casino slot games. Paylines can be fixed or adjustable – depending on the mechanics of the slot game.
Multi-Way (Slot)Multi-way slots can have both left-to-right and right-to-left paylines. Multi-way, therefore, increases the number of paylines and drastically chance for players to win more.
Multiplier (Slot)A specific symbol in a slot machine multiplies the payout amount. In online casinos. the wild symbols have the largest multiplying strength that can go up to over a hundred multiplying values.


N0 (Blackjack)N0 stands for ‘N-Zero’. N0 refers to a hypothetical number of rounds it takes to overcome two-thirds of the variance. In other words, to hit the goal of being ahead through one standard deviation. You can also refer to ‘Standard Deviation’ and ‘Variance’.
Natural (Baccarat)When the first 2 dealt cards total a number of 8 or 9. When you have a natural 8, it results in a winning hand. This will end the round automatically unless the other hand has a natural 9 – featuring the best hand in Baccarat.
Natural (Craps)A 7 or 11-dice roll.
Natural (21) (Blackjack) (Blackjack)This is another term used for ‘Blackjack’. Other alternative terms include ‘Natural’ or ‘Natural 21’. The term refers to when the player’s first two cards are an Ace as well as a 10-point card. This is usually awarded a 3:2 payout – depending on the house rules.
NDAS (Blackjack)It means, No Double After Split
Negative Progression (Blackjack)When players lose and are required to increase their bet, that is called A Negative Procession. This betting strategy aims to see the players recover their losses through the perpetual winning of small amounts. You can also see ‘Betting System’.
Negative Progression (Roulette)When a player increased the bet after a loss. Systems such as Martiganale and Fibonacci System are examples of Negative Progression.
New York Craps (Craps)A Bank Craps Variation that is played in the Eastern side of the US, the Bahamas and the UK. In this version, the table layout is referred to as ‘the double-end dealer’ and differs slightly from the original craps.
Nina (Craps)When you bet for a 9 dice roll.
No Hole Card (Blackjack)Hole Card Blackjack games are generally played on tables with a small mirror or a sensor of whose purpose is to peek safely at the hole card. On the other hand, ‘No Hole Card’ disallows this very practice. European Casinos generally adopt this ‘No Hole Card’ policy.
No Limit (Poker)A Poker Variant where during a Poker game, players have the possibility to bet and raise as much as they like.
NRSA (Blackjack)NRSA stands for ‘No Resplit Aces’. (vs RSA, Resplit Aces).
Nudge (Slot)Refers to a specific bonus feature that allows the player to move slot reels up and down. This feature is commonly found in fruit machines, fruit online slots but also in other online slots.
Nuts (Poker)The player’s strongest hand during a Poker Game. In Texas Hold’Em, for example, this would be a Royal Flush.


Odd or Even (Roulette)When the wager bets on an odd number or an even number.
Off (Craps)Off’ refers to marker pucks that are placed on craps players’ bets to mark their inactivity.
Off-Suited (Poker)When a hand is held with different suits.
Offsuit (Poker)When a player gets two cards from a dealer that are of different suits.
Omaha (Poker)Similar to Texas Hold’Em Poker Variant, Offsuit requires a winning hand by dealing numbers 2 and 4, and also 3 community cards.
One-Armed Bandit (Slot)Linked to older slot machines or classic slots – that also feature levers.
Online Slot (Slot)Online slots are the online version of the traditional slot machines in land-based casinos. Since 1994, online slots have developed several winning mechanics such as Megaways Mechanics and Hold & Mechanics. Online slots continue to develop as thousand of slots are available to play. You can check out our top list of online slots on our website.
Orphans (Roulette)When a bet is placed on three numbers that are close to each other on the wheel: 6. 34 and 17.
Out (Poker)Out refers to the card that a player would need to obtain a winning hand.
Outrun (Poker)When one player’s hand beats another.
Outside bet (Roulette)Contrary to an outside bet.
Outside number (Craps)When you bet for a 4, 5, 9 and 10 for the dice roll.
Over-Pair (Poker)When a pair held in one player’s hand beats the community cards on the table.
Overcard (Poker)Refers to the highest card in a player’s hand that wins over all the community cards.


Paint (Blackjack)A card with a picture.
Pair (Blackjack)When two cards in a hand have an equal value. The pairs may be split.
Palette (Baccarat)This refers to the long wooden tool used by the croupier so the cards can be moved around the Baccarat table.
Parlay (Roulette)When a bet is doubled after a win.
Parlay (Craps)It refers to letting your winnings move on to the next bet.
Pass (Baccarat)Refers to a win during the game.
Pass (Craps)Also referred to as ‘Pass Bet’ or ‘Pass Line Bet’, ‘Pass’ is a type of bet that wins when a point is established before a 7 is rolled or when a 7 or 11 is rolled on the come-out roll. Pass Bet is a favourite bet amongst players mainly because of its low House Edge – featuring a 1.41% value.
Pay Off (Poker)When a player calls a bet even though they suspect losing that hand.
Payback Percentage (General)RTP
Payback Percentage (Slot)Refers to RTP (Return to Player).
Payline (Slot)Paylines refer to particular lines within the slot game – left to right, right to left or even diagonal – that form a winning combination. Modern slots have several paylines per game.
Payout (Slot)The amount of money that is won when landing a winning combination.
Paytable (Slot)Also referred to as ‘Payout Table’ refers to the list of paying amounts per payline of different symbol combinations.
Penny Slots (Slot)Land-based casino machine slots feature low bets based on small pennies. If the slot machine features more than one payline, you have to place more than one penny to activate them all.
Perfect Pair (Blackjack)Also referred to as ‘any pair’, this side bet makes use of 2 cards. Without a pair, this side bet results in an automatic loss. If, however, the result is a pair, there would be three types of payouts. The payouts would be based on the pay table and have to meet the following criteria: Mixed Pair (different colour, same rank). Coloured Pair ) same colour, different rank) or Perfect Pair (two identical cards).
Perfect Play (Blackjack)When a player plays exactly in compliance with the accepted blackjack strategy.
Pink Chip (Blackjack)A chip with a $2.50 value
Pit (Blackjack)The table area where the players sit.
Pit (Baccarat)Pit refers to an exclusive area in a casino that is generally barred by a red hanging rope. This is where the high-rollers with high stakes play Baccarat.
Place Bet (Craps)A type of wager that predicts that a particular number or point is rolled before a 7-roll.
Play the Board (Poker)When all 5 community cards are used by the player to make a hand, rather than their hole cards
Player Bet (Baccarat)Player Bet is one of the 3 bets available to play for Baccarat. The payout is 1:1 and the House Edge is slightly more than 1%. The other 2 bets at Baccarat are ‘Banker’ and ‘Tie’.
Player Pair (Blackjack)When a player gets any type of paired cards – from anything to mixed, coloured or suited pair, that is referred to as a ‘Player Pair’. You can also refer to ‘Dealer Pair’ and ‘Perfect Pair’.
Ploppy (Blackjack)When the Blackjack players are terrible at playing the game, they are referred to as ‘Ploppy’. The term was coined by American author Frank Scoblete, where in his writing he described ‘Ploppy players’ as players who are unable to count cards and adopt no winning strategy at their game.
Pockets (Roulette)Pockets refer to the holes of the roulette wheel where the ball lands.
Point (Craps)When the craps player rolls a 4, 5, 6,
Pokies (Slot)Pokies is the term used for ‘Slots’ by both Australia and New Zealand,
Positive Progression (Blackjack)Positive Progression is a type of betting strategy that sees players increasing their bet amount after a win. This strategy aims to maximize profits during winning streaks, while also limiting losses when the game is running cold. You can also refer to ‘Betting System’.
Positive Progression (Roulette)When a bet is increased after a win.
Pot (Poker)The total sum of the blinds and bets during a Poker Game.
Pot Limit (Poker)This refers to the Poker Variants that have limitations on how much a player can bet and raise.
Pre Flop (Poker)The first bet in a Poker Game.
Primary Jackpot (Slot)Refers to the highest prize value you can win from a particular slot game.
Progressive Jackpot (Slot)Progressive Jackpots refer to jackpots that can progress over time. These types of jackpots are not fixed and the Maximum Win can always reach new levels as new slot winners have the chance to reach higher levels of the jackpot. Progressive jackpots work through a progressive pot logic that increases the winning amount with time. Some Progressive Jackpots are even connected through other Jackpots of other slots – with each slot contributing to a higher payout Jackpot.
Prop Bets (Craps)This is a one-roll bet – meaning that if you don’t hit your bet on your next dice roll, you will lose.
Punto (Baccarat)Punto is another word for Baccarat players. They can also be referred to as a ‘Punter’.
Punto Banco (Baccarat)This is one of the most popular Baccarat Variants worldwide. Developed in the 1950s in Argentina, the name of the game translates to ‘Player Banker’.
Purple/Barney Chip (Blackjack)A chip with a $500 value.
Push (Blackjack)When both player and dealer have hands on the same value, this is referred to as ‘Push’. When this happens, the bet is returned to player. You can also refer to as ‘Stand Off’ or ‘Tie’.
Push (Baccarat)A bet that is neither a winning nor a losing bet. Similar to Blackjack, in ‘Push’ the wagered amount by players is held for the next game round.


Quads (Poker)Refers to when the players has four of a kind in hand. For example 4 Ace Cards of diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades.
Quarter bet (Roulette)Another word for Corner Bet.


Railroad (Baccarat)Another reference for the Baccarat Variant ‘Chenin de Fer,’ this version was very popular in 19th century France. It was then known as ‘Chemmy’ when introduced in the USA.
Raise (Poker)Refers to a player’s increase of bet from another player at the table.
Rake (Poker)Rake is a percentage value that is taken by the casino from a poker game.
Rakeback (Poker)Promotional tactic aimed toward poker players. Here casinos offer the player a percentage back from the rake.
Random Number Generator (RNG) (General)The RNG software is used for slots to determine when a winning combination will land. This modern software has excluded the previous mechanical slots. Instead, now slots are powered by software that generates long strings of random numbers. These random numbers can then result in winning symbols. This sequence of numbers is triggered as soon as you press the Spin Button.
Random Number Generator (RNG) (Slot)RNG is software that ensures the random generation of numbers when a slot is turned. This online casino mechanism is crucial to safeguard that online games are fair and not rigged and that all spin results are purely random. The system works with long string mechanics of random numbers that can finally correspond to winning paylines.
Red Bet (Roulette)A 1:1 Outside Bet with even money.
Red Chip (Blackjack)A chip with a $5 value.
Red or Black (Roulette)When a bet is based on two colours – red and black. The odds for this bet are 1:1.
Reel Stop (Slot)Check ‘Skill Stop’.
Reels (Slot)The reels are the spinning structures one finds on the slot grids. These reels spin to generate a resulting symbol per reel pocket, which can eventually match for a winning payline. The most common reels are 3-reels and 5-reels.
Resplit (Blackjack)When a hand is split right after an initial split.
Return to Player Rate (RTP) (General)The RTP (Return to Player) represents the percentage amount players get back from their bet amount once they land winnings. Though Volatility is a more important factor to assess during a short-run performance of a single-session game, RTP is a good overall indicator for players to see how profitable a slot is.
Return to Player Rate (RTP) (Slot)A percentage value that is Returned to Player once the player hit a win. So, if a player bets 100 dollars on a 95% RTP game and wins, the player gets back 95 euros back from the original bet. The counter value of RTP is House Edge; which is the % amount pocketed by casinos for each win.
Reverse Martingale (Roulette)Reverse Martingale outlines a system where a bet is reduced to half whenever there is a loss, or doubling it when there is a gain.
Right Bettor (Craps)Players who specifically bet on the Pass Line are called ‘Right Bettor’.
Risk of Ruin (Blackjack)When there is a calculated risk of players losing their entire bankroll.
River (Poker)The 5th and last community card is placed on the poker table.
Roulette Chip (Roulette)These are chips that are specifically designed for the Roulette Table Game. They come in different colours and have one denomination.
Round (Blackjack)Round means a round of one entire bet during a game. A Blackjack round starts with the player placing a bet, right before there are any cards on the table. One complete round ends when all hands have been played and all bets have been paid out.
Rows (Slot)The horizontal lines can be found on the slot grid. Paylines are most popularly featured on such horizontal lines that can go either right to left or left to right – or both.
RSA (Blackjack)RSA stands for ‘Resplit Aces’. Versus NRSA stands for ‘No Resplit Aces’.
Run (Baccarat)Run is a type of side bet where players can bet on a series of hands.
Running Count (Blackjack)This means the total value of a count during card counting. The value can be either positive or negative.


Scatter Symbol (Slot)Most online casinos have scatter symbols. These are specific bonus symbols that also have special features – such as multiplying or respins qualities.
Seven Out (Craps)When a player rolls a 7 after the point has been established on the craps table. The game then proceeds with the dice going to the next shooter.
Shark (Poker)An expert Poker player.
Shills (Baccarat)Shills is a casino staff member who entices players to play a game of Baccarat.
Shoe (Blackjack)The shoe is the actual box on the Blackjack Table where the cards are played and dealt with.
Shoe (Baccarat)An automatic machine that deals with the Baccarat cards to avoid human error. The shoe contains 6 or 8 decks and is used in both online and land-based casinos.
Shoe Game (Blackjack)When a Blackjack game is dealt from a Shoe, this is referred to as ‘Shoe Game’. Single and Double Deck games are generally dealt by hand, not by the shoe.
Shooter (Baccarat)A casino word for ‘bank’.
Shooter (Craps)This is the official Craps term for the craps person playing at the table. The shooter sits at the table, places a bet and rolls the dice.
Short Win (Slot)A slang word for a big win that happened fast – meaning that there were no big amount of spins that eventually led to the win.
Showdown / Heads Up (Poker)When all the remaining players after the final round have to show their cards to see the winning hands.
Shuffle Up (Baccarat)Refers to the dealer’s early shuffle of the cards.
Side Bet (Blackjack)A side bet means that acts as a separate bet from the main bet. The side bet cannot exist without the main bet, so the player always has to do the main bet first and foremost. Side bets act independently on the main bet; meaning that one player can win the main bet and lose the side bet or vice versa. Side Bets are mostly popular in Live Blackjack games.
Side Card (Poker)Check out ‘Kicker’.
Side Count (Blackjack)Side Count is a type of counting that is adopted by seasoned players to check how many Aces have been drawn so far. Side count is generally practised when the betting accuracy differs from the playing accuracy. Side Count techniques vary and include special-purpose counts used for the non-typical profitable-play options such as over bets and under bets.
Signature Slots (Slot)When a casino features an exclusive portfolio of slots.
Simplified Craps (Craps)This refers to a simplified version of craps – featuring no side bets.
Single number Bet (Roulette)Same as ‘Straight Up’ – one bet with a 35:1 payout.
Single zero Roulette (Roulette)Refers to the European Roulette and French Roulette.
Six Card Charlie (Blackjack)When the player has an automatic winner through the 6-card bust-free hand. You can also refer to ‘Charlie’.
Six Line Bet (Roulette)This is a line bet on 6 numbers. The payout for this bet is 5:1.
Skill (Baccarat)A joke about a Baccaray player having a good run.
Skill Bonus (Slot)Some of the slot bonuses require specific skills from more seasoned players during rare bonus rounds.
Skill Stop (Slot)A specific feature on some slot games that feature a stop button to initiate the spin at an earlier stage.
Slant Top (Slot)This type of slot machine is more modern and found in land-based casinos. It is characterized by a smaller size to save space and it is considered to offer a more immersive play experience for the player.
Slot Club (Slot)A type of promotion that is offered to loyal casino players. Other perks are included in the loyal scheme including casino perks and exclusive events. The equivalent of this in online casinos is Loyalty or VIP Clubs.
Slot Host (Slot)Part of the casino staff that helps assist customers with any issues when playing a slot game.
Slot tournament (Slot)A slot tournament is a slot competition that is held between different players. Each tournament has its own set of rules. You can check our guide on the most popular slot tournaments.
Small Blind (Poker)Small Blind refers to the player that sits on the left-hand side of the dealer. Check out ‘Big Blind’.
Snake Eyes (Craps)A slang term for rolling two 1s to get a total of 2.
Soft Hand (Blackjack)When a hand counts an Ace as 11. An Ace and a 6 is a soft 17.
Soft Total (Blackjack)Soft Total refers to any number of cards that include an Ace that can be used with an 11 value, without exceeding the 21 value. The hand’s Soft Total would then be a 15. Soft Total can also be counted as a Hard Five.
Sound of Rain (Slot)In land-based casinos, this term referred to the sound of coins falling when players hit a win.
Spin (Slot)When pressed, the Spin activates the spinning of reels for one single spin where a bet would have been placed.
Split (Blackjack)This refers to when players receive a pair and rather than playing the pair with one hand, they split the pair and start two new hands by taking a new card on both. When players split, the players have to wager the same amount as per the previous bet.
Split Bet (Roulette)A bet that is placed on 2 numbers that sit side by side on the wheel. The odds for this bet are 17:1.
Square bet (Roulette)Another term for ‘Corner Bet’.
Stacked Symbols (Slot)This is a modern feature that is becoming increasingly popular in the online slot world. Stacked symbols increase the possibility of landing wins.
Stacked Wilds (Slot)Stacked wilds adopt the vertical stacked symbols logic, but in this case, wilds are stacked. Stacked symbols and wilds are becoming popular with online slots and generally feature multiple paylines.
Stand (Blackjack)When you can receive no further cards from the dealer.
Stand 17 (S17) (Blackjack)A blackjack rule that sees the dealer standing still when sitting on a Soft 17. Contrary to Stand 17 is Hit 17, where the dealer has to hit when sitting on a Soft 17.
Stand Off (Blackjack)When the dealer and player have the same hand value. When this happens, the bet returns to the player. Stand Off can also be called ‘Tie’ or ‘Push’
Standard Deviation (Blackjack)SD and Variance go together. SD refers to how often or far an outcome deviates from the average.
Standing Hand (Blackjack)When a hard hand totals 17 or higher, the correct decision always stands.
Standoff (Baccarat)Standoff describes the outcome of a Baccarat round when both the hands of the player and bank have the same value cards. This results in a tie.
Stickman (Craps)Part of the casino staff member, the Stickman’s job is to return the dice to the craps shooter and to call out the resulting dice roll. The stickman also physically places the player’s bets on the table and pays out any winning bets.
Stiff Hand (Blackjack)When any hard hand is valued from any number between 12 and 16.
Straight (up) Bet (Roulette)A bet on a single number. Payout is 35:1.
Streaky Slots (Slot)Slot games that feature both cold and hot streaks. The modern rng software makes the existence of such complex slots more unlikely.
Street Bet (Roulette)Featuring an 11:1 odd, Street Bet is played in a Roulette Betting surface.
Super Pan Nine (Baccarat)This refers to a popular Baccarat Variant that is played in Las Vegas casinos. Here the players are dealt with 3 hands-down cards. In this Baccarat Variant, the player acts as the bank.
Surrender (Blackjack)When you think you cannot beat the dealer, you can forfeit half your bet. You can also refer to ‘Late Surrender’ or ‘Early Surrender’.
Symbols (Slot)Symbols are the icons that appear on the reels and they constitute not just the storyline of the game, but also feature different values and payout values. Generally in a slot game, you would have a range of low to high-paying symbols, as well as wilds and sometimes even scatters.


Table of Play (Baccarat)These set of rules outline the scores that allow players to receive a third card.
Taking the Odds (Craps)This means placing a bet of odds in craps.
Texas Hold’Em (Poker)This is the most popular Poker Variant and is played with 5 community cards. Here, players are dealt with two cards to make a winning hand. The same hand uses these cards plus the community cards to play.
The Field Bet (Craps)This bet predicts the next roll to be a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12.
the James Bond strategy (Roulette)Based on three different bets, the James Bond Strategy covers more than 67% of the possible Roulette outcomes.
Third Base (Blackjack)This is the position that is held by the player, who has to act last before the dealer.
Three-Liner (Slot)A very classic type of slot that only features 3 reels. Three-liner slots only need 3 matching symbols to win the game.
Tie (Blackjack)When both the dealer and the player have the same hand value. In this case, the player’s bet amount is returned. You can also refer to ‘Stand Off’ or ‘Push’.
Tie (Baccarat)Along with Player and Banker, Tie is amongst the 3 types of bets a player can wager in Baccarat. A tied hand would mean that both player and the banker get their bets back. The payout for Tie is 8:! or 9:1 and the House Edge is generally more than 14%.
Tight Slots (Slot)Similar to cold slots, these are slots with less frequent payouts and that generally have bad winning streaks.
Tilt (Poker)A slang term for when a player gets heated up over a lost bet, during a poker game.
Toke (Blackjack)Another word for ‘tip’. This term is used in land-based casinos to tip dealers. This is not compulsory, but rather an act of appreciation from the player to the dealer.
Top 3 (Blackjack)This refers to a specific side bet that is used with 21+3. In this case, the player’s first two cards, plus the dealer’s up card combined, produce a three-card poker hand – either a Three of a Kind or a Straight Flush,. See also the ‘Lucky Lucky’ variation.
Total Bet (Slot)The total of money wagered on one single spin.
Trail (Slot)Trail is a specific bonus feature that is available on some slots. Trail feature progress on a prize track that unlocks new awards.
Trio Bet (Roulette)Another term for ‘Street Bet’.
True Count (Blackjack)This refers to the count per deck. This is done by dividing the Running Count by the number of decks that are still left to be dealt.
Tumbling Reels (Slot)Check ‘Cascading Reels’
Turn (Poker)The face-up card is placed after the flop cards. It is typically the fourth community card.


Under the Gun (Poker)It refers to the player that starts the pre-flop round and stands directly on the left of the big blind.
Underdog (Poker)When a player is expected to lose the game.
Up Card (Blackjack)The exposed card of the dealer; the same card is received during the initial deal.
Upcard (Baccarat)A card that has been put in a face-up position.


Variance (General)Another term for Volatility
Variance (Blackjack)Outlines the difference between the estimated advantage and the actual results.
Variance (Slot)Another term for ‘Volatility’.
Video Poker (Poker)A Poker Variant that is played as a slot. In Online Casinos, Video Poker is played against the computer (RNG).
Video Slots (Slot)Most slots, both online and land-based, can be classified as video slots. The latter translate to visual effects on a virtual platform – featuring 5-reel slots and a large number of paylines. First Video Slot ever was Fortune Coin in 1978.
Vigorish (Baccarat)Another word for ‘House Edge’, Vigorish refers to the % value taken by the casino from the player’s winnings.
Virtual Reel (Slot)In online slots, all reels can be referred to as Virtual Reels.
Visual Wheel Tracking (Roulette)Visual Wheel Tracking measures the spin velocity and other roulette wheel features in order to get an edge and help in predicting the winning outcome.
Volatility (General)The slot’s volatility can be high, low or medium – this is also referred to as Variance. High volatility slots are high-risk but offer bigger payouts. If you prefer to play at a lower risk, then low-volatility slots can offer that but then feature lower payouts.
Volatility (Slot)Volatility is ranked as either low, medium or high. Low-volatility is low-risk, medium-volatility is medium risk and high volatility is high-risk. The higher the volatility, the higher the payout, but the more difficult it to win. Volatility is also referred to ask ‘Variance’. You can also check out the ‘Slot Volatility Page’.


Wager (General)Check bet.
Wager (Slot)Check ‘Bet’
Whale (Blackjack)When a rich player bets at high limits.
Wheel (Roulette)This is the wheel used to play Roulette. The wheel houses 37 or 38 pockets, depending on the version, where the winning ball can land.
Wide Are Progressive (WAP) (Slot)WAP Jackpot slots are a number of slot machines that are linked to one common pot of jackpot wins. The jackpot for such games is generally much bigger. Most Progressive Jackpot Slots can be considered WAP slots.
Wild Multiplier (Slot)A wild symbol that also has a Multiplier function.
Wild Symbol (Slot)A specific slot symbol generally has the most power to yield wins in the game, and can also trigger bonus rounds. All wild symbols have the power to replace other symbols and generally wins are triggered when 3 or more of these appear in the designated paylines.
Win (General)When a number of the same symbols are aligned to trigger an active payline. Payline sequences differ from one slot to aniother, as per each slot’s specific features and rules.
Win (Slot)When matched symbols appear on a designated payline on a slot. This triggers a win.
Win marker (Roulette)This is used to point at the winning number on the Roulette Wheel.
Win-Both-Ways (Slot)Like Multi-way slots, these game combinations feature both a left-to-right and right-to-left payline.
Wonging (Blackjack)When you back count and wager only when you have the edge. This term is derived from Stanford Wang.
Wrong Bettor (Craps)A craps player who puts a bet on ‘don’t pass or ‘don’t come’.


Yellow/Orange/Pumpkin Chip (Blackjack)A chip with a $1000 value
Yo (Craps)Also called ‘Yo-Leven’, this is a slang word for number 11.


Zig-Zag (Slot)This term refers to paylines and how modern slots’ paylines are becoming more ‘zig-zagged’ to the usual horizontal and vertical paylines.

Learning the Casino Lingo

Each story has its own vocabulary, and casinos have been around for quite a while now and have developed their own terms and slangs.

Getting to know the lingo means you will be more accustomed and fast to understand the paces of any game you’re playing – giving you the upper hand in any casino game you play.

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